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Iberian languages is a generic term for the languages currently or formerly spoken in the Iberian Peninsula.

Historic languages[edit]

Pre-Roman languages[edit]

Pre-Roman languages of Iberia circa 300 BC

The following languages were spoken in the Iberian Peninsula before the Roman occupation and the spread of the Latin language.

Medieval languages[edit]

The following languages were spoken in the Iberian Peninsula in medieval times, following the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Modern languages[edit]

The following indigenous languages are currently spoken in the Iberian Peninsula.

By linguistic group[edit]

Languages of the Iberian Peninsula (simplified).

By country[edit]

Usage of co-official languages in Spain[edit]

Map of co-official languages in Spain
Speakers of official languages in the Spanish autonomous communities
(as a % of each region's population)
Autonomous community Co-official languages Co-official language speakers
Balearic Islands (2011)[4] Catalan 71.5%
Basque Country (2011)[5] Basque 32.0%
Catalonia (2011)[4] Catalan 80.9%
Galicia (2007)[6] Galician 89.3%
Navarre (2011)[5] Basque 11.7%
Valencian Community (2011)[4] Valencian (Catalan) 58.4%
Asturias[7] Asturian language 42.0%

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