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Heredia canton in Heredia province

Heredia is the first canton in the province of Heredia in Costa Rica.[1] The canton covers an area of 282.60 square kilometres (109.11 sq mi),[2] and has a population of 110,887 (estimate as of 2003).[3] Its capital is the provincial capital city of Heredia, also known as Heredia Centro.

The canton includes the areas south and west of the capital city of Heredia as far as the Río Virilla and the General Cañas Freeway (Autopista General Cañas). The non-contiguous district of Varablanca, that includes a large portion of Braulio Carrillo National Park high in the Cordillera Central (Central Mountain Range), is also administered as part of Heredia Canton.


Heredia was first mentioned as a canton in a decree dated December 7, 1848.[1]


Districts of Heredia canton

The canton of Heredia is subdivided into five districts (distritos):[1]

  1. Heredia[1]
  2. Mercedes[1]
  3. San Francisco[1]
  4. Ulloa[1]
  5. Varablanca[1] (Vara Blanca)


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Coordinates: 10°00′N 84°07′W / 10.000°N 84.117°W / 10.000; -84.117