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Lego Racers
Lego Racers logo.svg
Sub‑themesTiny Turbos
Power Slammers
Speed Racer
Power Racers
Faster and the Furious
Availability2001 (Name first seen, but was as early as 1975)–2012
Total setsmore than 30
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Lego Racers was a product line (or theme) of the construction toy Lego. The range was first introduced in 1975 with a Formula 1 car model.[1] However, the brand only really started to become a core theme in 2001, with the release of a series of mini racecars. Made from only a small number of large bricks, these toys were designed more as racing car toys than a construction toy, and included a launcher element (which doubled up as a storage container) that could be used to propel the vehicles.

Over time, the theme has developed, bringing it more in line with the style of other Lego products, whilst still encouraging a racing form of gameplay. The theme has also included licensed models of real-life high-speed cars, such as a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Ferrari FXX.

This product line was discontinued in 2012, and later replaced by LEGO Speed Champions in 2015, with a similar logotype.

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