Irish Anti-War Movement

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Irish Anti-War Movement
Type NGO
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Richard Boyd Barrett

The Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) is a left-wing[citation needed] organisation.


It campaigns against the Iraq War. It campaigns against the use of Shannon Airport by the United States Armed Forces.[1]

A number of rifts occurred, most damagingly in 2004 when PRO (and chairperson of the Cork Anti-War Campaign) Dr. Fintan Lane resigned. This caused a number of groups and members to leave the organisation.[2]

The IAWM was affiliated with the Campaign Against an EU Constitution, which campaigned against the Lisbon Treaty and its predecessor the EU Constitution.[3]

Recent work includes campaigns against the Sri Lankan Civil War and the Gaza War.

It objected to the 2015 visit of Prince Charles to the west of Ireland on the basis of his links to the arms tarde.[4][5]


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