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This article is about the pop song. For the rock song, see 3 Years Hollow.
"For Life"
Single by Isis Gee
Released 2008
Format CD single
Recorded 2009
Genre Pop
Length 3:03
Writer(s) Isis Geel
Producer(s) Isis Gee
Isis Gee singles chronology
What You See For Life On Your Knees
Poland "For Life"
2008 Eurovision Song Contest Semifinal performance
Eurovision Song Contest 2008 entry
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Time To Party" (2007)   
"I Don't Wanna Leave" (2009) ►

"For Life" is the song by Isis Gee that was selected to represent Poland in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. On 20 May 2008, it was performed in the first semi-final, and the final on 24 May.[1]

Eurovision Song Contest[edit]

National final[edit]

Isis Gee's song "For Life" was chosen from among over one hundred songs as one of twelve entries to participate in Piosenka dla Europy, the Polish national final for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. During the live broadcast on 23 February 2008, her entry got the highest points from jury and televoting and was selected to represent Poland at Eurovision.

At Eurovision[edit]

Isis Gee was the first Polish participant to qualify to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest from the semi-finals. "For Life" received 14 points in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 and placed 24th out of 25 countries, receiving ten points from Ireland and four from the United Kingdom.[2]

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