List of Edicts of Ashoka

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Distribution of the Edicts of Ashoka

The following is an overview of Edicts of Ashoka,[1] and where they are located. The translating of these pillars was a turning point in history. They changed beliefs and understanding. It turned assumptions into facts.

Pillar Edicts (set of 7)[edit]

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Minor Pillar Inscriptions[edit]

  • Lumbini (Rummindei), Rupandehi district, Nepal (the upper part broke off when struck by lightning; the original horse capital mentioned by Xuanzang is missing)
  • Nigali-Sagar (or Nigliva), near Lumbini, Rupandehi district, Nepal (originally near the Buddha Konakarnana stupa)

Major Rock Edicts (set of 14)[edit]

Minor Rock Edicts[edit]

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