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Thekkepuram is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 11°14′34″N 75°46′45″E / 11.242894°N 75.779271°E / 11.242894; 75.779271Coordinates: 11°14′34″N 75°46′45″E / 11.242894°N 75.779271°E / 11.242894; 75.779271
Country  India
State Kerala
District Kozhikode
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration KL-

Thekkepuram is a quarter located inside the city of Kozhikode in the Indian state of Kerala. Its approximate boundaries are the Arabian Sea on the West, the Kallai river on the South, Vellayil(a fishing village) on the North, and the Kozhikode town on the East.[1]

The Kallai river flows through the south side of Thekkepuram. An iron railway bridge constructed across the river was built by the British, and later renovated by Indian railways. There is a large pool called Kuttichira, which attracts many visitors. Thekkepuram also houses some of the largest and oldest Tharavadus, which are traditional joint family houses. Many of these houses have more than 20 rooms and some of them are even equipped with swimming pools.

Two ancient mosques, Muchundi Mosque and Mishkal Mosque are used as private places of worship. The Big Bazar, one of the oldest and biggest trading lanes in Malabar is located here. Thekkepuram beach and the Port Light House are easily accessible from this place.


Most of the inhabitants in Thekkepuram are Muslims, mostly belonging to the Koya subdivision of Mappila community of Kerala. They follow a unique marriage and joint family system in this area: women continue to live in their ancestral home after marriage and their puthiaplas (husbands) move in. For every marriage in the family, a room is added to the house. The newly added room is called Maniyara(wedlock room). Some houses here have more than six added rooms to accommodate the multiple weddings.

Historically, Koyas were traders and have a near monopoly in the big bazaar of Kozhikode. More than 20% of the inhabitants are working abroad(mainly in the Middle-East) and their remittances play a big part in the local economy.

Places of interest[edit]

Mishkal Mosque located here is one of the oldest mosques in Kerala and was built by a rich Arab businessman named Nakhooda Mishkal, nearly 650 years ago.[2][3] There are many examples of mosque architecture along the Kuttichira "Kolam" (pond). Tagged the "Juma Masjid" series, these masjids depict the lifestyle and culture of early inhabitants of the place. The masterpieces of local sculptors can be found in the interiors of the "Tharavadus" and mosques.

Culture and cuisine[edit]

Unlike other Muslim pockets in Kerala, here two Qazis supervise the religious jurisdiction and ceremonies. Qazis had a special place in the durbar of the King of Kozhikode known as Zamorin, with one — Nasarudheen Abdul Azeez — serving as a defence adviser during the battle with the Portuguese.[4]


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