Iyive language

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Native toCameroon, Nigeria
RegionSouth West(s) within the above country(s)
EthnicityNdir defined by the language
Native speakers
2,000 (1996)[1]
Official status
Official language in
Cameroon, Nigeria
Regulated byLanguage Academy
Language codes
ISO 639-3uiv Iyive
Glottologiyiv1238  Iyive[2]
Zone A[3]

Iyive, also referred to as Uive, Yiive, Ndir, Asumbos, is a severely endangered Bantoid language spoken in Nigeria and Cameroon.[4] The ethnic group defined by use of this language is the Ndir.[5][6][7]

General information[edit]

Iyive is an indigenous Tivoid language of the Cameroons close to Tiv proper.[8][9] It is spoken in the Southwest Region in the Manyu division, northeast of Akwaya town on the Nigeria border, Yive village.[10] Although they live in Cameroon, the majority of Iyive’s linguistic population has been forced to relocate to Nigeria due to conflict.[11]

Official status[edit]

Iyive is severely endangered and has been classified as moribund as the language is only spoken by the older generation of Ndir and not passed down to younger generations.[12][13] Iyive is not supported by any government bodies or institutions.[14]

Writing system[edit]

Iyive is written using Latin script.[15]

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External links[edit]

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