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The mustard brand Grey Poupon has been referred to in numerous songs.


Name-dropping Grey Poupon dates back to the 1980s.[1] Before 1981, ads of Grey Poupon were only in print magazines such as Food & Wine and Cosmopolitan. But in 1981, Heublein decided to reach out to a new audience;[2] they published a TV commercial in which one seemingly wealthy man asks the other, “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?”[1] “From then on, Grey Poupon became the condiment of choice for rappers who wanted an easy rhyme that also illustrated the idea of status, luxury, and class,” say Vox's Estelle Caswell and Sarah Frostenson.[1]

Songs that mention Grey Poupon[edit]


  • "East Coast" by Das EFX (1992): "He's the Don, have you seen my Grey Poupon? / Bust this, we roll more spliffs than Cheech and Chong"[2]
  • "Pimps (Free Stylin at the Fortune 500 Club)" by The Coup (1994): "Fuck naw, I ain't got no Grey Poupon / Well, anyway, I said, "That's no burglar! That's my butler." / Mr. Rockefeller, let me in on the gossip / I heard you and Mr. Getty are getting into rap music or something"[2]
  • "Brooklyn Style...Laid Out" by Big Daddy Kane (1994): "What type of mission can I say you on? / Because you musta done changed to some Grey Poupon, heh"[2]
  • "Eat the Rich" by Aerosmith (1994): "I believe in rags to riches / Your inheritance won't last / So take your Grey Poupon, my friend / And shove it up your ass"[2]
  • "Sandman 118 Freestyle" by Big L (1995): "Front and get your belly torn, I keep a Pelle on I'm fucking with Grey Poupon and Dom Pérignon"[2]
  • "Cashmere Thoughts" by Jay Z (1996): "I got the Grey Poupon, you been warned / 'Cause all beef return well-done filet mignon"[2]
  • "Assassination Day" by Ghostface Killah (1996): "First of all, before we move on, this shit is like a Yukon, don / Spread it out like Grey Poupon"[2]
  • "Fish" by Ghostface Killah (1996): "My triple sevens broke the slot machines out in Queens / Grey Poupon is Revlon rap, smack pawns, swing like batons"[2]
  • "Emotions" by Twista (1997): "You insist to be trippin' while we be gamin' like Don Juan / What up the filet mignon, the Grey Poupon"[2]
  • "We Could Take It Outside" by Busta Rhymes featuring Flipmode Squad (1997): "I be burnin' MCs like Betty's grandson / Smokin Grey Poupon, boy / Two lines, I chew rhymes and make n----- fall like they was futons"[2]
  • "Boomerang Slang" by Elzhi (1998): "I try not to do wrong / But I want to be in that limo askin' for the Grey Poupon / for a change / I'm sick of saving change from a coupon"[2]
  • "The Right One" by John Forté featuring Pras (1998): "Toe - toes, with my brother / Pass the Grey Poupon / Hoe cronies, I don't know what the fuck y'all on"[2]
  • "Rap Life" by Tash featuring Raekwon (1999): "First of all, before we move on / It's like a Yukon, son / Slide this on like Grey Poupon"[2]
  • "Sexy Dancer" by Ideal featuring Jazze Pha (1999): "Make that ass spread like some Grey Poupon / What level you on and can I get a coochie coupon"[2]
  • "Hold Your Ground" by The Ambassador (1999): "So days are grey like Poupon / Full of pain like a toe with two corns with small shoes on"[2]


  • "Throw Them 3's (Boston Niggaz)" by Benzino (2001): "My nine stars spread bullets like Grey Poupon / I'm tryin to ice on my wrist and on my arm"[2]
  • "Filling Space" by Scarub (2001): "But they still deny you relish / That shit is still pickles / They just gone like Grey Poupon / Acting all stingy with the mayo"[2]
  • "Funkin' Around" by Outkast (2002): "See, we ain't even seen, the mountaintop counter clock / Wise goes the neighborhood hand-me-downs and canned goods / Won't cut the Grey Poupon we got that make you run"[2]
  • "Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go (Remix)" by Syleena Johnson featuring Flipmode Squad (2002): "Get you in the mood, throw them slow grooves on / Spread you on a futon like Grey Poupon"[2]
  • "Raedawn" by Viktor Vaughn (2003): "Soup's on! / And I got a coupon / Chinese restaurant asking for the Grey Poupon / He said, "No! Duck sauce, soy sauce! / And this ain't no Burger King, so you don't get no toy, boss"[2]
  • "Genius in France" by "Weird Al" Yankovic (2003): "Say, would you pass the Grey Poupon? / Merci beaucoup"[2]
  • "Firewater" by Baby Blak (2003): "You Burger King, I'm filet mignon / So where the beef? / You mayo (Hah) / I'm Grey Poupon"[2]
  • "That's Wusup" by Mac Dre (2004): "No shrimp, Dre eat prawns / And do you have any Grey Poupon"[2]
  • "Nevehoe" by Anybody Killa (2004): "See, I'm being tryin' to speak on / While you sit back and see me as a jar of Grey Poupon"[2]
  • "69th Chamber Intercourse" by Phonte (2005): "The power grocery n-----, flagrant wit asparagus / Stars wit the jewels on / I eat 'em up like Grey Poupon, my lil' cousin needs"[2]
  • "We Just Ballin'" by Jim Jones featuring T.K. (2005): "I keep 20 in the pocket (Light Change) / Talk a buck 80 if the Bentley is the topic (That Grey Poupon)"[2]
  • "Gwap Nigga" by Ray Cash (2007): "Need a fuckin' bread truck, y'all can eat the croutons / What you know about a turkey sandwich with Grey Poupon?"
  • "I Want This Forever" by Lil Wayne (2007): "What are you on? I'm richer than a bitch without the Grey Poupon"


  • "Food Fight On the Moon!" by The Aquabats! (2011): "Fo' sho' it's on / Spaghetti-Os and Grey Poupon"
  • "Hello" by Iggy Azalea (2011): "I'm gettin' to this bread / Where's the Grey Poupon?"
  • "In the Stars" by Juicy J (2013): "Pass that Grey Poupon, rich n-gga talk"
  • "Facts (Charlie Heat Version)" by Kanye West (2016): "Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, this is pure luxury / I give 'em Grey Poupon on a DJ Mustard, ah!"[2]
  • "Aerosol Can" by Major Lazer (2014): "No discounts, no coupons / But I got the Rolls Royce for the Grey Poupon"
  • "Dance Off" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (2016): "You must hurt like Grey Poupon, Swag on tap like Savion"
  • "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar (2017): "This that Grey Poupon, that Evian, that TED Talk / Watch my soul speak, you let the meds talk / If I kill a nigga, it won't be the alcohol / I'm the realest nigga after all"[3]
  • "ALASKA" by Brockhampton (2017): "We left the corner store on the way to caviar / The coupe is mustard colored, what the f-ck is Grey Poupon?"


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