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Nadapuram Bus stand.jpg
Coordinates: 11°42′0″N 75°40′0″E / 11.70000°N 75.66667°E / 11.70000; 75.66667Coordinates: 11°42′0″N 75°40′0″E / 11.70000°N 75.66667°E / 11.70000; 75.66667
Country  India
State Kerala
District Kozhikode
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 673504
Telephone code 0496
Vehicle registration KL 18
Nearest city Vatakara
Lok Sabha constituency Vatakara
Shiva temple, Nadapuram

Nadapuram is a special grade Panchayath, coming under Nadapuram assembly constituency. It is in North Malabar region of Kerala, India.


Nadapuram won the best panchayat award of Kozhikode district seven consecutive years under the leadership of president, Sooppy Narikkatteri. The Panchayat got many awards including central and state awards and first ISO certified Panchayat in the state. In 2015, the panchayath administration bagged the best performing Grama Panchayath award at state level and all India level among more than 265000 grama panchayaths in India.,[1][2]


The population is around 40,000. Hindu and Mappilas (Muslims) are major religions. Kallachi and Chelakkad is another main town in Nadapuram where the Panchayath Headquarters is located. Most of the people are working outside India, particularly in the Persian Gulf area. The main income of the locality is based on these NRIs. Nadapuram is greatly influenced by the luxuries of Gulf regions. One can find magnificent houses with modern facilities, which reflect the wealth of the local people.


In history Nadapuram was the place which lies in between Kuttipuram Kovilakam and Kadathanad palace. The derivation of the name Nadapuram is widely known through 2 names like Nagapuram and Nadapuram (land of Music). Nadapuram is the place which is well known as part of the ballad of Kadathanad is known all over kerala. This land witnessed the padayottam of Thacholi Othenan and Unniyarcha in older times. Art forms like Dafmuttu, Aravanamuttu, Poorakkali and Kolkkali were nourished in this place.

In his book “Malayala Rajyam Charithrathodu Chernna Bhoomisathram” Hermen Gundert states about Nadapuram as the place which is two miles north east to Kuttipuram and there is a Mazjid and a market mainly concentrated on Pepper business.

Kuttipuram was part of the famous Kurumbanad Taluk and was famous for its martial arts. Now the remnant of Kuttipuram Kovilakam is only a pond with dilapidated pavement and covered with waterweed. Unniyarcha defeated ‘Jonakans’ using a wet cloth dipped in this pond.

In the older times Nadapuram was well known for its secular nature and was famous as a centre for Islamic teaching. Significant marks for its secularism can be noted from this place like Kallachi where the Kallachi Avolam road is named in the name of the Great ruler Tipu Sulthan.

Nadapuram has also the awaking as part of National movement. The urge for freedom made a group of people led by Sri. Appukurup to try to make an explosion at the Nadapuram Munsif court using bomb which was under the then British rulers. The Nadapuram Munsif court was formed in the year 1910 Nadapuram has a lot of freedom fighting saga by donating its freedom warriors like Sri Rairukurup, P Krishinan Nambiar, Edavalath Kanaran master and Chingonth Kunhiraman Nair for the fight they had made for their country and made their land proud.


Nadapuram assembly constituency is part of Vatakara Lok Sabha constituency.[3] In the election held in 2011 Mr. Binoy Viswom was succeeded by Mr. E.K Vijayan as the MLA of Nadapuram.

Nadapuram Panchayath
President MLA MP

Nadapuram is notorious for both political and communal clashes between CPI(M) and IUML activists[citation needed]. Elections are often followed by party-based violence.

Places of worship[edit]

  • Sree Manikanda Kshetram Kakkamvelly
  • Thuneri Sree Vettakkorumakan Temple
  • Cheruvalathu Kuttichathan Temple (Theruvan Parambu)
  • Thrikkalloor Mahavishnu Kshethram Kakkamvelly
  • Vishnumangalam Maha Vishnu Kshethram
  • koovakkadu Siva kshethram
  • Pattare sree paradevatha kshethram
  • Nadapuram puthiyatheru Siva Kshethram
  • Chalapuram Kulasseri Siva kshethram
  • Unnamnadu bagavathi kavu
  • Narikkatteri mahasudarsana temple
  • Nadapuram Juma Masjid
  • Sirajul Huda Masjid Nadapuram
  • Aboobacker Sidhique Masjid Cheeroth
  • Modakkara Big Juma Masjid
  • Karyat Sree Ayyappa Temple Vanimal

@ Thattath Masjid, Kasthoorikulam, Nadapuram @ Chakkarapurath Masjid, Kasthoorikulam, nadapuram @ Ibrahim Khaleel masjid, Nadapuram @ Undil srambi Masjid, Kallachi @ Pulikool Juma masjid, Nadapuram @ Cheeroth masjid, Eyyankode @ othiyil masjid, Vishnumangalam @ Kallachi town Juma masjid, Kallachi @ Chiyoor Juma Masjid & Masjidu Sabbah

Educational Organizations[edit]

There are many schools in Nadapuram including state syllabus and CBSE syllabus. Nadapuram town and bus stand can be found crowded with school/college students. The list of schools can be found in Educational institutions in vatakara. In May 2014 a prestigious indoor stadium is inaugurated at Nadapuram.[4]

Cuisine of Nadapuram[edit]

The people of Nadapuram is blessed with an exemplary culinary art. There are different kinds of food during different seasons/times of the year.

  • During the month of Karakadakam (Monsoon season) people prepare Karkadakanji. It is a porridge made of lentils, wheat, rice, fenugreek, cumin and many other natural ingredients, which protects from monsoon based diseases.
  • In the month of Ramadan, restaurants and bakeries are displayed with mouth-watering snacks and appetizers for Iftar. This include Pazhampori, Kallummakkaya, Unnakkayi, spring rolls, puffs, Samosas, Pakora, Parippuvada, Cutlet, Falooda, Egg fry and many more. After Iftar people disperse for prayer and continue with the Main Course. It includes Ottu pathil (Tyre Pathil) & chicken curry, Pathiri, Hareesh (locally called Aleesa), Kunjippathil, Neypathil, Ada, Masalapathil, Macaroni, Koyakatta etc.


Nadapuram town is 59 km away from Kozhikode City, The nearest Railway station is Vatakara (14 km) and Airport is at Karipur. SH38 (Aka - Airport Road) Passes through Nadapuram. Thalassery(21 km) and Kuttiady(13 km) are the other major towns nearby. Nadapuram village connects to other parts of India through Vatakara city on the west and Kuttiady town on the east. National highway No.66 passes through Vatakara and the northern stretch connects to Goa and Mumbai. The southern stretch connects to Cochin and Trivandrum. The eastern Highway going through Kuttiady connects to Mananthavady, Mysore and Bangalore. The nearest airports are at Kannur and Kozhikode. The nearest railway station is at Vatakara.

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