List of 3D printed weapons and parts

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This is a list of notable 3D printed weapons and parts. The table below lists noteworthy 3D printed weapons (mainly 3D printed firearms) and parts of weapons as well as items with a defense-related background. It includes 3D printed weapons and parts created using plastic producing printers as well as metal producing printers.

The Liberator .380 was the first 3D printed plastic gun made widely available online. It was a single shot pistol made using a Stratasys Dimension SST 3-D printer.[1][2]

The Solid Concepts replica of the M1911 pistol was the first 3D printed metal gun,[3] created using more than 38 printed parts;[4] It has successfully fired more than 5000 rounds without damaging the gun.[5]

List of weapons and parts[edit]


  Plastic -Weapon/Part used plastic 3D-printer

  Metal -Weapon/Part used metal 3D-printer

  Both -Weapon/Part uses both metal and plastic 3D-printers

Entire firearms
Name Date made public Type Process Designer Caliber
Monolith Arms P-12[6][7][8][9] 2005 Hybrid firearm: Pump action shotgun Empty Shell llc 12-gauge
  • Never publicly released
  • Horizonthal 20 round detachable magazine
Liberator .380[1][2] 2013-05May 2013[1][10][11] Primarily printed firearm: Pistol FDM[12] Defense Distributed[13] .380 ACP
  • A single shot .380 ACP pistol.[1][10][11]
  • Fully 3D printed including springs, requiring only a roofing nail
  • Notable as the first publicly released printed firearm design

Grizzly 2.0[15]

2013-08August 2013[14] Hybrid firearm: Rifle FDM w/ ABS "Matthew" (pseudonym)[14][15] .22 LR
Reprringer[2][16][17][18] 2013-09September 2013[16] Primarily printed firearm: Pepper-box revolver[2][16] FDM Hexen[16][17] .22 Short/.22 LR
  • It can hold 5 .22 caliber cartridges.[16][17]
  • Unlike the many early 3D-printed firearm designs, which were overbuilt in order to withstand the pressures and strain on the material from modern gunpowder cartridges, the Reprringer is small and only slightly larger than an equivalent gun made from steel.[16]
Solid Concepts 1911 DMLS[3] 2013-11November 2013[3] Weapon: Browning 1911 handgun[2][3] DMLS[3] Solid Concepts[2][3] .45 ACP
  • The gun is made up of 34 3D-printed components.[4]
  • Notable as the first fully metal 3D-printed firearm.
Zig Zag revolver[2][19] 2014-05May 2014[19] Primarily printed firearm: Revolver[2] FDM[2] Yoshitomo Imura[19] .38 Caliber
  • Named after the German Mauser Zig-Zag revolver.
  • Holds six cartridges and can fire .38 caliber bullets.[18]
Ruger Charger[20][21][22] 2014-07July 2014[21] Weapon: Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic pistol[21] FDM[23] "Buck-o-Fama" (pseudonym)[21] .22 LR
Imura Revolver[24][25][26] 2014-09September 2014[25] Primarily printed firearm: Revolver[24][25] FDM FOSSCAD members: WarFairy, Frostbyte and others[26] .38 Caliber
  • A double-action revolver[26] that holds six cartridges.[27]
  • While primarily made of plastic, it includes a steel barrel liner and chamber sleeves[26] to increase tensile strength.[28]
Reason[29] 2013-11October 2014 Weapon: M1911 pistol DMLS[30] Solid Concepts[31] 10mm Auto
  • Created roughly after a year the first known metal 3D printed gun was produced.[29]
  • Has the word "Reason" etched on it, along with an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence on the barrel.[30]
Shuty V2[32] 2015-05May 2015 Hybrid Firarm: Semi-automatic pistol FDM Derwood 9×19mm Parabellum
PM422 Songbird[33] June 13, 2015 Primarily printed firearm: Single shot pistol PDM w/ ABS JamesRPatrick .22 LR
  • Features a removable, printed barrel.
  • Hammer is powered by rubber bands or condoms.[34]
Washbear[35] 2015-09September 2015 Primarily printed firearm: Pepper-box revolver FDM James R. Patrick .22 LR
XPR-1[36] 2015-10October 2015 Weapon: Plasma Armature Railgun FDM David Wirth[37]
  • First 3D printed railgun structure.
  • Closed source - designs and code released to research institutions only.
  • Employed a mixture of traditional and additive manufacturing. Rails were traditionally machined, as well as the fasteners and electronics.
Shuty MP-1[38] 2016-01January 2016 Hybrid Firarm: Semi-automatic pistol FDM Derwood 9×19mm Parabellum
  • "95% 3D printed" semi-automatic pistol.[39]
  • Metal parts include the bolt, barrel, hammer, firing pin, springs, and ordinary fasteners.[39]
PG22[40] 2017-02February 2017 Primarily printed firearm: Single shot pistol FDM w/ PLA Pilotgeek .22 LR
  • Uses a plastic frame, slide, and fire control components with a steel barrel liner, breechblock, firing pin, and spring.
  • First in line of "PG22" single shot pistols and revolvers.
  • Individually designed, rather than built off of open-source plans.
Shuty AP-9[41] 2017-04April 2017 Weapon: Semi-automatic pistol FDM Derwood 9×19mm Parabellum
  • A successor to the Shuty MP-1
EMG-01A[42] 2018-07July 2018 Weapon: Coilgun FDM Arcflash Labs
  • First commercial handheld coilgun.[43]
PG22 Maverick Revolver [44][45] October 2019 (v1); April 2021 (v2.4) Hybrid firearm: Pepper-box revolver FDM w/ PLA (original) or PLA+ (Maverick V2) Pilotgeek .22 Short
  • Striker-fired, single action revolver with a manually rotated cylinder.
  • Updated version (dubbed the Maverick V2) automatically advances the cylinder on cocking.
  • Mostly-printed hybrid design using steel barrel liners in each chamber, a steel ball bearing to index the cylinder, a steel firing pin, and various metal screws and springs.
FGC-9[46] /

