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This is a list of fictional characters appearing in the Japanese manga series Monster Musume, which is serialized in the magazine Monthly Comic Ryū, published by Tokuma Shoten.

Main characters[edit]

Kimihito Kurusu[edit]

Voiced by: Junji Majima (Japanese); Bryson Baugus (English)[1][2]

Kimihito Kurusu (来留主 公人, Kurusu Kimihito) is a normal Japanese student living in Asaka, Saitama with a part-time job who lives in his parents' home, with all the dreams and feelings that young people have. His parents are temporarily away (working abroad), and he can only watch helplessly as Ms. Smith remodels their house over and over again to accommodate each newcomer. He seems to excel at certain household chores and activities. Kimihito's cooking is so good that the liminal girls living with him put on weight and he proves to be quite skillful with needle, thread and sewing machine. Another talent (instinctively but unwillingly acquired and later eagerly demanded) is his skill at and technique of milking Minotaurs and Pans by hand[ch. 56] (a skill that later makes him a target for the Satyr girls who also work at the farm).[ch. 58]

Almost none of the other characters call Kimihito by his actual name, except for Ms. Smith in the first chapter and Manako as of Chapter 42. The girls seem to fall in love with him simply because he is nice, friendly and modest, and because he treats the "monster" girls as ordinary, real people — not as exotic or dangerous monsters; he is so unconsciously adept at this (perhaps because it is part of his personality) that he seems to become friends with other liminals with astonishing ease. He is also not afraid to unhesitatingly put himself in physical danger to protect or save his liminal house-guests, whom he thinks of as family, as demonstrated on several occasions such as bodily shielding Centorea from a sword attack[ch. 4], trying to save an injured Mero[ch. 38] or nearly being absorbed by a giant-sized slime liminal while trying to save Suu.[ch. 55]

Considering everything happening to him and going on around him, he has a very patient but long-suffering nature, and he accepts being put upon by Ms. Smith (and later the girls of the MON squad) with good grace, but he does care very much about his house-guests' well-being. He rarely shows any anger towards anyone, especially the girls, but when he does he demonstrates a surprisingly strong assertiveness, two of the most notorious examples occurring first because the Couple (see "Supporting Characters" below) insulted Miia[ch. 2] and second because Lala was playing with her food instead of eating it - which prompted all the others to ensure that they clean their plates from then on.[vol. 6: before "Secrets of Lala"]


Voiced by: Sora Amamiya (Japanese); Allison Sumrall (English)[3][4][2]

Miia (ミーア, Mīa) is a lamia (part woman, part snake),[ch. 1] the first liminal to live with Kimihito. She is about 8 meters (26 ft) long, but always moves with her front upright, so she appears to have normal human height. She has red hair, golden eyes with vertical slit pupils and pale human skin, and her snake part has copper scales with a pinkish-cream underbelly (the tip of her tail is particularly sensitive). Her standard accessory is a pair of D-shaped hair clips, which are a standard fashion statement among her people. Unlike snakes that have no visual outer ear, Miia has rather large triangular, scaly ears. She is a poikilotherm, which makes her drowsy in mornings or cold weather and can be considerably dangerous for her if she enters cold water.

She has a pleasant personality and harbors a very strong crush (both figuratively and literally, considering that her species is a constrictor) on Kimihito — actually on the brink of the obsessive: all lamia are female — they need a human male for procreation and are very passionate about their partners. In Chapter 27, it is revealed that Miia's original reason for studying abroad was to find a "tribal husband" for her home village: the lamia custom was that a human male would be "coerced" (taken against his will) and brought back to be shared among all the lamias, but when the Interspecies Exchange Accord was enacted and laws were passed protecting humans from liminals, that method had to be abandoned. However, after getting to know Kimihito, Miia fell madly in love with him.[ch. 27] It's also revealed (by Miia's mother) that at some point Miia's father escaped from the lamia tribe.[vol. 7: "Meeting of the Mothers"]

As she sees herself as the primary marriage candidate for Kimihito, she is often in conflict with the other girls. She is not a good housekeeper and an abysmal cook; on several occasions, she accidentally gives the other household members food poisoning, due to her sense of taste being far weaker than a human's and her frequent use of "alternative" (but inappropriate) ingredients. In Chapter 43, thanks to a recommendation from the priest for whom Ils Nineta (see below) works, she gets a part-time job as a shrine maiden at a shrine near Kimihito's home, where (thanks to snakes being considered extremely lucky in Japan) she is an instant success.[ch. 43]

She refers to Kimihito as Darling (だぁりん, Dārin).


