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For the class of ferries formerly operating in Sydney, see Sydney JetCats.

JetCat was a comic book series created by Jay Stephens (of Tutenstein and The Secret Saturdays fame).[1] The series is about a young girl named Melanie Ilk who becomes a feline superhero named JetCat in which she flies like a jet and fights like a cat. The comic book later spun off into four animated shorts that aired in the third and final season of Nickelodeon's KaBlam!.[2] The character by the name of Tutenstein was later used for Stephen's cartoon series of the same name that lasted from 2003 through 2008.[2] The shorts were managed by PorchLight Entertainment. It was nominated to Annie Award.[3]


  • Melanie Ilk: A human mutant who goes to elementary school with the alias "Melanie McCay" and is best friends with Tod Johnson who transforms into a feline superhero named JetCat. In the KaBlam shorts, her real name is Melanie McCay and is voiced by Ashley Michelle.
  • Tod Johnson: Melanie's best friend who threatened to tell everyone about her Jetcat identity. In the KaBlam shorts, he is voiced by Grady Larkin.
  • Two Fists Five: A superhero team that helped JetCat and her crimes in Oddville.
  • Jumbo Head: A cartoon mascot of a cartoon series that both Melanie and Tod adore. A live-action movie was spun off in the last Kablam short but Melanie didn't think the actor would be Jumbo-Head to her.


  • Vicky Von Verman: A spider with an Eastern European accent who planned to transform JetCat into a mutant moth when drinking the milk but Tod drank it instead.
  • Bella Kiss: A Frankenstein creature who was teased a lot in his childhood and speaks in a Transylvanian accent. He also seems to own hyenas as pets. He is voiced by Paul Otis in the Kablam shorts.
  • Moby Doc: A mad whale/human hybrid scientist that tried to steal the water from the Wetpark and all of Oddville but was thawed out by JetCat. He claims to be endangered.


  • Sacred Identity: The first JetCat animated short that aired on KaBlam! on September 1998. This episode features Tod finding out Melanie's alias as JetCat and threatens to squeal unless she does everything he says. The short was originally supposed to feature the Two Fists Five but they were cut at the last minute for time limits despite having the final vocal tracks.
  • PROJECT - EVIL: The second JetCat animated short that aired on KaBlam! on September 1998. In this episode, Melanie refuses to reveal her secrets to Tod on JetCat for his report so Tod meets Bella Kiss and decides to write a report on a super villain but Bella Kiss demands Tod to tell him about JetCat's secrets which Tod had advertised in order to contact him.
  • Lunchtime: The third JetCat animated short which aired in 1999. The short focuses on JetCat trying to stop a whale/human hybrid scientist named Moby Dock from swiping all the water in Oddville during her lunchtime. Tod is also protecting Melanie's mother's homemade chocolate chip cookies from any trouble while she fights crime. It aired in the KaBlam banned episode "Timeless".
  • I Was a Grade School Weremoth: The final JetCat animated short on January 2000 before KaBlam! was cancelled shortly after. This short aired at the second-to-final episode of KaBlam. The short is about Vicky Von Verman accidentally turning Tod into a weremoth.


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