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Kim von Lahnstein
Nicole Mieth as Kim von Lahnstein
Verbotene Liebe character
Portrayed by Lisa Tomaschewsky
Nicole Mieth
Duration 2011-2015
First appearance Episode 3820
April 13, 2011
Last appearance Episode 4664
26 June 2015
Created by Julia Meimberg
Other names Kim Wolf
Occupation Trend Scout at Ligne Clarisse Lahnstein
Residence Schloss Königsbrunn
Düsseldorf, Germany
Lisa Tomaschewsky as Kim Wolf (2011)

Kimberly "Kim" von Lahnstein (adopted Wolf, married Sanchez) is a fictional character of the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). Lisa Tomaschewsky introduced the role on April 13, 2011, but was eventually recast with actress Nicole Mieth, who took over the part on May 10, 2011.[1]


The character of Kim is introduced as a rebellious teen and third daughter of Viktoria and Thomas Wolf. While her sister Marlene Wolf is orientated on her career and married into the Lahnstein dynasty, Dana seems to be more native like her father Thomas. When Kim comes to Düsseldorf she's soon brought into the lives of the Lahnsteins and has a natural enthusiasm for their world. As she meets Ansgar von Lahnstein, Kim starts to look up to him, which causes more problems with her mother Viktoria. Kim also forms a friendship with Ansgar's cousin Rebecca - not knowing that she's one member of the family she's getting so close with.


The Secret[edit]

Kim is introduced as the youngest daughter of Viktoria and Thomas Wolf. She appears to be a little trouble maker as she soon becomes friends with Rebecca von Lahnstein and is after the same glamorous lifestyle as the young countess. After Kim had no interest in finishing school, she eventually takes a job as a placement student at Lahnstein Enterprises and finds a rival in Jessica Stiehl for the job as personal assistant of Tanja von Lahnstein. With her contacts to the Lahnstein family, Kim soon becomes interested in Ansgar von Lahnstein. She looks up to him and Ansgar seems to see something in Kim. As he tries to use her in his vendetta against his ex-wife Tanja, Kim shows that she isn't manipulable. Ansgar is impressed and helps Kim as she's caught with stolen clothes. Viktoria and Thomas find out about the friendship Kim is having with Ansgar and they are both afraid that it could lead to something more. Specially Viktoria wants to stop Ansgar's contact to Kim and has a talk with him because, unknown to everyone, she is deathly afraid of an old secret coming out.

As Ansgar is setting the Lahnstein forests on fire to destroy Lahnstein Enterprises, Kim is hiding in the woods after a fight with Viktoria. The Lahnsteins try to help Thomas rescue Kim from the fire, but they return to Viktoria without her. As Viktoria begins to believe that her daughter is dead, Ansgar rescues Kim and brings her out of the burning forest. She starts to develop a crush on Ansgar, which much to Viktoria's concern brings them closer together. Kim can bring Ansgar to help her learn a few tricks to survive in the hard world of business and fight her rival Jessica. Ansgar's softer side impresses Kim and when she learns that he has become a father again, but isn't allowed to see his son, Kim not only comforts him, but also defends him against Tanja, which ends up costing Kim her job as an assistant. Out of a lie she told her parents, Kim then gets a job as Ansgar's personal assistant.

They start to grow even closer and soon end up sharing a kiss when a shocked Viktoria walks in on them together along with Thomas. The duo want to stop Kim from seeing Ansgar, sending her to boarding school. Despite this, Kim, after the kiss, believes that she and Ansgar are really in love with each other and wants him to run away with her. Ansgar realizes that he has gone too far and tells Kim that he really likes her, but that's all. Hurt and alone, Kim decides to skip town and decides to visit a friend for a while.

Viktoria suffers under the bad relationship to her daughter and tries to apologize to Kim for the boarding school idea. Thomas and Viktoria soon learn that Kim spent only a short visit with her friend and is now missing. Viktoria asks Ansgar for help, who admits that Kim wanted to run away with him. Thomas and Viktoria get the shock of their lives, when the police are calling about a dead teenage girl who has committed suicide and fits the description of Kim. Even though the girl turns out not to be Kim, Viktoria and Thomas are very concerned about their daughter. As Thomas is willing to even deal with Ansgar's relationship with Kim, Viktoria has to leave to hold herself together. Elisabeth von Lahnstein finds her in tears and Viktoria lets her in on her darkest secret and gives her the reason why Kim can't love Ansgar - because he's her father. She confesses that she once had a one-night stand with Ansgar and, as a result, he is Kim's biological father. [2]

Dealing with two fathers[edit]

Fear generates in Kim that Thomas' feelings for her are no longer made of honesty, and then leaves the first tentative approach to Ansgar after a long time. While Ansgar is pleased with the new proximity to Kim, Thomas - who has seen them together - fears that he loses Kim to Ansgar now. After a dispute between Kim and Thomas, Thomas holds Ansgar accountable, while Kim regrets to probably be forced to choose one of the fathers. But to her surprise Thomas declares her that she can go through life with two fathers. In order to not completely lose Kim, he is willing to tolerate Ansgar beside him. Meanwhile, Kim has found a job as promoter and attempts to market newspaper subscriptions. When she is almost thrown out of the "Schneiders", Ansgar renews his offer: If Kim is looking for a job, she can be his assistant. Kim accepts the offer as Thomas gives his go-ahead to Kim. Thomas and Victoria manage to unsettle Kim regarding Ansgar: Are her new father's financial and power interests in reality the only reasons for his behaviour, for Kim receives a voice as a new board member of the Lahnstein committee, which Ansgar wants to use for his own purposes? While Thomas and Victoria struggle to keep their own family alive for Kim's sake, Kim believes that the Wolfs no longer accept her as a family member. She struggles to further reach out to Ansgar. But Ansgar disappoints Kim yet again: rather than getting to know each other better, Ansgar flies indefinitely on a business trip and leaves a disappointed Kim behind.

Ansgar asks his sister Nico von Lahnstein to take care of Kim during his absence. When the opportunity arises, ventures a step forward to Kim and invites her to Castle Königsbrunn. Kim accepts the invitation, and the two become closer due to their similar family history. To become better acquainted with her new Lahnstein-relatives besides Nico, Kim spends a day at the castle. Kim wonders if she's right in this world, and if she does not betray her own family by living in the Lahnstein's spheres. But Kim soon takes a liking to the possibilities at the castle and enjoys to be caressed by the Lahnsteins. After Marlene is raped by Alexander Rheinsberg, the Wolfs are shaken by the devastating family crisis. Kim suffers a panic attack in an entirely harmless situation and can barely contain her own fears of rape. Kim realises how much Marlene's secrecy haunts her and isolates her in her everyday surroundings. She can no longer withstand the pressure and eventually makes Ansgar privy about Marlene's rape and the intolerable situation at home. Honestly affected, Ansgar allows Kim to participate in the Lahnstein's pre-Christmas family life in order to gain new courage. Thomas, reacting initially less than enthusiastic to this new development, however, understands that Kim needs a break and accepts her desire to move to the castle for some time.