Voiced by: Ari Ozawa (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English)[3][4][2]

Papi (パピ, Papi) is a harpy and is the second housemate. She is petite and physically appears to be much younger than the other girls, even though she is the same age as they are (harpies have evolved with smaller, slimmer bodies to enable flight and generally have a much less mature manner than other races).

She has a human body, but halfway down her upper arms they turn into feather-covered wings. Her wings and hair are light blue, and her eyes are brown. Like a bat, she has a free thumb with a claw, so she can to some extent use the wing as a hand, but she always has trouble in maintaining a secure grip. However, she has gained considerable skill with the controller for Kimihito's Nintendo Wii;[ch. 8] sometimes she gives up and uses the controller with her feet. Her legs start to get covered with light brown scales by mid-thigh and her elongated feet have only three toes that end in rather impressive talons like a bird's feet.

She is good-natured, happy and playful, but she is unfortunately a "birdbrain" with a very short attention span (taken to an extreme as she will sometimes forget anything she was doing after only taking three steps and even less long-term memory [however, in Chapter 28 after being carried by Kimihito for a distance she was able to remember a great deal about her past]),[ch. 28] so she has trouble learning and remembering any kind of rules.[ch. 3] This gives her quite a childlike personality, and she actually enjoys playing with the local children. Despite her small frame, she is able to get considerable loads airborne—she can carry Kimihito for a decent distance,[ch. 24] and even Miia for a short trip.[ch. 5]. Throughout the manga, Papi has also shown to have very strong maternal instincts, be it caring for Suu, the local children she interacts with or a group of chicks at a farm outside of Onsen Town.[ch. 33]

In Chapter 28, it is revealed that harpies are a migratory species that do not remain in one place (or, in the case of personal relationships, with one person) for very long, so in the case of finding a human male to mate with, they "mate with lots of human males. That way, [they] bring all kinds of new blood into [their] tribe."[ch. 28] In the Volume 7 Epilogue, Papi's mother's husband is revealed to be the local chief of police, but whether he is Papi's actual father is unknown at this time. Originally, the harpies were reluctant to take part in the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Accord program; however, Papi ran away from home "to give it a try" and seems to be the first of her species to want to remain permanently in one place with one human male.[ch. 28]

However, at the end of Chapter 28, Papi's mother revealed that she's always been faithful to her husband, because firstly, as a "birdbrain" like Papi, she immediately forgot the rule to not to stay with the same man (Papi's father) for too much time, but especially because harpies don't follow any rules and so there isn't any problem for Papi to stay with Kurusu.[ch. 28]

She refers to Kimihito as Boss (ご主人, Goshujin) (due to Ms. Smith's telling her that Kimihito was "the boss") in the official English translation of the manga and Master in the English dub of the anime.

Centorea "Cerea" Shianus[edit]

Voiced by: Natsuki Aikawa (Japanese); Molly Searcy (English)[3][4][2]

Centorea Shianus (セントレア・シアヌス, Sentorea Shianusu) is a centaur and the third girl to join the household, and allows only those people closest to her to call her by the nickname "Cerea" (セレア, Serea). Her name comes from the cornflower (Centaurea cyanus). She is the stereotype of a Nordic person: she has yellow-blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and a very large bust which is a complete norm among the females of her species (an evolutionary trait explained by the fact that centaurs have large bodies from infancy and therefore require lots of milk while growing up.[vol. 1: "Monster Musume Extra"] Her "horse part" appears to be the size of a small horse or a large pony, with an even, light chestnut coat, no mane and small hooves and she seems to have two "sensitive" areas: the area around her tail[ch. 8] and the tips of her ears.[ch. 36]

She is a herbivore (with a special fondness for carrots). Like all centaurs, she is a warrior, living in a nearly bare, authentic Japanese room with her Western-type armor and weapons, pretty much in samurai style. Her usual style of clothing is a sleeveless white blouse and a full-length black skirt (although she has on occasion worn a skirt whose hem is just above the knee).[vol. 9: "Monster Musume Technicolor 'Kemomo' Side Story"] Her demeanor and language is that of a medieval knight, and she has sworn herself to be Kimihito's servant through a series of misunderstandings after they crashed into each other by accident and later chased a motorcycle-riding purse snatcher together.[ch. 4] Although she is haughty and aloof, in cases when she perceives a threat towards Kimihito, she instantly becomes his ferocious defender.

