List of Hong Kong films of 1972

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This article provides a list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1972:.


Title Director Cast Genre
5 Fingers of Death (aka King Boxer) Jeong Chang-hwa (Cheng Chang-ho) Lo Lieh Martial arts
The 14 Amazons Lau Kar-leung Lisa Lu, Ivy Ling Po, Chen Yen-yen, Ouyang Sha-fei, Lily Ho, Li Ching Martial arts
Action Tae Kwon Do Yang Man Yi
The Admarid Girl Li Han Hsiang
The Adventure Lee Siu
Angry Guest Chang Cheh David Chiang, Ti Lung, Yasuaki Kurata, Chan Sing, Cheng Li, Chang Cheh Kung fu action drama
The Avenger Florence Yu Fung Chi
Bandits From Shantung Huang Feng Chang Yi, Pai Ying, Hu Chin, Sammo Hung Kung fu
Battles With The Red Boy Wu Chia Chun
The Big Fight
The Big Game
The Black Enforcer Ho Meng Hua
Black List John Law Ma
The Black Tavern Teddy Yip Wing Cho Shih Szu, Ku Feng, Dean Shek, Tung Li, Wong Hap Sword action
Blind Boxer Cheung Sam
Blood Of The Leopard Kim Lung Yee Yuen, Kong Ban, Wang Tai Lang, Chan Hung Lit, Cheung Ching Ching Kung fu action
The Bloody Fight Ng Tin Chi
The Bloody Fists Ng See Yuen Siu Sing Chen and Chen Kuan Tai Kung fu action
The Boxer From Shantung Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh Lieh
The Bride from Hell Chow Yuk Kong
Bronze Head And Steel Arm Gam Sing Yan
The Brutal Boxer Guan Shan
The Cannibals Kao Pao-shu
The Casino Cheung Chang Chak
The Champion of Champions Lee Ga
Changing Love Faan Daan
Chaochow Guy Gam Sing-Yan Tien Han, Nancy Yen Nan-See, Wang Kuan Hsiung, Wong Fei-Lung Kung Fu Action
Cheating Panorama Li Han Hsiang
Chow Ken Ting Shan-hsi
Cold Wind Hands
Crimes Are To Be Paid Chow Yuk Kong
Crush Tu Guangqi Chan Hung Lit, Steve Chen, Jason Pai
The Dark Alley Ng Woon
The Death Duel Chiang Ping Han
The Decisive Battle
Delightful Forest Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh Lieh
Devil's Mirror Sun Chung
The Doomsday Machine Harry Hope, Lee Sholem
The Escape Peter Yang Kwan, Florence Yu
Ferocious Brothers Chui Daai Gwan
Finger of Doom Pao Hsueh Lieh
Fingers That Kill Hui Kwok
Fist of Fury Lo Wei Bruce Lee & Nora Miao
The Fists Of Vengeance Cheung Yat Woo
Flower in the Rain Gam Chue Yung
Four Girls From Hong Kong Lee Sun Fung
Four Riders Chang Cheh
The Fourteen Amazons Ching Gong, Charles Tung
The Fugitive Cheung Chang Chak
Furious Slaughter Ting Shan-hsi Jimmy Wang Yu, Sally Chen Martial Arts, Kung Fu Action
The Gallant
The Ghost Yuen Chau Fung
The Ghostly Face Yeung Sai Hing
A Girl Fighter Yeung Sai Hing
The Gourd Fairy Kuei Chih Hung
Hapkido Huang Feng
The Hero Wong Hung Chiang
Hong Kong Criminal Crimes
Huge Brother
The Human Goddess Ho Meng Hua
The Hurricane Lo Wei
The Imperial Swordsman Lam Fook Dei
Impetuous Fire John Law
Intimate Confessions Of A Chinese Courtesan Chor Yuen Lily Ho, Betty Pei Ti, Yueh Hua
Intrigue In Nylons Kuei Chih Hung
The Invasion Suen Ga Man
The Invincible Law Chun
Jenny And Her Sexy Mother Cheung Sam
The Killer
King Boxer (aka 5 Fingers of Death) Jeong Chang-hwa
Lady Whirlwind Huang Feng
The Last Duel Chui Chang Wang
Legends Of Lust Li Han Hsiang
Let's Go to Bed
Lion's Heart Ting Shan-hsi
The Lizard Chu Yuan
The Loner Lee Sun Fung
Love Affairs Suen Ga Man
Love And Blood Ho Fan
Love In A Cabin Pai Ching Jui
Ma Su Chen Ting Shan-hsi Nancy Yen Nan-See, Jimmy Wang Yu, Sally Chen Martial Arts, Kung Fu Action
Madness Of Love Patrick Tse Yin
A Man Beyond Horizon Ng Tin Chi
Man Of Iron Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh Lieh
Many Faces Of A Diamond Tu Guangqi
Martial Hero Griffin Yueh Feng
The Merry Wife Gam Chue Yung
Il Mio nome è Shanghai Joe Mario Caiano
The Misguided Youth Lui Kei
The Naughty Couples Cheung Sam
The Notorious Ones
Of Wives And Mistresses
On The Waterfront Hau Chang
The Patriots Evan Yang
The Peeper, The Model And The Hypnotist Cheung Sam
Pei Shih 1972 Patrick Lung Kong
Prodigal Boxer Choi Yeung Ming
Pursuit Ching Gong
A Resort Called Hell Tong Wong
Revenge Of The Iron Fist Maiden Ng Fei Kim
The Righteous Fist Wong Hung Cheung
The Roaring Lion Ng Tin Chi
Seaside Murder
Shogun Saints Kim Lung
Showdown Ting Shan-hsi
Songs And Romance Forever Luk Bong
Sonny Come Home Chik Yiu Cheong
Stealing Love Faan Daan
Story Of Daisy
Stranger In Hong Kong Kuei Chih Hung, Lau Fong Gong
Sword Of Heaven And Hell Joe Law Chi
Three Seventeens Yam Yi Ji
The Thunderbolt Fist Cheung Yat Woo
Tiger Kim Lung
Tiger Vs Dragon Ng See Yuen
Tough Duel Hung Ting Miu
Tough Guy Joseph Kong Hung
Treasure Castle Han Ying Chieh
Trilogy of Swordsmanship Chang Cheh, Ching Gong, Griffin Yueh Feng
The Warlord Li Han Hsiang
The Water Margin Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh Lieh, Wu Ma
Way of the Dragon Bruce Lee Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Nora Miao, Robert Wall, Hwang In-Shik, Wei Ping-Ao Martial arts
Wild Horse Faan Daan
The Yellow Killer Inoue Umetsugu
The Yellow Muffler
Young Avenger Griffin Yueh Feng
Young People Chang Cheh

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