FGC-9 MkII[47]

March 27, 2020 (MKI); April 16, 2021 (MKII) Hybrid Firearm: Semiautomatic PDW pistol FDM JStark1809 (DetDisp)[48] 9×19mm Parabellum
  • Based on Shuty AP-9.
  • No parts kit required: barrel can be rifled via Electrochemical machining (ECM).
  • Version two, labeled MKII, features an updated design with an H&K MP5 style charging handle.
  • The MKII was released to work with a string of smaller releases, including an improved barrel making process and V2 Menendez Mag. Includes the "ButWhatAboutAmmo" tutorial for fabricating ammunition.
Chimera 410[49] September 2020 Hybrid firearm: Single shot break-action shotgun FDM w/ PLA+ Pilotgeek .410 bore
  • Uses steel pipe for a barrel and rectangular steel tubing for the frame.
  • Uses 3D printed parts to form receiver, fire control components, and fittings to join parts.
  • 3D printed jigs provide guide for cutting and drilling metallic components.
MOD-9[50] June 2021 Hybrid Firearm: Semi-automatic pistol FDM Derwood 9×19mm Parabellum
NT-79 Signaling device[51][52] June 2021 Signaling device: Launcher FDM DaFizzlez / AWCY? 3D printed 37mm flare ammunition
  • A printable launcher based on the M79 grenade launcher used in the Vietnam war.
  • Classified as a "signaling device" instead of a Destructive Device under the NFA.
Thump 'n Grind[53] July 2021 Signaling device: Launcher FDM AWCY? 37mm ammunition
PM4 CenterFire[54] October 2021 Primarily printed firearm: Single shot pistol FDM KadeCAD Center-fire pistol ammunition
  • An updated version of the PM422 Songbird capable of firing most center-fire handgun cartridges.
The ARK[55][56] December 2021 (v1); March 2022 (DLC); January 2023 (v2) Hybrid firearm: AR-15 based firearms platform FDM Invader Zip / AWCY? 9×19mm Parabellum, .22 LR, .40 S&W, 7.62x25 Tokarev, 10mm Auto, .223/ 5.56x45mm
  • An mostly printed AR-15 based platform capable of supporting a wide range of calibers and customization.
  • V2.0 is capable of supporting rifle calibers.[57]
King Cobra 9[58] January 2022 Hybrid Firearm: Semiautomatic pistol FDM Derwood & Mussy 9×19mm Parabellum
The Harlot[59][60] February 2022 Primarily printed firearm: Pistol FDM BAD-CAD / Black Lotus Coalition .22 LR
  • A most printed .22 LR pistol. Uses a DIY metal barrel, firing pin, and spring.
  • Simple and extremely cheap, designed to cost $5-$8. Commonly created to be sold at gun buybacks for profit.[61]
  • A large number of remixes and variants of this design have been created.[62]
The P.R.O.O.F Airgun[63] April 2022 Primarily printed design: Airgun FDM Proof / INMC 6.35mm ball bearings
  • Uses a 850 psi air tank to fire 1/4" ball bearings at up to 600 m/s. Fully automatic, with a maximum fire rate of 2400 rpm.
EZ22 / HD22 / HD22C [64] April 2022 Hybrid firearm: Rifle or pistol FDM Plastic Blasters .22 LR
  • A mostly printed, fully DIY .22 LR caliber pistol or rifle. Requires only a barrel, springs, and an AR-15 lower parts kit.
  • Uses a printed bolt with lead weights.
FGC-9 Stingray[65] June 2022 Hybrid Firearm: Semiautomatic pistol caliber carbine FDM hotsauce 9×19mm Parabellum
Partisan-9[67] September 2022 Hybrid Firearm: Semiautomatic PDW FDM Deterrents Dispensed / The Gatalog 9×19mm Parabellum
  • Based on the FGC-9 MkII.
  • Has a ported barrel for integral suppression, similar to the MP5SD. Uses an improved ECM process to create the barrel.
  • Features a folding stock and buffer tube.
Danny's B.A.L.L.S / Sm.A.L.L.S[68] October 2022 Signaling device: Pump-action launcher FDM DannyMeatball / AWCY? 26.5mm, 37mm
VP22[69] November 2022 Primarily printed firearm: Bolt action pistol FDM Gun Cad Ideas .22 LR
  • A mostly printed, DIY bolt action .22 LR pistol. Inspired by the British Welrod Mk1.
  • Includes an option for integral suppression.
YEET22 December 2022 (v2) Hybrid Firearm: Semiautomatic or select-fire machine pistol FDM Shit_On_Wheels .22 LR
The Orca[70][71] January 2023 (v5.3)

