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GI Forum
Founded January 2012
Type Nonprofit organization
Slogan Relax. Relate. Relief.™

GI Forum is an online community where individuals (both medical and non-medical personnel) discuss and share information (via articles, blogs, media, etc.) relevant to gastroenterology and hepatology.[1]


Founded in January 2012, GI Forum is quickly establishing itself alongside the world's leading gastroenterology communities. Their growing (international) fan base on Facebook has essentially surpassed that of other more established organizations (i.e. the American Gastroenterological Association), making GI Forum one of the fastest-growing GI (gastro-intestinal) communities on the web today.

Although GI Forum continuously streams content to followers via social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, the organization's website,, is scheduled to launch in April, 2012.[2]


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