List of FM radio stations in Bangalore

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They are -

There are 3 community radio stations

  • Radio Active 90.4 FM
  • Radio Neladani 90.8 FM
  • Radio Universal CR 106.8 FM [1].

International radio station

Radio City[edit]

Radio city is the first private FM radio station in INDIA and First FM station to come to Bengaluru and It was started on July 3, 2001 with the frequency 91 MHz. On October 30, 2006 it changed to the frequency 91.1 MHz.It is the only station in India to have completed 10 successful years and currently the number one station in Bengaluru according to RAM reports ( It broadcasts for 24 hours around the clock. It is controlled by Music Broadcast India Private Limited.

Programme RJ Timings
Shubhodaya RJ Sowjanya 5.00-7.00
ಐತ್ಹಲಕಡಿ Mornings RJ Sowjanya 7.00–11.00
Radio City RJ Sudha Baragjur 11.00-14.00
Radio City RJ Nethra 14.00–16.00
Radio City City Maathu Pradeepa 16.00–20.00
Radio City Love Guru Vivaswan Rajesh 20.00–23.00

FM Rainbow & Vividh Bharati[edit]

FM RAINBOW & Vividh Bharati were the second & third radio stations. They are controlled by All India Radio. Fm Rainbow was launched on September 1, 2001, while Vividh Bharati on November 1, 2001. Both stations broadcast for 17 hours daily from 5.20 to 23.20.


Gyanvani is the 4th radio station launched on January 26, 2004 with the frequency 107.6 MHz. On January 2007 its frequency changed to 105.6 MHz.In March 2007 again its frequency changed to 107.2 MHz. Now, since May 2009 it is transmitted on 106.4 MHz. It is controlled by IGNOU. It broadcasts for a total of 10 hours daily, from 5.20 to 11.20 and 17.00 to 22.00. Gyanvani went off air since 01-10-2014 due to non-payment of dues to AIR.[1]


Amrutavarshini is the 5th radio station dedicated to Indian classical music. It was started on frequency 100.3 MHz and later changed to 100.1 MHz. It is controlled by All India Radio. It broadcasts daily during morning and evening hours, from 6.00 to 09.30 and 18.30 to 23.00. This channel is the tribute to the legendary masters of Indian classical music from Carnatic and Hindustani ways. It can be great help for learners. It is a platform with rich heritage for future generation with respect to classical music.

Radio Mirchi[edit]

Radio Mirchi was the 6th radio station launched on April 17, 2006 with the frequency 93.3 MHz.On August 1, 2006 it changed to the frequency 98.3 MHz. It broadcasts for 24 hours around the clock. It is controlled by Entertainmment Network India Limited.

Programme RJ Timings
Munjaane Raaga Lavanya 5.00-7.00
Hi Bengaluru Smitha 7.00–11.00
Rewind Raaga RJ Siri 11.00–14.00
Games Bond RJ Guru 14.00–17.00
Gang of Girls Rachana, Aishwarya,Prakruti 17.00–21.00
Sudesh 21.00-24.00

Radio One[edit]

Radio One was the 7th radio station launched on August 1, 2006 on the 94.3 MHz frequency. It broadcasts from 6:00 AM to 1:30 AM. It is controlled by The Mid-Day Group.

Radio Indigo[edit]

Radio Indigo was the 8th radio station launched on September 19, 2006 with the frequency 91.9 MHz. It broadcasts for 24 hours around the clock. It is controlled by Indigo mass communication limited. It is the only station dedicated to English music in Bengaluru.

Big FM[edit]

Big was the 9th radio station launched on October 9, 2006 on the 92.7 MHz frequency. It broadcasts for 24 hours around the clock. It is controlled by Reliance Broadcast.

Programme RJ Timings
Suprabhata Hamsa 5.00-7.00
Big Coffee Shruthi 7.00–11.00
Retro Savari Rashmi 11.00–14.00
Super Game Guru Niranjan Deshpande 14.00–17.00
No Tension Rohith 17.00–21.00
Inthi Nimma Priya Priya 21.00–23.00

Red FM[edit]

Red FM was the 10th radio station launched on November 6, 2006 on the 93.5 MHz frequency with the name S FM. On 24 August 2009 the name was changed to Red FM. It broadcasts for 24 hours around the clock. It is controlled by Kal radio Pvt Ltd. (Sun Network ltd India, a South Indian media house).

Fever FM[edit]

[2] was the 11th radio station launched on January 22, 2007 on the frequency 104 MHz. It broadcasts for 24 hours around the clock.. It is controlled by Hindustan Times & Virgin radio.

Programme Timings
Mad Mornings with Shraddha 7 AM - 11 AM
Sindhu 11 AM - 2 PM
Punitha 2 PM - 5 PM
Darius Sunawala 5 PM - 9 PM
Rubina 9 PM - 11:30 PM

Radio Active[edit]

Radio Active, 90.4 MHz, Bengaluru's 12th radio station and first community radio station was launched on June 25, 2007, by Jain Group of Institutions. [3]

Radio Universal CR 106.8 FM[edit]

Radio Universal [4] 106.8  MHz, Bengaluru's 13th radio station and second community radio station was launched on June 21, 2008, by Universal College.[5] The station broadcasts from Vijaynagar Tollgate Circle, Magadi Main Road in Bengaluru City .

Radio Neladani[edit]

Radio Neladani, 90.8 MHz, Bengaluru's 14th radio station and third community radio station was launched on Sep 3, 2011. The station broadcasts from Nelamangala in rural North Bengaluru. The Neladani station is available in around 8-10 km radius of Nelamangala town covering Nelamangala and portion of Bengaluru North Taluk. This radio station was established with the help of Ministry of Agriculture, to produce content on farm related programs.

Amateur (Ham) Radio[edit]

Bengaluru has highest number of Amateur Radio Operators (hams) and the frequency allotted to them are on frequencies 144 MHz to 146 MHz on VHF and 434 MHz-438 MHz on UHF primarily on Frequency Modulation (FM)

Nets are conducted such as R5 Net at 0700 hours IST on VU2RSB repeater at frequencies Transmit - 145.100 MHz and Receive - 145.700 MHz and 2030 hours IST on the VU2TWO repeater at frequencies Transmit - 145.050 MHz and Receive - 145.650 MHz.