July 2023 (v5.3.D)

Hybrid firearm: AR-15 Rifle FDM Hoffman Tactical .223/ 5.56x45mm
  • A mostly 3D-printed semiautomatic AR-15. Both the upper and lower are printed, requiring only a barrel, bolt carrier group, and an AR-15 lower parts kit.[72]
  • Multiple design features including ceramic insulation, hose clamps, and 3D-printed clips are used to allow the replacement of many of the metal parts on a conventional AR-15 pattern rifle.
JP's 37mm Howitzer March 2023 Signaling device: Howitzer FDM JP Guncad 37mm ammunition
RBC-9[73][74] March 2023 Hybrid Firearm: Belt-fed carbine FDM Nopel 9×19mm Parabellum
  • A fully DIY belt fed, roller delayed, 9mm carbine.
RTT9[75] April 2023 Hybrid Firearm: Semiautomatic pistol FDM Derwood 9×19mm Parabellum
  • Requires custom parts kit including a custom CNC machined bolt.[76]
  • Features last-round bolt hold open.
  • A newer iteration of the King Cobra 9.
The FAMAR[77] April 2023 Weapon: FAMAS-based AR-15 bullpup FDM Stubbs / Black Lotus Coalition .223/ 5.56x45mm
3DP90[78] May 2023 Hybrid firearm: P90 based firearm FDM V8VTwin / Lulzgoat / AWCY? 5.7x28mm
  • A DIY firearm based on the FN P90. Utilizes a custom barrel, cast Cerrosafe bolt, and metal components.[79]
Captain America[80] June 2023 Signaling device: Pistol FDM Black Lotus Coalition DIY 15mm ammunition
  • A Harlot-based signaling pistol using custom DIY 15mm ammunition. Uses a 209 primer as a lift charge, and supports a large number of different projectiles.
Receivers & frames

Receiver and frame are the parts that are legally considered a firearm and must be registered.

