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The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland (in Finnish, ulkoasiainministeri, in Swedish utrikesminister) handles Finland's foreign policy and relations. The current Minister for Foreign Affairs is Timo Soini.

Two ministers are attached to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in the current cabinet:

  • Minister for Foreign Affairs, responsible for foreign and security policy and general foreign service matters, Timo Soini.
  • Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, responsible for trade policy and development cooperation, Kai Mykkänen.

Constitutional mandate[edit]

Section 93 (Competence in the area of foreign policy issues) of the Constitution of Finland provides:[1]

The foreign policy of Finland is directed by the President of the Republic in co-operation with the Government.

However, the Parliament accepts Finland’s international obligations and their denouncement and decides on the bringing into force of Finland’s international obligations in so far as provided in this Constitution. The President decides on matters of war and peace, with the consent of the Parliament.

The Government is responsible for the national preparation of the decisions to be made in the European Union, and decides on the concomitant Finnish measures, unless the decision requires the approval of the Parliament.

The Parliament participates in the national preparation of decisions to be made in the European Union, as provided in this Constitution.

The communication of important foreign policy positions to foreign States and international organisations is the responsibility of the Minister with competence in foreign affairs.

This last paragraph specifies the constitutional responsibility of the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

List of Ministers for Foreign Affairs[edit]

Period of Office [2] Minister for Foreign Affairs Party
1918 Otto Stenroth Young Finnish Party
1918-1919 Carl Enckell Non-partisan
1919-1922 Rudolf Holsti National Progressive Party
1922 Carl Enckell Non-partisan
1922-1924 Juho Vennola National Progressive Party
1924 Carl Enckell Non-partisan
1924-1925 Hjalmar Procopé Swedish People's Party
1925 Gustaf Idman Non-partisan
1925-1926 Emil Nestor Setälä National Coalition Party
1926-1927 Väinö Voionmaa Social Democratic Party
1927-1931 Hjalmar Procopé Non-partisan
1931-1932 Aarno Yrjö-Koskinen National Coalition Party
1932-1936 Antti Hackzell Non-partisan
1936-1938 Rudolf Holsti National Progressive Party
1938 Väinö Voionmaa Social Democratic Party
1938-1939 Eljas Erkko National Progressive Party
1939-1940 Väinö Tanner Social Democratic Party
1940-1943 Rolf Witting Swedish People's Party
1943-1944 Carl Henrik Ramsay Swedish People's Party
1944-1950 Carl Enckell Non-partisan
1950-1951 Åke Gartz Non-partisan
1951-1952 Sakari Tuomioja Non-partisan
1952-1953 Urho Kekkonen Agrarian League
1953-1954 Ralf Törngren Swedish People's Party
1954 Urho Kekkonen Agrarian League
1954-1956 Johannes Virolainen Agrarian League
1956-1957 Ralf Törngren Swedish People's Party
1957 Johannes Virolainen Agrarian League
1957-1958 Paavo Hynninen Non-partisan
1958 Johannes Virolainen Agrarian League
1958-1959 Karl-August Fagerholm Social Democratic Party
1959-1961 Ralf Törngren Swedish People's Party
1961-1962 Ahti Karjalainen Agrarian League
1962-1963 Veli Merikoski People's Party
1963-1964 Jaakko Hallama Non-partisan
1964-1970 Ahti Karjalainen Centre Party
1970-1971 Väinö Leskinen Social Democratic Party
1971-1972 Olavi J. Mattila Non-partisan
1972 Kalevi Sorsa Social Democratic Party
1972-1975 Ahti Karjalainen Centre Party
1975 Olavi J. Mattila Non-partisan
1975-1976 Kalevi Sorsa Social Democratic Party
1976-1977 Keijo Korhonen Centre Party
1977-1982 Paavo Väyrynen Centre Party
1982-1983 Pär Stenbäck Swedish People's Party
1983-1987 Paavo Väyrynen Centre Party
1987-1989 Kalevi Sorsa Social Democratic Party
1989 - 1991 Pertti Paasio Social Democratic Party
1991 - 1993 Paavo Väyrynen Centre Party
1993 - 1995 Heikki Haavisto Centre Party
1995 Paavo Rantanen Non-partisan
1995 - 2000 Tarja Halonen Social Democratic Party
2000- 2007 Erkki Tuomioja Social Democratic Party
2007- 2008 Ilkka Kanerva National Coalition Party
2008- 2011 Alexander Stubb National Coalition Party
2011- 2015 Erkki Tuomioja Social Democratic Party
2015- Timo Soini True Finns

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