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Jhangvi (جھنگوی), Jhangochi (جھنگوچی) or Rachnavi(رچناوی) is a dialect of Pakistan that is intermediate between standard Punjabi and Saraiki.[1] Its name is derived from Jhang.[2] It is spoken throughout a widespread area, starting from Khanewal to Jhang District at either end of Ravi and Chenab. [3]

Jhangi's sound inventory includes implosive consonants, but unlike in Saraiki these do not have phonemic status, as they do not contrast with plain voiced consonants.[4] The implosives are also more common than in Saraiki, and their set contains the unusual for the area dental implosive (/ɗ̪/), which contrasts with the regular retroflex implosive /ᶑ/.[5][6]

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