Name Date made public Type Process Designer Caliber
AR Lower V5[81] 2013-03March 2013[81] Receiver: AR-15 rifle lower receiver[81] FDM[82] Defense Distributed[81] .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • The receiver was able to handle enough stress to fire more than 600 rounds.[81]
Charon[83][84][85] 2013-05May 2013[83] Receiver: AR-15 rifle lower receiver[83][84][85] FDM[86] WarFairy[84][85] .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • Charon V3 weighs 0.2 pounds and showed no signs of strain after 96 rounds of 5.56 AR-15 ammo were fired.[86]
WarFairy P-15[83] 2013-05May 2013[83] Receiver: AR-15 rifle lower receiver[81] FDM[86] WarFairy[84][85] .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
Hanuman AR-15 Bullpup[87][88] 2014-05May 2014[87][88] Receiver: AR-15 rifle bullpup lower receiver[87][88] FDM w/ ABS WarFairy[87][88] .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • According to the creators, "It requires a bufferless upper to function, such as the ARAK-21 or Rock River Arms PDS Carbine, or a regular upper with a CMMG Style .22 LR Conversion installed."[87]
CM901[89] 2015-03March 2015 Receiver: AR-10 Receiver FDM Printed Firearm[90] 7.62×51mm
FMDA Glock Frames[91] April 2019;

January 2021

Frame: Glock pistol frame FDM Deterrents Dispensed/ IvanTheTroll 9×19mm Parabellum
  • Printable frames for the Glock 19, 19X, 17, 20, 21.
  • Uses Gen 3 Glock compatible parts and a set of pinned in place metal rails.
  • Lifetime of thousands of rounds when printed in PLA+.[92]
Lopoint / Bigpoint[93] November 2019 (v1); November 2020 (,40/.45); May 2021 (v2) Frame: Hi-Point pistol frame FDM CTRLPew / Atmac / freeman1337 9×19mm Parabellum, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 ACP
  • Compatible with Hi-Point C9, CF380, JCP, and JHP parts.
  • Extremely cheap due to the high availability of the required parts kits.
Plastikov[94] Late 2019 (v1); April 2020 (v2);

July 2022 (v3)

Receiver: AKM pattern receiver FDM IvanTheTroll (DetDisp) 7.62x39mm
  • Fired over 2,500 rounds when printed in eSun PLA+.[95]
  • Compatible with AKM, AK100, and RPK parts kits.
UBAR2 / U-Bolt / BUBAR-10[96] May 2020 (v1); October 2021 (v2) Receiver: AR-15/ LR308 pattern receiver FDM IvanTheTroll .223 Rem/ 5.56x45, .308/ 7.62x51mm
  • Features a metal u-bolt to reinforce the lower and prevent the buffer tower from cracking, making it very durable.
  • Advertised to last thousands of rounds when printed in PLA+.[97]
PY2A Glock Frames[98] August 2020;

July 2022

Frame: Glock pistol frames FDM w/ PLA+ PrintYour2A 9×19mm Parabellum
Scz0rpion[100] October 2020 Receiver: CZ Scorpion Evo 3 receiver FDM Are We Cool Yet? 9×19mm Parabellum
  • First 3D printed frame to be successfully tested with 1000+ rounds full auto in one sitting without failure.[101][102]
DS1913 Lower[103] October 2020 (v1);

February 2022 (v2)

Receiver: .22 LR AR-15 pattern lower receiver FDM Vinh Nguyen .22 LR
The MacDaddy[104] December 2020 (v1);

April 2022 (v2)

Frame: Mac-11 based PDW FDM FDMA1776 / CTRLPew / xYeezeSZN 9×19mm Parabellum
  • A 3D printable PDW based on a Mac-11 upper. It uses an AR-15 fire control group, accepts Glock magazines, and features a foldable stock.
  • Claimed to have been tested over 5,000 rounds without failure.[105]
Amigo Grande[106][107] July 2021 Receiver: CETME C receiver FDM The Gatalog / Fuddbusters .308/ 7.62x51mm
  • A printable receiver for CETME C, G3, and PTR91 parts kits.
3011 / 3011DS[108] November 2021; January 2023 (DS) Receiver: 1911 based PDW FDM IvanTheTroll .45 ACP, 9×19mm Parabellum, .22 TCM
  • Utilizes a 1911 slide for the upper, and an AR-15 fire control group.
  • An updated version, called the 3011DS, allows the use of double-stack higher capacity Remington and RIA magazines.
Invader PDW[109] November 2021 (v1);

