Islamic Emirate of Waziristan

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Location of North and South Waziristan (green).

The Islamic Emirate of Waziristan (Urdu: اسلامی امارات وزیرستان‎)[citation needed] is a rebel organization, in Waziristan that some commentators claim gained de facto recognition from the Government of Pakistan when it was named as party to the Waziristan Accord, the agreement reached between Islamabad and local tribesmen to end the undeclared Waziristan War on 5 September 2006.[1][2] [1]


The Islamic militants in Waziristan are said to have close affiliations with the Taliban. Waziristan is often mentioned as a haven for al-Qaeda fighters. There is speculation that some al-Qaeda leaders have found refuge in the area controlled by the Emirate, which is a staging ground for militant operations in Afghanistan.[3]

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