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Hot d'Or
Golden Hot
Sponsored by Hot Vidéo
Location Cannes and Paris[1][2]
Country France
Reward(s) Hot d'Or d'honneur
First awarded 1992[3]
Last awarded 2001, 2009*
Official website
Television/Radio coverage
Network Canal+

Hot d'Or (English: Golden Hot)[4] was an adult film industry pornographic award, awarded annually from 1992 to 2001 in Cannes, France[3][5] by the French trade journal Hot Vidéo.[2][3][6]


The awards have been described as the porn equivalent of the Palme d'Or[5] or the Academy Awards.[3][7][8] The analogous American honor is the AVN Award.[2][8][9] The inaugural event was held over two weeks in May in a hotel complex, at exactly the same time as the Cannes Film Festival.[5][6] Venues included the Royal Casino Hotel, situated five miles from the Croisette.[4] In 1997, the event was held at the Lido in Paris.[2][3]

The Hot d'Or was noted for the lavish parties that accompanied it,[6] particularly those held by Private Media Group on board a yacht in Cannes marina.[5] The event attracted many performers, paparazzi, directors, and producers and distributors who would make deals buying and selling films.[5] The event would often court publicity by having porn stars pose naked on the public beach.[6] Consequently, it attracted attention from international media who were in town for the mainstream festival.[5]

The highest award given was the Hot d'Or d'honneur,[4] which was awarded to figures including Estelle Desanges, Marc Dorcel, Julia Channel, John Stagliano, Internet Entertainment Group and Ona Zee.

20th anniversary*[edit]

After an eight-year absence, the awards returned to Paris on October 20, 2009 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Hot Vidéo magazine.[1][10] They were held at Salle Wagram at the art deco Radisson Hotel, and French pop star Helmut Fritz performed at the show.[1] French television giant Canal Plus had the rights to broadcast the show during their late-night block of adult programming.[1]

Reception and review[edit]

Hot d'Ors presence was not particularly welcomed by the Cannes Film Festival or Cannes city officials.[6] In 1998 (when the awards were again held in Cannes),[2] Steve Vlottes of Wicked Pictures said the awards were: "the most important show that we attend".[3]

Return of award program[edit]

Upon the announcement of Vardon's wife, former adult film star Tabatha Cash, taking over as the editor in chief of Hot Video magazine, there was speculation about the return of the award program and show.[11]

Award history[edit]