December 2021 (v2)

Frame: PDW frame for Glock or SIG P320 slides FDM Digital Nimbus Labs 9×19mm Parabellum
  • A personal defense weapon based on the FMDA DD17.2 frame.
  • Features a collapsible stock and a second magazine in the angled fore grip.
Hoffman Tactical SL-15 "Super Lower"[110][111] February 2022 (v1)

December 2023 (v4.8.A)

Receiver: AR-15 pattern lower receiver FDM Hoffman Tactical 9×19mm Parabellum,

.223/ 5.56x45mm, .308/ 7.62x51mm

  • An extremely durably AR-15 pattern lower. Includes AR9 and LR-308 variants.
  • Features a hose clamp around the buffer tower, preventing cracking and resulting in a very strong design.
TacDaddy[112] August 2022 Frame: Tac-9 frame FDM CTRLPew 9×19mm Parabellum
  • A printable frame for Tac-9 parts kits. Uses an AR-15 fire control group.
The Monarch / The Apple Pie[113] September 2022 Receiver: Pump-action AR-15 pattern rifle FDM SwarmTech / Middleton Made .22 LR, .223/ 5.56x45mm, 7.62x39mm, 300 BLK, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM
  • Mostly printed pump-action AR-15 pattern rifles. The bolt carrier and upper are printed, only requiring a barrel, gas system, bolt, and lower parts kit.
KF5[114] / SF5[115] March 2023 (KF5); October 2023 (SF5) Receiver: 3D printable MP5 receiver FDM IvanTheTroll 9×19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, 10mm Auto
  • A 3D-printable MP5. Compatible with MP5, MP5k, MP5RS, and MP5SD parts kits. Uses an AR-15 fire control group.
  • An updated design called the SF5 removes the bolt flanges on the side of the original design.
3DPD10[116][117] April 2023 Frame: Pistol frame FDM Avidity Arms 9×19mm Parabellum
  • A 3D-printable frame for the Avidity Arms PD10.
  • This design is notable as the first firearm released by commercial company designed to be 3D printed.[118]
The NYLAUG[119][120] September 2023 Receiver: Steyr AUG receiver FDM ANDYOUMAYCALLMEV .223/ 5.56x45mm
Firearms parts and accessories
Name Date made public Type Process Designer Caliber
The Cuomo Mag[121] 2013-01January 2013[122] Magazine: AR-15 rifle STANAG magazine[121] FDM[123] Defense Distributed[122] .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • The magazine holds 30 rounds.[122][124][125]
  • The initial prototype was created using an Objet Connex26 using VeroClear printing material (a transparent material) in order to show the magazine's round count and feeding action.[126]
  • It was able to handle enough stress to fire 342 rounds and can fire 227+ rounds in quick succession.[125]
Feinstein AK Mag[121][127][128] 2013-03March 2013[121][127] Magazine: AK-47 rifle magazine FDM[129] Defense Distributed[121][127] 7.62×39mm
  • A 30-round AK-47 magazine.[121]
Red Rocket shotgun slug 2013-05May 2013 Ammunition: 12 gauge shotgun slug[citation needed] FDM w/ ABS+[130] Jeef Hesszel[131] 12-gauge
  • During testing, the bullet penetrated a 2×12 piece of pine wood, creating a hole in a wire reel.[130]
3DX[132][133] muzzle brake 2013-07July 2013[132] Muzzle device: AR-15 rifle muzzle brake[132] DMLS w/ Inconel[132] Sintercore[132] .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • Designed to tame the recoil and muzzle rise of an AR-15 semi automatic rifle chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO (.223).[132]
  • It fired 7900 rounds during testing on semi-auto.[133] During a test on full auto, 10 magazines of 62 grain green tip 5.56 rounds were fired without any issues.[133]
  • US Special Operation Command's (USSOCOM) Science and Technology Directorate invited Neal (the owner of Sintercore) to demonstrate the 3DX muzzle brake for possible use by its elite troops. They tested it on August 5, 2014.[133]
NERO 556 Muzzle brake[134][135] 2018[134] Muzzle device: AR-15 rifle muzzle brake[132] DMLS[135] w/ Inconel[136] Walker Defense Research[137][135] .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • "The idea was to create a muzzle brake with no equal; one that turns the recoil of an AR-15 into a slight push with zero muzzle rise."[134]
  • Produced for 5.56x45mm (.223 Rem) or .224 Valkyrie[135] rifles with 1/2x28 threads.[134]
5.56×45mm/.223 rifle suppressors:
  • 556-45 Samson (Samson suppressor replica)
  • 556-SBR
  • 556-45 Suppressor[138]
2013-11November 2013[139] Muzzle device: Titanium rifle suppressor[138] SLM w/ Titanium[140] Oceania Defence Ltd.[140][139][141] and Rapid Advanced Manufacturing[142] .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • An additively manufactured titanium weapon suppressor. It is 50% lighter than some conventional steel suppressors.[140]
