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Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai
IIT Bhilai Logo
ChairmanR Subrahmanyam[1]
DirectorRajat Moona
Location, ,

The Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai,Chattisgarh (IIT Bhilai) is a public institute located in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India. It is one of the six new IITs established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, located in Chhattisgarh state. The institute formally came into existence in July 2016 with the influx of the first batch of students on 25 July 2016.

Until the infrastructure and permanent campus is ready, the institute will function temporarily at the campus of the Government Engineering College Raipur. This temporary campus of IIT Bhilai is located in Sejbahar area on Old Dhamtari Road in Raipur. Four storied Block-B of the GEC building has been fully renovated and furnished for IIT Bhilai.[3] The temporary campus is about 10 km from the main city of Raipur and is well connected through public transport facilities to the railway station, airport and the city.

The Chhattisgarh Government has allotted 445 acres of land around Kutelabhata and Sirsa Khurd villages of Durg district for the new IIT campus. The location is about 6 Km from the Durg Junction Railway station and about 54 Km from Raipur Airport at Mana, Raipur.



IIT Bhilai is offers four-year B.Tech., two-year M.Sc., two-year M.Tech and PhD degree programs. BTech and MTech program is offered in the following disciplines.

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

MSc program is offered in the following disciplines.

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics and Computing
  • Physics

PhD program is offered in the following disciplines.

  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Liberal Art
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics


Transit campus[edit]

Aerial view of the academic block at the transit campus

Presently, IIT Bhilai is functioning from its transit campus at Government Engineering College (GEC) Raipur. The transit campus of IIT Bhilai situated on Old Dhamtari Road in Raipur has been successfully operational since 2016. Four storied Block-B of GEC Raipur building has been furnished for academic activities at IIT Bhilai. Apart from this, IIT Bhilai has its own hostels for boys and girls provided by GEC Raipur in the campus. The transit campus is about 10 Km from the main city of Raipur and is well connected through public transport to the Railway station, Airport and Raipur City.

●     Airport: Swami Vivekananda Airport in Mana is about 15 km from the transit campus.

●     Train: Raipur Junction railway station is about 13 km from the transit campus.

●     Bus: Inter-state and inter-city bus terminal at Pandri in Raipur is about 12 km from the transit campus.

Permanent campus[edit]

The permanent campus is expected to come up in Bhilai, Durg district of Chhattisgarh.[speculation?] IIT Bhilai will be situated in the village of Kutelabatta and Sirsa Khurd, Bhilai in approximately 447 acres of land near the Shivnath river, adjoining the steel city of Bhilai.[citation needed] The proposed campus is expected to be equipped with infrastructure to accommodate 2500 students in the first phase.[citation needed][speculation?]


The transit campus has facilities and amenities for sustaining the research needs of the academia as well as nurturing the extra-curricular activities undertaken by the students.[citation needed][tone]

The Institute has two high speed Internet links provided by National Knowledge Network and BSNL respectively. IIT Bhilai is a part of National Knowledge Network (NKN) under which all the national level institutes are connected via the high-speed fibre network. The hostels are connected through campus-wide LAN and provide WiFi links to students to use. Entire campus of IIT Bhilai is WiFi enabled and students can use the network seamlessly across various facilities.[citation needed][tone]

The academic building houses the central library, various laboratories and workshops which are equipped with state of the art apparatus.[citation needed]

Chemistry Lab at IIT Bhilai


There are four laboratories – Computer Centre, Electrical Lab, Physics lab and a Chemistry lab.

The Institute has two computer laboratories. The labs have a total of 64 Dell OptiPlex 9020 MT Desktops with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disks, and six Dell PowerEdge R 630 servers.[citation needed]

IIT Bhilai has its computer centre ITIS that stands for – Information Technologies Infrastructure and Services to support the academics affairs and administration at the institute. It is known as the "NUCLEUS" of IIT Bhilai. ITIS provides gigabit network connectivity to the entire campus.[citation needed] ITIS ensures seamless[tone] functioning of all the IT related functions like Network Connectivity and Internet, computer labs, LDAP, conferencing, email services, Technical support, Smart ID Card bio-metric services, and VoIP.[citation needed]

Chemistry lab apparatus includes a vortex mixer, rotary evaporator, UV ozone cleaner and so on.[citation needed] The lab also supports fume extractors which restore the air purity and hence limit the exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapours or dust.[citation needed]


The Digital Fabrication Lab at IIT Bhilai

Workshops have been set up in the main building which support prototyping and building of various projects undertaken by both undergraduate as well as post-graduate students. The workshops play an integral role in the curriculum by providing hands-on training to the students. These workshops have served as incubation centres for the first automobile car developed by the students of the mechanical engineering department.

