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The Hayward teachers strike was an April 2007 ten-day strike of teachers in the Hayward Unified School District in Hayward, California.

Teacher demands[edit]

The teachers, counselors and nurses, represented by the Hayward Education Association (HEA), were upset over a 16% raise given to two district administrators in summer 2006. Negotiations broke down, with the HEA asking for an 8.08% retroactive raise initially, reaching 16% after 2 years, and the district offering a one time 5.5% raise (one source stating 7%) with possible subsequent increases of 1.6%, which was rejected. The district offered an additional one time 3% bonus, which was also rejected. The district had come out of receivership in 2005, and the administration was concerned about the district going back into the red. Teachers cited the administrator's raises as evidence the district undervalued teachers and might be hiding money that could be applied to teacher salaries.


The strike commenced on 5 April 2007, with only 45 of approximately 900 teachers showing up to work, with the balance appearing in picket lines.[1] District administrator Dale Vigil initially dismissed the strike effects, but after a week of the strike, Vigil looked to file an injunction against the HEA, to force the teachers back into classrooms. Vigil was confronted at one point by angry strikers, who pounded on his car and pushed him.

Impact on schools[edit]

Only 4,100 of approximately 22,000 district students showed up for classes the first day of the strike. 29 schools were affected initially.

Community and media response[edit]

Farm Workers Union founder and activist Dolores Huerta showed up to support the striking teachers. Local TV and newspaper outlets covered the story.


The Hayward Teachers strike ended in a tentative agreement on 25 April 2007, when Vigil announced the settlement during a regular school board meeting. Teachers voted to pass the agreement detailing an 11% raise over the next two years, the following day, as classes resumed.


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