  • Oceania Defense has made three variations of the 5.56mm/.223 suppressor so far: the 556-45 Samson (an AR-15 suppressor designed to operate on semi auto Short-barreled rifle to 12.5" barrels), 556-SBR (designed for hard use on 10.5" barrel for AR-15 firearms in 5.56mm/.223 ammunition) and 556-45 Suppressor (direct thread on suppressor which overlaps the barrel designed to reduce a baffle strike)[138]
7.62×51mm/.308 rifle suppressors:
  • 300 BLK Long
  • 762-AR10
  • 762-G3[143]
2013-11November 2013[139] Muzzle device: Titanium rifle suppressor[143] SLM w/ Titanium[140] Oceania Defence Ltd.[140][139][141] and Rapid Advanced Manufacturing[142] 7.62x39mm
  • An additively manufactured titanium weapon suppressor.
  • 50% lighter than some conventional steel suppressors.[140]
  • Oceania Defence made 3 variations of the 7.62mm rifle suppressor. the 300 BLK Long (designed for use with the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge in both subsonic and supersonic. It fits under the rail of a Samson or similar rail system on the AR-15-type rifle, but can to perform acceptably on bolt action 7.62×51mm/.308 rifles as well), 762-AR10 Suppressor (designed for the AR-10/LAR-8 7.62mm/.308 rifle but will also work with any bolt-action rifle in .30 caliber or less) and 762-G3 Suppressor (designed for the Heckler & Koch G3 and fits the HK91 series of 7.62mm/.308 rifles, as well as the HK33 and HK93 series of 5.56×45mm rifles).[143]
Small-caliber suppressors: 2013-11November 2013[139] Muzzle device: Titanium pistol suppressor[144] SLM w/ Titanium[140] Oceania Defence Ltd.[140][139][141] and Rapid Advanced Manufacturing[142] 9x19mm Parabellum, .45 ACP
  • Long version is designed to operate on 9×19mm Parabellum carbines firing fully automatic.[144]
    • It fits under the rail of a Samson or similar rail system on the AR-15-type rifle.[144]
    • This is a sealed can and is only suitable for use with jacketed bullets.[144]
  • Pistol version is designed with a Neilsen which allows it to be used with most of the common John Browning tilting-barrel designs, including the swinging-linked M1911 and the cam-lock system operated Glock pistols. The Neilsen is an assembly in the aft end of the suppressor that allows the gasses to push the suppressor forward while allowing the unimpeded rearward movement of the barrel and slide assembly using a stainless steel spring and titanium piston.[145]
    • It is able to function well with a wide range of ammo, although its sound reduction performs best with subsonic bullets heavier than 124 grains, with 147 or 158 grain bullets being the quietest.[145]
    • It is designed to be run wet or dry, averaging 127.7–128.4 dBA with 147 grain or 127.6–134.2 dBA with 124 grain when dry and 123.1 dBA with 147 grain or 129.1 dBA with 124 grain when wet.[145]
  • It is an additively manufactured titanium weapon suppressor. It is 50% lighter than some conventional steel suppressors[140]
The Israel drum magazine[146][147] 2013-12December 2013[146][147] Magazine: AR-15 rifle 75-round STANAG drum magazine[146][147] FDM FOSSCAD members[146][147] .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • A 75-round drum magazine for .223 Remington/5.56 NATO AR-15 rifles.
The Yee drum magazine[146][147] 2013-12December 2013[146][147] Magazine: AK-family drum magazine[146][147] FDM FOSSCAD members[146][147] 7.62x39mm
  • 75-round drum magazine for 7.62×39mm AK-pattern rifles (e.g. AK-47, AK-102, AK-104 and compatible variants).[146][147]
SKS grip and stock[18][148] 2014-05May 2014[18] Part: SKS rifle grip and stock[18] FDM FOSSCAD members[18]
Škorpion vz. 61 grip and stock[18][148] 2014-05May 2014[18] Part: Škorpion vz. 61 sub machinegun grip and stock[18] FDM FOSSCAD members[18]
Wounded soldier raptor[149] 2014-09September 2014[149] Other: Customisable Prosthetic hand including KA-BAR pistol Bayonet and flashlight mount[149] FDM Aaron Brown[149]
  • Designed to be easily 3D printed and constructed by anyone, includes documentation and does not require screws.[149]
  • Equipped with a Picatinny rail system, which allows for tools or accessories to be attached. The creator stated: "the simplicity of these rails makes the idea of mounting nearly ANYTHING a possibility. It would be very easy to print a bracket for anything from a marker, toothbrush, spoon, paintbrush, and nearly anything we can imagine."[149]
  • Cost less than $100 to print, including the price of the flashlight and bayonet.[149]
Menendez Mag[150] 2018-07August 2019 (v1);

