Hebron Gate

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Hebron Gate
Hebron gate.jpg
Studio album by Groundation
Released 2002
Genre Reggae
Length 54:12
Label Young Tree
Groundation chronology
Each One Teach One
Hebron Gate
We Free Again

Hebron Gate is the third release by American reggae band Groundation. The album received a nomination for Germany's coveted World Music Award. For this release, reggae artists Cedric Myton of The Congos and Don Carlos of Black Uhuru were united for the first time in reggae history to collaborate with Groundation.

The album's nine tracks tell the story of a Dragon War coming upon the nations. The story unfolds over a twenty-four-hour timespan; with the sun rising in the beginning, setting in the middle, and finally rising again at the end. For the final two tracks Groundation calls upon their elders and reggae legends Don Carlos and The Congos to take up the fight.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Groundation [1].

No. Title Length
1. "Jah Jah Know" 6:03
2. "Babylon Rule Dem" 7:03
3. "Silver Tongue Show" 6:08
4. "Weeping Pirates" 6:43
5. "Picture on the Wall" 6:10
6. "Something More" 4:53
7. "Hebron" 5:09
8. "Freedom Taking Over" 6:02
9. "Undivided" 5:52


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