She has secret dreams of absconding with him and bearing his child (even though there are male centaurs), showing she has feelings for Kimihito; however, she can at times be somewhat insecure and sometimes feels unworthy of being Kimihito's "servant", but Kimihito assures her that he does trust and rely on her and has so from the beginning.[ch. 21] The only other girls that manage to shake Cerea are Rachnera, whom she hates and fears yet she ultimately trusts, and Mero who gives off an aura that makes Cerea believe she stands before royalty; when she finds out that Mero is royalty, she is completely floored.[ch. 35]

In Chapter 29, during her mother's visit, it was revealed that since male Centaurs aren't exactly "likable", even female Centaurs have now come to utterly dislike and are repulsed by the males of their species in modern times, and have recently become more interested in human males. Female Centaurs have a tradition of finding male humans to use as "teasers" so they can breed;[ch. 29] "Teasers" are selected from human exchange students (with emphasis on the more attractive they are the better so that the female centaurs would become "warmed up").[vol. 7: "Meeting of the Mothers"] However, her mother defied this tradition and bred with her "teaser" instead (making Cerea a centaur-human cross-breed).

She refers to Kimihito as Master or Milord (主殿, Aruji-dono).


Voiced by: Mayuka Nomura (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)[5][6][2]

Suu (スー, ) is a Slime, an amoeba-like creature that can change shape and color without effort, and the fourth to join the group. Her basic shape is a glob with two dark eyespots that tend to glow like cat's eyes when backlit, and with a single pseudopod on top, which she can use to read peoples' thoughts and feelings on contact.[ch. 13]

Her race is a type of liminal currently not fully classified under the Accord (making her an "illegal alien"), and she enters Kimihito's home without permission or Ms. Smith's knowledge; the rest of the household (mostly Papi) take pity on her and want her to stay. Ms. Smith rejects any connection with her (thus avoiding any and all responsibility) but leaves her in the house anyway, reasoning that dealing with Suu will not add to her salary and is therefore a pointless endeavour.

It is impossible to determine her age or if gender actually applies to her. In her first appearance, she took the appearance of a young woman and mimicked the other girls' behavior in a successful attempt to show friendliness. Her size varies with her water content; when holding only a small amount of water, Suu will have the appearance of a young teenager, and will become taller and more mature looking as she takes in more water, although contact with too much water can result in the dissolution of her body's cohesion and possible death. Different types of water affect Suu differently: Hard water makes her super-intelligent[ch. 31] and sea water makes her super-maternal;[ch. 361] if Suu wears a special waterproof full-body suit, she is able to enter water.[ch. 35] On two occasions she has grown to giant-size, with a corresponding increase in her intelligence, by accidentally ingesting certain chemicals: first when she was knocked into some illegally dumped nutrients by a rampaging Kii,[ch. 20], then after she was injected with liminal Royal Jelly while being trying to protect Kimihito from another giant-sized slime liminal.[ch. 54]

Suu usually wears a raincoat and boots (given to her by Kimihito) out of necessity. This is because any other clothes will get soaked in slime, and all small objects will pass through her membrane skin and stay suspended in her body fluid.[ch. 9] The only time when Suu can be dangerous is when she is severely dehydrated—then she will attack anybody to gather their sweat and other fluids; this will usually end up as some kind of sexual assault on the other girls[ch. 10] (later, she learns to use these assaults for her own advantage, and her favorite assault target is Rachnera). Any "attacks" on Kimihito seem to be more affectionate rather than out of actual need for water, and ever since her nursing of him when he caught a cold, Kimihito has become very fond of Suu as well.

