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Blue Freezie.jpg
A blue freezie
Alternative names ice pop, freezer pop, ice-pole, tip top, icy-pole, ice candy
Type Frozen dessert
Main ingredients Water, flavouring (such as fruit juices)
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A freezie, freeze pop (United States), freezer pop, ice-pole,[1] icy-pole, ice pop, tip top, chihiro (Cayman Islands), ice candy (Philippines),[2] aiskrim Malaysia[3] or potong (Malaysia) is a water-based frozen snack. It is made by freezing flavored liquid such as sugar water, fruit juice or purée inside a plastic casing or tube, either round or flat.

Prominent brands include Fun Pops, La Fiesta, California Snow, Otter Pops, Ice Tickles, Calippo, Fla-Vor-Ice, Chilly Willy (after the cartoon penguin of the same name), Pop-ice, Foxy Pop, (in the UK, Ireland, Canada and France) Mr Freeze, and Bon Ice. They are produced in a variety of fruit flavors, including cherry, orange, lemon-lime, banana and fruit punch. In Canada they are known almost exclusively as 'freezies'.

Unlike a popsicle, since freezies come in plastic sleeves, no refrigeration is necessary during storage. In addition, also unlike a popsicle, since it has a casing, it does not need to be frozen as solidly as a popsicle, and can be similar in composition to a slushie.


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