1st Annual Hot d'Or (1992)
2nd Annual Hot d'Or (1993)
3rd Annual Hot d'Or (1994)
  • Best European Actress: Tabatha Cash (France)[14]
  • Best European Starlet: Valy Verdi[14]
  • Best European Actor: Christophe Clark - Délices et Séduction by Michel Ricaud[14]
  • Best European Director: Michel Ricaud[14]
  • Hot d'Or d'honneur: Zara Whites[14]
  • Best European Film: Délit de Séduction by Vidéo Marc Dorcel[14]
  • Best Original Screenplay: Photographic Modelling by Xavier Bonastre[14]
4th Annual Hot d'Or (1995)
  • Best European Actress: Draghixa (France) - Le Parfum de Mathilde
  • Best European Starlet: Barbara Doll
  • Best French Actress: Coralie
  • Best American Actress: Ashlyn Gere
  • Best American Starlet: Chasey Lain
  • Best European Actor: Christophe Clark - Citizen Shane by Michel Ricaud with Anita Rinaldi
  • Best New Director: Rocco Siffredi
  • Best European Director: Marc Dorcel
  • Best European Film: Citizen Shane by Vidéo Marc Dorcel
  • Best Original Screenplay: Le Parfum de Mathilde by Vidéo Marc Dorcel
  • Best Amateur Series: L'École de Laetitia
5th Annual Hot d'Or (1996)
  • Best European Actress: Coralie
  • Best European Supporting Actress: Élodie Chérie
  • Best European Starlet: Laure Sinclair
  • Best American Actress: Jenna Jameson
  • Best American Starlet: Jenna Jameson
  • Best European Actor: Rocco Siffredi
  • Best American Actor: Marc Davis
  • Best New Actor: David Perry
  • Best European Director: Marc Dorcel (The Princess and The Whore)
  • Best American Director: Michael Ninn (Latex)
  • Best New Director: Christoph Clark (Young Widows Lustful)
  • Hot d'Or d'honneur: Richard Allan[citation needed]
  • Best European Film: La Princesse et La Pute (The Princess and The Whore - Marc Dorcel)
  • Best American Film: Latex (Michael Ninn)
  • Best First French Production: Blue Mask
  • Best Lesbian Film: Les Chiennes (The Bitches)
  • Best Original Screenplay: Gigolo
  • Best Cover: Le Désir Dans La Peau (Desire In The Skin)
  • Best Remake or Adaptation: La Princesse et La Pute (The Princess and The Whore - Marc Dorcel)
  • Best American Pro-am Series - Buttman
  • Best French Pro-Am Series - School of Laetitia
  • Best Gold AVN American Film - Buttman's European Vacation 3
  • Hot Platinum K7 - Latex[15]
6th Annual Hot d'Or (1997)
7th Annual Hot d'Or (1998)
8th Annual Hot d'Or (1999)
  • Best American Actress: Jill Kelly (Exile)
  • Best European Actress: Nikki Anderson (L'Enjeu Du Desir and Rocco Never Dies)[19][20]
  • Best European Supporting Actress: Dolly Golden
  • Best American Starlet: Jewel De'Nyle
  • Best European Starlet: Kate More
  • Best American Actor: Mark Davis
  • Best European Actor: David Perry (L'Enjeu Du Desir)
  • Best European Supporting Actor: Marc Barrow (Croupe Du Monde)
  • Best New Actor: Ian Scott
  • Best European Movie: L'Enjeu Du Desir
  • Best American Movie: Flashpoint
  • Best All-Sex Film: Planet Sexxx 2
  • Best French Pro-Am Series: Hongrie Interdite
  • Best American Pro-Am series: The Voyeur
  • Best American Director: Michael Ninn
  • Best European Director: Alain Payet (Le Labyrinthe)[20]
  • Best New European Director: Fred Coppula (Niqueurs Nes)
  • Best New American Director: Gary Sage (Carnal Obsessions)
  • Best Screenplay: Alain Payet
  • Best Box Cover: L'Enjeu Du Desir[15]
9th Annual Hot d'Or (2000)
  • Best Boxcover: L'Esclave des sens - VMD
  • Best Screenplay: L'Emmerdeuse - Fred Coppula, Blue One
  • Best Remake or Adaptation: Les Tontons Tringleurs (Alain Payet - Blue One)[21]
  • Best American Starlet: Tera Patrick
  • Best European Starlet: Meridian
  • Best French Starlet: Estelle Desanges
  • Best American Actress: Stacy Valentine
  • Best European Actress: Laura Angel
  • Best French Actress: Dolly Golden
  • Best European Supporting Actor: Marc Barrow, Hotdorix Colmax
  • Best European Supporting Actress: Sylvia Saint (Le Contrat des Anges - Video Marc Dorcel)[21]
  • Best American Pro-Am Series: The Voyeur - VMD
  • Best European Pro-Am Series: Euro Anal - Maeva
  • Best French Amateur Series: Le Fantasmotron - Luxor
  • Best New Actor: Titof
  • Best American Actor: Randy Spears, DMJ 6 Blue One
  • Best European Actor: Ian Scott - L'Emmerdeuse Dolly Golden, Les Tontons Tringleurs Blue One
  • Hot d'Or d'honneur: Ona Zee
  • Best European New Director: Gabriel Zéro - La Verité si tu bandes!, Lucy
  • Best American Director: Michael Ninn, Ritual Blue One
  • Best European Director: Fred Coppula - L'Emmerdeuse, Blue One
  • AVN d'Or - Best European Release in the US: Then Rocco Meats Kelly 2 - Rocco Siffredi & Evil Angel
  • Best DVD: La Ruée Vers Laure - VMD
  • Platinum Movie (Editors' Choice): Machos - Blue One
  • Best French Movie: Middle Budget La Soirée des Connes Patrice Cabanel, JTC
  • Best American Movie: Ritual - Michael Ninn, Blue One
  • Best European Movie: L'Emmerdeuse - Fred Coppula, Blue One[15]
10th Annual Hot d'Or (2001)

Award winners:

11th Hot d'Or (2009) for the 20th Anniversary of Hot Video magazine

The complete list of winners follows:[1]

Honorary Awards:[15]


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