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In Greek mythology, the name Leonteus (Ancient Greek: Λεοντεύς) referred to the following individuals:

  1. Leonteus was also given in one source as father of Ixion.[1]
  2. Leonteus was the brother of Andraemon, who married Amphinome.
  3. Leonteus was a defender of Thebes against the Seven. He was slain by Hippomedon.[2]
  4. Leonteus, son of Coronus (the son of Caeneus) and Cleobule, was one of the commanders of the Lapiths during the Trojan War.[3][4] Together with his associate, Polypoetes (son of Pirithous), he led the soldiers from the Thessalian cities of Argissa, Gyrtone, Orthe, Elone and Oloosson.[5] He was credited with killing five people during the war.[6]


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