Florian Brandner

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Florian Brandner
Huber big.jpg
Alex Huber as Florian Brander (2002)
Verbotene Liebe character
Portrayed by Frédéric A. Komp
(1995–1996, 1997, 1998)
Alex Huber
First appearance Episode 1
January 2, 1995
Last appearance Episode 2137
January 15, 2004
Occupation Photographer
Residence Milan, Italy

Florian Brandner is a fictional character on German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The character was first played by Frédéric A. Komp from 2 January 1995 to the fall of 1996 and again in February 1997 and from June to October 1998.[1] The character was recast with actor Alex Huber four years later, on 12 July 2002.[2] Huber left after one and a half year, when the character was written out. He made his last appearance on 15 January 2004.[3]

Character's background[edit]

Florian is the youngest child of Arno Brandner (Konrad Krauss). His mother is Arno's first wife, Iris (Regina Nowack), who dies tragically in 1996, after she ended her marriage with Arno and left the family. In the beginning, sixteen-year-old Florian is in love with Anna Konrad (Alexandra Schalaudek), a girl from his school. But their love faces tragedy after tragedy. Anna's father Fritz (Joe Bausch) gets murdered and the prime suspect becomes Florian's older brother Jan (Andreas Brucker), who worked for Fritz in his fitness center until he got fired, short time before Fritz was murdered. For some time, Florian seems to be the only one who believes that Jan is innocent. Meanwhile, Anna's mother Hannelore (Brigitte Walbrun) wants to forbid her daughter to see Florian any longer. Somehow Florian convinces Anna to believe him that Jan is not guilty of Fritz' murder and they try to find out what really happened. Hannelore realizes several times that Anna is still seeing Florian and they fight more and more over Anna's relationship to him, which soon builds a wall between mother and daughter. Florian's suspicions for the true murderer of Fritz go so far that he suspects Hannelore. Fritz had many affairs in the last years and Hannelore's marriage with him seemed to be lost before he died. But when Florian gets contacted by Jan, who is on the flight since the police is looking for him, has another suspect: his best friend Oliver Kopp (then played by Hendrik Duryn), who is also the boyfriend of Jan and Florian's sister Susanne (Claudia Scarpatetti). Anna helps Florian to find evidence against Oliver. The find themselves surprised, when they find out that Fritz doped his athletes, without letting them know. Oliver found out about Fritz' dark secret. Because Fritz doped him too, he was able to blackmail Oliver to shut his mouth. When the two were arguing, Oliver dug him and Fritz fall so hard that he died. Florian warns Susanne to stay away from Oliver, but she already is in danger, when Oliver confesses to her and takes her hostage to flee from the police. Florian can rescue his sister by interfering. He is happy when Jan finally can return home.

But after all this drama, his relationship to Anna suffers when Hannelore can't forgive Florian that he thought she was the one who killed Fritz and that he even convinced Anna. She tries to destroy the relationship again. Florian and Anna fight more often, which leads Florian into sleeping with another girl, when he got drunk on a party. Anna sees them together in bed the next morning and breaks up with Florian. Meanwhile, Renate, the girl he slept with, develops feelings for Florian. She soon turns out to be a stalker, when she makes Florian expensive gifts and won't stay away from him - even after he already told her that he wants to get back with Anna. Because of Renate's games and she telling everyone that Florian loves only her, Anna believes Florian is the one that plays a game and plays both women. But in the end, Anna sees that Florian is telling the truth, when he paints a graffiti on the school wall. Renate wants revenge and feels humiliated in front of the entire school. She beats herself up and goes to Hannelore, trying to convince her that it was Florian. Hannelore believes her and threatens Florian that she would go to the police, if he finally doesn't stay away from Anna. When even Arno and Iris don't believe Florian's story of Renate, Anna and he decide to run away - right before his parents find out the truth.

Years later, Florian is married to Isabell Mohr (Tanja Wenzel) and has a daughter, Carolin, which he legally accepted as his. He and his little family live together in Milan. They were last mentioned by Florian's father Arno in 2008, saying that Florian and Isabell still happy.


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