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Not to be confused with Pacific Magazine.
This article is about the magazine publisher that published "TV Hits". For the Australian subscription television channel, see TV Hits (Australian TV channel).
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Pacific Magazines is a magazine publisher operating in Australia and New Zealand, owned by Seven West Media. It has it roots in the Southdown Press, the publishers of New Idea and long owned by the Murdoch family. When News Limited acquired the Herald and Weekly Times in 1987, the Australasian and Argus titles (Australasian Post, Home Beautiful, Your Garden) were added.

Rupert Murdoch spun off his Australian magazine holdings in 1991 into a new company, Pacific Magazines and Printing (PMP). Seven Media Group acquired Pacific Magazines in 2002, leaving PMP as solely a printing business. Two years later, Seven bought Murdoch Magazines, a former corporate sibling in News Limited, from Matt Handbury.[1]


  • Better Homes and Gardens, a monthly home/lifestyle magazine.
  • Bride to Be, a bridal magazine
  • Diabetic Living, a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine aimed at people suffering from diabetes.
  • Family Circle, a women's magazine aimed at mothers.
  • Famous, a weekly celebrity tabloid magazine. (print edition ceased publication 2016)
  • Feast, a monthly magazine in partnership with SBS Food (ceased publication in 2015)
  • Girlfriend, a monthly magazine for teenage girls.
  • Home Beautiful, a monthly home decorating magazine.
  • K-Zone, a monthly children's magazine dealing with toys, gaming, anime, sport and entertainment.
  • Marie Claire, a monthly women's fashion magazine.
  • Men's Health, a monthly men's lifestyle magazine.
  • Monument, a bi-monthly architecture and design magazine. (ceased publication in 2013)
  • New Idea, a weekly women's magazine.
  • Practical Parenting, a monthly parenting magazine.
  • Prevention, a monthly healthy lifestyle magazine for women over 40.
  • That's Life!, a weekly lifestyle magazine.
  • Total Girl, a monthly magazine for preteen girls.
  • TV Hits, a monthly entertainment magazine for teenagers. (ceased publication as of last issue 2010)
  • InStyle, a monthly fashion, lifestyle and entertainment magazine.
  • Who, a weekly celebrity magazine, sister to the United States weekly People.
  • Women's Health, a monthly women's lifestyle magazine.
  • Your Garden, a quarterly gardening magazine.


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