At first she didn't speak, usually using her top tentacle to determine feelings (showing either empathic or telepathic ability), and there was some confusion about her ability to understand spoken language, but later she speaks and under the influence of toxins gets downright chatty (and even venomous).[ch. 25] While Suu remains silent or speaks on monosyllables (copying the other girls) most of the time, she has on occasion had quite lengthy and intelligent conversations with Kimihito.

Suu often plays with Papi, and their combined energy can leave the others completely out of breath. She and Papi are schooled by the others, on a daily basis, with a different member of the household teaching each day. They rank Rachnera first as she not only teaches well and knows a lot, but she is easy and fun to interact with. Kimihito and Mero rank second as they are simply counted as 'nice'. Centorea is ranked third due to her strict nature, and Miia falls dead last due to her inept teaching methods and lack of enthusiasm combined with her own lack of knowledge.

In Chapter 54, The President of Black Lily Innovations (see below) states that slimes "are a species that split up over and over...Apparently [dividing] into nutrient and gathering individual slimes. Then their strengths and experiences are mixed to produce further offspring. They keep dividing to produce stronger individual slimes [and that] even amongst other slimes...Suu has gained an extraordinary amount of experience."[ch. 54] He goes on to say that if Suu were ever to be absorbed by another slime, "Most likely...Suu would be broken down...Everything unique about Suu will be absorbed and she'll be gone."

Suu proves her devotion to Kimihito when she battles a giant-sized slime that had escaped from Black Lily's custody and taken on a humanoid form similar to hers.[ch. 54] After absorbing another liminal's royal jelly, Suu herself grows to giant-size and wins the battle with some help from Kimihito and Rachnera, but when Kimihito is absorbed inside the other slime, Suu sacrifices herself to save him. However, before she can be completely absorbed, Kimihito is able (in a totally unique fashion) to save and rescue her core, which contains everything about her including her consciousness and personality.[ch. 55]

She refers to Kimihito as Master (マスター, Masutā).

Meroune "Mero" Lorelei[edit]

Voiced by: Haruka Yamazaki (Japanese); Maggie Flecknoe (English)[5][6][2]

Meroune Lorelei (メロウヌ・ローレライ, Merounu Rōrerai) or simply Mero (メロ) is a mermaid and the fifth girl. She has pale human skin and blue eyes, her hair and tail are pink with yellow fins, and in private she tends to wear a skimpy two-piece bathing suit made of fabric that has been specially treated so it won't slide off her slippery skin.[ch. 17] She's always polite and friendly, but sometimes can be unknowingly insensitive. To move around on dry land, she needs a wheelchair. In public, she uses a long dress with hat and frilly cuffs to hide her tail, webbed hands and spiny ears, giving her a Gothic Lolita appearance. She can effortlessly blend in with the crew of a maid cafe, with a little help from Suu.[ch. 18]

She initially meets Kimihito when he prevents her runaway wheelchair from crashing; later, Ms. Smith forces her on the household without bothering to ask first. Mero (whether consciously or unconsciously, it's not yet certain which) projects an aura that causes people to treat her with great respect and deference, and has been treated like royalty at the local aquarium, where she performed with the dolphins,[ch. 19] and by Cerea, who believes her to actually be royalty. It is later revealed in Chapter 34 that Mero is indeed royalty, specifically a princess, as her mother is the queen of the merfolk.

She seems to have a masochistic side, as she enjoyed Miia's cooking (despite foaming from the mouth) and doesn't mind being tied up by Rachnera. She is a great fan of Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Little Mermaid" (as, according to her, all mer-people are) and dreams about falling in all kinds of tragic love, earning her the title of "Tragedy freak" from Miia; however, when she actually falls in love with Kimihito and sees him with Miia, she realizes that tragic love actually hurts, and in Chapter 30 the hope and possibility of becoming Kimihito's bride makes her so happy that she seems to have abandoned the dream of being his mistress (although still remaining in "tragic heroine mode").[ch. 30]

In Chapter 43, it is revealed that she helps supplement the Kurusu family expenses with money sent to her by her mother. She would like to get a part-time job, but her mother has forbidden it, so she helps with Papi and Suu's home-study as a teacher.[ch. 43]

She refers to Kimihito as Beloved (だんな様, Danna-sama) in the official English translation of the manga and Master in the English dub of the anime.

