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Itwari is a railway station, junction & terminus about 5 km from Nagpur Railway Station in Maharashtra state of India.[1]

A few trains also terminate at this station. It is also a narrow gauge line railway junction. The station code is ITR and is managed by South East Central Railway. One of the long distance train which starts from and terminates at Itwari instead of Nagpur is Itwari-Tatanagar passenger. Itwari is among the five small stations which falls within the extended city limits of Nagpur along with Ajni, Kalamna, Kamptee and Khapri.

One of the few existing narrow gauge lines of the Satpura narrow gauge lines, the Nainpur-Chhindwara-Itwari line terminates here.[2]

Further, the area around Itwari railway station is also a known as Itwari Locality of Nagpur.


  1. ^ - Itwari Station Itwari Railway Station is managed by the South East Central Railways. It is located 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from Nagpur. Durg-Nagpur Passenger, Ramtek-Nagpur Passenger, Nagpur-Gondiya Passenger and Nagpur-Chakradharpur Passenger pass through Itwari.
  2. ^ Narrow gauge line Nainpur - Chhindwara - Itwari

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