  • Digital Fabrication Lab Equipped with 3D printers and 3D scanners, the Digital fabrication lab caters to the needs of rapid prototyping of plastic parts for various projects. The students learn the basics of designing in the freshman year by courtesy of a course on 3D printing which introduces CAD modelling and gradually builds up to having the students make their own 3D printed projects.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) Lab The lab provides hands on training of various manufacturing processes. Prioritising the safety of the students, the training is carried out using table-top machinery and cold-casting in lieu of the traditional methods. The students are introduced to various machinery including Laser cutters, CNCs and Lathes.

Student Activities[edit]

Apart from the academics, the student life at IIT Bhilai various includes extra-curricular activities which are held by various student clubs.[citation needed] From hackathons to cultural events, all are managed by student bodies. In support of various social causes, the students also volunteer for different activities under the National Service Scheme.[citation needed] Regular drives of Swachh Bharat Mission are carried out within the campus as well as around it. The students are also involved in teaching drives which cover the neighbouring schools in the villages.[citation needed]

A dance performance during MERAZ 2018

Council of Student Affairs (CoSA)[edit]

The Council of Student Affairs (CoSA) was established in 2018. The CoSA is an extension of the student gymkhana system - which was in place during the academic year 2017-18. The CoSA is a canopy for two parallel bodies – The Student Gymkhana (responsible for managing cultural, technical, sports and outreach activities) and the Students’ Senate (manages academic concerns). The bodies consist of elected student representatives from both UG as well as PG levels and are guided by the faculty members. The President heads the CoSA. The Student Gymkhana and the Students’ Senate further consists of elected students representing various spheres of concern such as cultural (music, dance, art, drama), sports, academics and so on. In 2018, the elections to the above posts were carried out using Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and a cent percent voting attendance was recorded.

MERAZ (Techno-Cultural Fest)[edit]

Within a couple of years since its inception, IIT Bhilai conducted its first major annual technical and cultural festival – Meraz. The fest was held in October 2018 over a span of 3 days and featured events and performances by various professionals from both – the Technical and as well as the Entertainment industry. With an attendance of over a thousand students from all across the state, Meraz brought in a huge influx of technical as well as cultural diversity.

The IIT Bhilai Motorsports team in Enduro Student India 2019

IIT Bhilai Motorsports[edit]

IIT Bhilai Motorsports is a student team as a part of Motorsports Club from Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai. The Club being established in 2017, consists of 60+ members targeting to design and fabricate ATV to compete in national level all terrain vehicle events.

IIT Bhilai Motorsports made its debut at Enduro Student India (ESI) 2019, being the only 3rd gen IIT to participate in this competition. The team successfully cleared technical inspections based on design, engine check and brake check test in static events. In dynamics, the team actively participated in all the events - DirtX, Sprint, Acceleration & Manoeuvrability as well as Endurance race.

A team of 17 members represented IIT Bhilai Motorsports at Pune in the competition along with more than 70 other teams.

Sports Activities[edit]

Apart from the technical laboratories, the transit campus also offers the students an opportunity to practice various sports. Floodlight enabled football ground, volleyball court, basketball court and indoor badminton courts serve as the focal point of sports development in IIT Bhilai.

  • Prayatna is a multi-sport, intra-institute event held annually during the winter semester. It was started in 2018 with the motive of encouraging sports as an integral part of one’s holistic development. Prayatna spans over two and a half months featuring 5 to 6 teams competing in various indoor and outdoor games.  
  • Inter-IIT Sports Meet IIT Bhilai has been an active participant in the prestigious Inter-IIT games, sending its contingent from the first year itself to the Inter-IIT Sports Meet 2016. In 2017 the institute grabbed its first major trophy by winning the Inter-IIT Impact League.

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