March 2021 (v2)

Part: Glock 17/19 Magazine FDM Deterrence Dispensed 9×19mm Parabellum
  • Dry fire testing of the v2 design suggested a lifetime of over 1000 rounds.[151]
GMCG Arms Glock Magazine Extension[152] 2018-07August 2019 Part: Glock 17 and Glock 19 Magazine Extension FDM Gunny McGunsmith[153] 9×19mm Parabellum
The “Moms Demand Full Auto” Swift Link October 2019 Part: AR-15 swift link FDM FreeMenDontAsk
Yankee Boogle[154] April 2020 Part: Autosear for AR-15 pattern rifles FDM Deterrence Dispensed / Patrick Henry .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • A fully printable swift link that enables full-auto fire by pressing on the disconnector. Compatible with most AR-15 lowers.
  • Classified as a machine gun by the ATF.[155]
'Make Glocks Full Auto' Glock Autosear[156][157] April 2020 Part: Glock autosear FDM digitalmaniac / FreeMenDontAsk
IPG223 Silencer December 2020 Part: Suppressor baffles FDM iprintgunz
  • .223 Cal silencer internals made from annealed PLA
DMB Glock Magazines[158] January 2021 (v1.1)

June 2023 (v2)

Magazine: Glock stick magazines FDM DannyMeatball / AWCY? 9×19mm Parabellum, 10mm Auto
Saturn Suppressor System February 2021 Muzzle Device: Suppressor FDM w/ PETG iprintgunz .22 caliber
  • A fully 3D printed .22 caliber silencer
The CSGCG 3D Printable Fire Control Group[47] February 2021 Part: AR-15 fire control group FDM IvanTheTroll
  • A 3D-printable fire control group compatible with AR-15 pattern firearms and the FGC-9.
  • Advertised to last hundreds to thousands of rounds.[160]
Waffle Magazine[161][162] May 2021 (v1); January 2023 (v2) Magazines: Multiple patterns of magazine FDM Spooky 9×19mm Parabellum, .223 Rem/ 5.56x45, 300 BLK, .458 SOCOM, .308/ 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm
  • Supports a wide range of calibers- AR-15, AR-10, AKM, CETME, and Glock pattern magazines are available. Features last-round bolt hold open functionality.
  • Optionally can be made with printed pins, removing the need for bolts.
DMB & Co. D.R.U.M.[163] May 2022 Magazine: Glock drum magazine FDM DannyMeatball / AWCY? 9×19mm Parabellum
Biden's Bane Upper[164] June 2022 Part: AR-15 Upper Receiver FDM The Gatalog .223 Rem/ 5.56x45
  • One of the first semi-automatic capable AR-15 upper receivers.
Hochul Mag[165] October 2022 Magazine: AR-15 pattern magazine FDM Remnants .223 Rem/ 5.56x45, 300 BLK, 50 Beowulf
  • Named after New York governor Kathy Hochul, who banned "ghost guns" in 2022.
  • Composed of a 10-round base component and up to a +30 extension for a maximum 40 round capacity.[166]
The Choosy Express[167] November 2022 (v2) Part: Select-fire AR-15 autosear FDM jimothy.perkins
  • A modified Yankee Boogle designed to enable select fire capability without receiver modifications.
The MILC[168] January 2023 Ammunition: 37mm shell FDM Methmatics / AWCY? 37mm ammunition
  • A DIY high–low system 37mm shell that uses an M14 bolt and a .38 special blank. Allows the use of smokeless powder in 37mm launchers, burning cleaner and significantly increasing velocity.
FTN (Fuck the NFA) 3D Printed Suppressor[169][170] January 2023 (v1); October 2023 (v2); January 2024 (v3) Muzzle Device: Suppressor FDM pla.boi 9×19mm Parabellum, .45 ACP, .223/5.56x45mm, 7.62x39mm, 300 BLK, 450 Bushmaster, .308 Win/ 7.62x51 NATO, 458 SOCOM, 6.5 Creedmoor
