Liberalism in Taiwan

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This article gives an overview of liberalism in Taiwan (Republic of China). It is limited to liberal parties with substantial support, mainly proved by having had a representation in the Legislative Yuan (parliament).


The Democratic Progressive Party (Min-chu Chin-pu Tang, a member of LI, CALD) is a centrist social liberal party in Taiwan. The Taiwan Solidarity Union is a progressive party characterised primarily by its Taiwanese nationalism and derives its membership from both the Chinese Nationalist Party's former moderate and Taiwan-oriented fringe and DPP supporters disgruntled by the party's moderation on the question of Taiwanese sovereignty. Its liberal character is questionable, although it is part of the DPP's pro-Taiwan independence Pan-Green alliance. The New Power Party is a social-liberal and progressive party, who aims to rewrite the Constitution of Republic of China and to carry out Taiwanization.[1]

The modern liberal parties grew out of the Tangwai movement formed in the 1970s to oppose the ruling Kuomintang.

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