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CMV Magellan Anchored in Flåm 20150617 1.jpg
Magellan, the first ship of the Holiday class, anchored in Flåm.
Class overview
  • Carnival Cruise Lines (originally built for) 1985-2009
  • P&O Cruises Australia 2004-2012
  • Iberocruceros 2008-2014
  • HNA Tourism 2012 - 2015
  • Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line 2015-present (Grand Celebration)
  • Cruise & Maritime Voyages 2015-present (Magellan)
Preceded by: Tropicale
Succeeded by: Carnival Cruise Lines: Fantasy class
Built: 1985-1987
In service:
  • 1985-On
  • For Carnival Cruise Lines(originally): 1985-2009
  • For P&O Cruises Australia: 2004-2012
  • For Iberocruceros: 2008-2014
  • For HNA Tourism: 2012-2015
Completed: 3 Ships
Active: 2 Ships
Retired: 1 Ship (Henna)
General characteristics
Type: Cruise Ship
Tonnage: 46,052 GRT - 47,262 GRT
Length: 727 ft (222 m) - 733 ft (223 m)
Decks: 10
Speed: 21 kts
Capacity: 1,452-1,486 passengers
Crew: 660 - 670

The Holiday class was the first class of newbuilds for Carnival Cruise Lines after their first newbuild, the Tropicale which was compleled in 1982. The first ship in the class, the 46,052 gross ton vessel Holiday, was completed in 1985. A second and slightly larger sister ship, the Jubilee, was built in 1986 at 47,262 gross tons. The third and final ship, the Celebration, is identical to the Jubilee and it was completed in 1987. All were the biggest ships for Carnival until the Fantasy class were built. Then In 2004 Carnival retired the Jubilee and transferred the ship to P&O Cruises Australia where it became the Pacific Sun . In late-2005, Carnival took the Holiday out of service to be used to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina for one year. The Holiday returned to service in late-2006 to resume cruising. The Celebration was retired from Carnival's fleet in April 2008 to be used for a new sister company Iberocruceros as the Grand Celebration , Carnival Cruise Lines retired the Holiday in November 2009. She began operating for Iberocruceros as the Grand Holiday in May 2010. On July 2012, P&O sold the Pacific Sun to Chinese interests as Henna. In May 2014, Iberocruceros announced that the Grand Celebration will be transferred to Costa Cruises in November 2014, as the Costa Celebration. Also On May 2014, Costa Cruises announced that it would absorb Ibero Cruises in its entirety by the end of the year. The two remaining ships, the Grand Celebration would still be transferred to the main fleet of Costa, as the Costa Celebration and the Grand Holiday would either be transferred or sold off. And Ibero's docking slots in Barcelona would be devoted solely to Costa's newest ship, the Costa Diadema as well.[1][2]

In November 2014 it was announced the Grand Holiday would join Cruise & Maritime Voyages. In March 2015, after a refurbishment in Greece, she entered service as the Magellan.[3]

On November 21, 2014, it was announced the Costa Celebration had been sold to an unnamed buyer. The vessel has just completed its last cruise for the Spanish company Iberocruceros, and had entered drydock in Marseille to be rebranded under Costa livery.[4] The buyer has since been announced as Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line. The ship would return to its old name as the Grand Celebration. It has been sailing out of the Port of Palm Beach in Riviera Beach, Florida for cruises to Freeport, Bahamas since February 2015. [5]

In November 2015, HNA shut down its cruise ship operation after three years of losing money due to newer vessels being deployed to the region. Since the Henna's last cruise with HNA, she was laid up and was for sale for $35 million USD. With there being no interested buyers, the ship arrived in Alang to be broken up in April 2017.[6]


Ship Year Built Current Operator Tonnage Flag Notes Image (when with Carnival) Image (after sailing with carnival) Image (today)
Magellan 1985 Cruise & Maritime Voyages 46,052 GRT  Bahamas Originally sailed as the Holiday for Carnival Cruise Lines, and Grand Holiday for Iberocruceros. She is smallest of the 3 ships in the class. Carnival Holiday docked in Cozumel 03-2004.jpg 14-01-24-перейти в Пальма-де-Майорка-RalfR-DSCN1209-135 ( Grand Holiday is recropped).jpg CMV Magellan Anchored in Flåm 20150617 1.jpg
Henna 1986 Scrapped 47,262 GRT  Malta Originally sailed as the Jubilee for Carnival Cruise Lines, and Pacific Sun for P&O Australia and Henna for HNA Tourism. Sold for scrap in 2017. CarnivalJubilee.jpg Pacific Sun Isle of Pines, 2007.JPG "Hen" - Alang, 2017.jpg
Grand Celebration 1987 Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line 47,262 GRT  Bahamas Originally sailed as the Celebration for Carnival Cruise Lines, the Grand Celebration for Iberocruceros, and the Costa Celebration for Costa Cruises (although was never put into service). Carnival Celebration 1994 Cruise 005 (cropped).jpg Grand Celebration Rhodes 2012 (recropped).jpg Grand Celebration (cropped).jpg


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