Ganzhou District

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Ganzhou District
Traditional Chinese 甘州
Simplified Chinese 甘州
Literal meaning Ganzhou District
Traditional Chinese 張掖
Simplified Chinese 张掖
Former names
Chinese 甘州
Literal meaning Sweet [Spring(s)] Prefecture

Ganzhou District, formerly the separate city of Ganzhou or Kanchow, is a district in and the seat of the prefecture-level city of Zhangye in Gansu Province in the People's Republic of China. Ganzhou was formerly an important outpost in western China and, along with Suzhou (now the central district of Jiuquan), it is the namesake of the province. As a settlement, it is now known as Zhangye after the prefecture it heads.


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Coordinates: 39°00′52″N 100°39′57″E / 39.01444°N 100.66583°E / 39.01444; 100.66583