Glenelg Highway

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Glenelg Highway

General information
Length300 km (186 mi)[1]
Route number(s) B160 (1998-present)
route number
State Route 112 (1986-1998)[2]
Major junctions
West end Princes Highway
Glenburnie, South Australia
East end Midland Highway
Sebastopol, Ballarat
Major settlementsCasterton, Coleraine, Hamilton, Dunkeld, Glenthompson, Lake Bolac, Skipton
Highway system

The Glenelg Highway[3] is a 301 kilometre highway in south-eastern Australia, linking Mount Gambier with Ballarat.[4][5][6][7] Most of the highway is located within the Western part of the state of Victoria; except for a short, 15 km stretch from the South Australia/Victoria state border near Ardno to Glenburnie (6 km east of central Mount Gambier) is located in South Australia. Some maps identify the South Australian stretch as Casterton Road. Major towns along its route include Casterton, Coleraine and Hamilton.[4][5][6][7]


The passing of the Highways and Vehicles Act of 1924[8] through the Parliament of Victoria provided for the declaration of State Highways, roads two-thirds financed by the State government through the Country Roads Board (later VicRoads). The Glenelg Highway was declared a State Highway in the 1947/48 financial year,[9] from Ballarat via Skipton, and Hamilton to Casterton (for a total of 149 miles); before this declaration, the roads were referred to as Hamilton-Coleraine-Casterton Road and Ballarat-Hamilton Road.[10]

The Glenelg Highway was signed as State Route 112 between Glenburnie and Ballarat in 1986; with Victoria's conversion to the newer alphanumeric system in the late 1990s, this was replaced by route B160.

Major Intersections and Towns[edit]

South AustraliaGrantGlenburnie0.00.0 Princes Highway (A1 west, east) – Portland, Mount Gambier
Attiwill Road (south) – Murrawa
Western terminus of highway and route B160
State border15.39.5Victoria – South Australia state border
VictoriaGlenelgCasterton58.436.3 Casterton-Penola Road (C198) – Penola, Robe
61.638.3 Casterton-Naracoorte Road (C211) – Naracoorte
63.439.4 Portland-Casterton Road (C195) – Portland
67.742.1 Casterton-Edenhope Road (C207 north) – Edenhope
Lodge Road (south) – Sandford
Southern GrampiansColeraine89.255.4 Coleraine-Balmoral Road (C203/C206) – Balmoral, Harrow, Nhill
90.756.4 Coleraine-Merino Road (C196) – Merino
Hamilton121.575.5 Henty Highway – Horsham, Warracknabeal, MilduraConcurrency with route A200
123.876.9 Henty Highway – Heywood, Portland
124.977.6Lonsdale Street (west) – Hamilton
Thompson Street (south) – Hamilton
127.779.3 Hamilton Highway (B140) – Mortlake, Warrnambool, Geelong
Dunkeld152.995.0 Penshurst-Dunkeld Road (C178 north) – Penshurst, Warrnambool
Dunkeld-Cavendish Road (C188 south) – Cavendish, Balmoral
156.197.0 Grampians Road (C216) – Halls Gap, Stawell
Glenthompson174.6108.5 Pyrenees Highway (B180) – Ararat, Avoca, Castlemaine
AraratLake Bolac203.0126.1 Mortlake-Ararat Road (C148) – Mortlake, Ararat
Streatham223.5138.9 Rossbridge-Streatham Road (C182) – Ararat
CorangamiteSkipton250.8155.8 Skipton Road (C172) – BeaufortConcurrency with route C172
251.3156.2 Lismore-Skipton Road (C172) – Lismore
251.8156.5 Rokewood-Skipton Road (C143) – Rokewood, Geelong
Golden PlainsScarsdale279.5173.7 Lismore-Scarsdale Road (C171) – Lismore
BallaratDelacombe297.1184.6 Delacombe-Wendouree Road (C307 north) – Alfredton, Wendouree
Cherry Flat Road (south) – Bonshaw
Sebastopol299.8186.3 Midland Highway (A300 north, south) – Ballarat City Centre, Bendigo, Geelong
Sayle Street (east) – Sebastopol
Roundabout; eastern terminus of highway and route B160

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