KFC Skin Piles

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KFC Skin Piles
Kfc skin piles cover.jpg
EP by Buckethead
Released 2001
Genre Experimental rock
Length 23:44
Label Gonervill
Producer Extrakd, Bryan "Brain" Mantia, Buckethead
Buckethead chronology
Monsters and Robots
KFC Skin Piles
Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse

KFC Skin Piles is the first, and so far only Extended Play released by Buckethead with the help of Extrakd and Bryan "Brain" Mantia featuring quotes, movie samples (mainly taken from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), guitar shards, and beats. It was made for DJs as a scratch and remix tool, which is why the album was never released on CD. It is currently out of print and a collector's item.[citation needed]

"A1" features samples from Michael Jackson's "Thriller." "B2" begins with a rendition of the song "Pirate's Life for Me" previously featured on Buckethead's solo album Giant Robot and his demo tape Bucketheadland Blueprints.


The cover of the EP shows a big picture of "Giant Robot" from the series Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (as did Giant Robot's debut before) and includes KFC related reminiscences. [1] The backside of the sleeve arranges a bunch of screenshots mainly from the series around a picture of Buckethead playing his custom-made Jackson doubleneck half guitar, half bass.

Track listing[edit]

The EP does not contain any track indication.

Side 1

No. Title Length
1. "A1" 3:57
2. "A2" 5:43
3. "A3" 0:49
4. "A4" 3:04

Side 2

No. Title Length
1. "B1" 2:27
2. "B2" 1:03
3. "B3" 4:28
4. "B4" 1:03
5. "B5" 2:46



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