  • A rifle rated suppressor designed to be printed in cheap and commonly available PLA+ filament.
  • Uses fiberglass composites or a carbon fiber tube along with metal thread adapters to greatly increase durability.
The Invisibooble-16 / Invisiboogle-CBT [171] March 2023 Part: AR-15 fire control group FDM Klaviermiester
  • Select-fire triggers that modify the fire control group of an AR-15 pattern rifle.
  • The Invisiboogle-CBT is a selectable 3-position cassette style trigger. It allows the operator to cycle between safe, semiautomatic, and forced reset modes.
  • The Invisiboogle-16 is a select fire system with options of safe, semiautomatic, and fully automatic fire. It does not require modifications to the lower, like drilling a third hole. It is classified as a machine gun by the ATF.
The Burnt Bacon[172] May 2023 Muzzle device: Flash can FDM DurbanPoisonPew / AWCY? Multi-caliber
RGB Crescent[173][174] June 2023 Muzzle device: Suppressor FDM RubyGB 9×19mm Parabellum, 300 BLK
  • A fully printed or hybrid suppressor for 9mm or 300 BLK firearms.
  • Features complex internal geometry only manufacturable with 3D-printing.
The 9mm Deep[175] June 2023 Ammunition: DIY 9mm cartridge FDM SirDeep / Black Lotus Coalition 9×19mm Parabellum
  • Fully printed 9mm ammunition. Utilizes a magnum pistol primer, a printed sabot around a metal pellet, and a venturi.
The Super Safety [176][177] July 2023 Part: Active Trigger System FDM or SLM Hoffman Tactical
  • A replacement push button safety system compatible with most AR-15 pattern rifles.
  • Actively resets the trigger after each shot to enable the operator to pull the trigger again at a much faster rate.[178]
  • Includes a single-cam model with 2 options: safe or Active Reset. A dual-cam 3 position design allows selection between safe, semiautomatic, and Active Reset.

Glossary of acronyms[edit]

Fused filament fabrication, a process that squeezes a molten filament.
Fused deposition modeling, a trademarked term for FFF.
Direct metal laser sintering, a process that fuses metal powder by sintering.
Selective laser melting, a process that fuses metal powder by melting.
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a common thermoplastic with relatively high heat resistance.
ABSplus is a stronger, proprietary blend of ABS by Stratasys.
Polylactic acid, a bio-plastic. Easier to print, stiffer, and more brittle than other plastics.
PLA+ is a term for any blend that enhances some characteristic.
Polyethylene terephthalate (glycol-modified), a plastic made by changing the chemicals used to synthesize the more common PET. Easier to print than ABS, and moderately better heat resistance than PLA.
Often used in consumer-level printers when creators desire better heat resistance than PLA+ or need more flexibility.
Electrochemical machining, a process that uses electricity to chemically machine metal. Commonly used in 3D printed firearms to create DIY barrels with rifling, greatly increasing accuracy.

See also[edit]


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