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Herbert W. Armstrong College is a small liberal arts and theology college located north of Edmond, Oklahoma. The college is run by the Philadelphia Church of God, which is based on the college's campus. [1] Armstrong College offers two-year and four-year degrees, but does not offer accredited degrees.

The college was founded by Gerald Flurry in August 2001 as "Imperial College of Edmond". [2] In December 2005 it changed its name [3] to "Herbert W. Armstrong College", after Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of the Worldwide Church of God. Flurry's versions of Armstrong's works (such as Mystery of the Ages and the Bible Correspondence Course) are used as teaching tools in the church and the college. The college claims that it is based on the continuation of Armstrong's educational philosophy used at his now-defunct Ambassador College.

Armstrong College, through the "Armstrong International Cultural Foundation", hosts a variety of performing arts events for residents of the area. The organization states its activities are based on Armstrong's (also defunct) Ambassador International Cultural Foundation. [4] A $15 million performing arts center patterned after the Ambassador Auditorium, located on the former campus of Ambassador College, was opened on the college's campus 5 September 2010. [5]


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