First Time (Jackie Chan album)

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First Time
First Time (Jackie Chan album).jpg
Studio album by Jackie Chan
Released 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin,
Label Rock Records
Producer Jonathan Lee
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First Time (第一次) is the ninth album to be released by actor and singer Jackie Chan. It was released across Asia in 1992. This marks the first album Chan sings the majority of the songs in Mandarin.

It also marks the first time music videos were recorded to accompany some of the songs. Fans also note a change in Chan's singing style, saying it became softer in this album.

Track listing[edit]

English titles come from disk itself and are not directly translated.

# Chinese Title English Title Length
1. "感受" "My Feeling" 4:01
2. "但願花常在" "I Wish The Flowers Could Never Fade" 4:40
3. "面紅紅" "The Reddish Face" 3:37
4. "潮起潮落陪你度過" "Keep Your Company Through Every Moment" 3:43
5. "明明白白我的心" "So Transparent is My Heart" 4:54
6. "壯志在我胸" "A Vigorous Aspiration in My Mind" 4:11
7. "檳榔西施" "The Betel Nuts Beauty" 4:37
8. "你是一場多情的夢" "You Are A Lover in My Dream" 3:32
9. "在我生命中的每一天" "Every Day in My Life" 4:33
10. "尾聲" "The End" 4:30