Rachnera "Rachnee" Arachnera[edit]

Voiced by: Sakura Nakamura (Japanese); Courtney Lomelo (English)[5][6][2]

Rachnera "Rachnee" Arachnera (ラクネラ・アラクネラ, Rakunera Arakunera) is an Arachne and the sixth girl: her top half is mostly human, while her bottom half is a gigantic spider. She has lavender hair and has six red monochromatic eyes. Her spider parts, forearms and hands are black, covered in a chitinous exoskeleton, with a pale skull pattern on her secondary abdomen. She was nicknamed "Rachnee" (ラク姉, Rakunee, lit. big sis Rach) by Papi, and has also picked up the nickname "Spidey".

When she is introduced, she has been abandoned by her first host family and abused by the second (who was never legally entitled to be her host family and had illegally bought the host family rights from her first family). She became embittered and mistrustful of humans, and when she heard about Kimihito she abducted him in order to disprove his kindness. The plan failed, as Kimihito unwittingly managed to charm her: first by not being freaked out by her spider body (and telling her that he thought her spider legs "sexy"[ch. 15]) and then by intending to surrender to the MON team sent to arrest Rachnera (thinking that they were actually attempting to arrest him) while Rachnee was quietly planning to escape using him as a hostage.

Rachnera is clever and streetwise, thinks that it is alright to break rules as long as nobody finds out and manipulates Ms. Smith (who, as her Coordinator, had been totally negligent about her and her situation) into assigning her to Kimihito's household much to the discomfort of Miia and Cerea, who are especially wary as Rachnera is a fearsome-looking predator (Miia even more so as Rachnera makes passes at Kimihito and attempts to seduce him).[ch. 16] Rachnera enjoys annoying most of the household and hones her web-making skills by setting traps for everyone which typically result in them being unwillingly tied up in bondage positions (except Lilith [see below], who turns out to be a masochist).[ch. 23] The only one she can't ensnare is Suu - the webs simply pass through her - who usually responds with launching sexual counter-assaults on Rachnee, much to the amusement of the other home-stays. However, Rachera's skills as a trapper also make her an expert fisherwoman[ch. 35], and her thread-spinning skills are not only useful in making her own clothes from her own silk but also prove invaluable in taking down a giant-sized slime liminal trying to absorb Kimihito.[ch. 55]

Coffee affects Rachnera like alcohol since Arachnes, like regular spiders, get intoxicated from caffeine.

There is no doubt that Rachnera has strong feelings for Kimihito, but has a strange way of showing them, including tying him up in strange bondage positions; however, it's possible that she uses this method to cover up her embarrassment at her own feelings, but Kimihito is able to see past her tough exterior and understand her true feelings...which makes her even more embarrassed.[ch. 30]. When Lala (see below) announces that she has come for Kimihito, she initially defends him, but in spite of her affection for him believes Lala to be a "Grim Reaper" and quickly gives up, wanting Lala to "put him out of his misery" and "end [his] suffering", radiating utter hopelessness.[ch. 24]

She helps supplement the Kurusu household finances by supplying laboratories and businesses with her silk for study, for which she charges a hefty fee.[ch. 43] When she finds out that The President has sent Kimihito to work off the girls' debts at the dairy farm, she totally and completely loses her temper and punishes him in her own inimitable style.[ch. 57] However, she agrees to work for him by temporarily interviewing potential home-stay Hosts so as to help pay off the debt,[ch. 58] but her wrath at learning the circumstances and Kimihito's situation at the dairy farm is terrible to behold, and she comes to get him when his farm-stay is concluded.[ch. 59]

She refers to Kimihito as Honey (ハニー, Hanī).


Voiced by: Ai Kakuma (Japanese); Carli Mosier (English)[7][2]

Lala (ララ, Rara) is a Dullahan and the seventh housemate. She speaks with an Irish accent (in the English dubbing of the anime, the accent is missing). Her head is actually detachable from her body (which can act independently, suggesting a symbiotic relationship), which can be quite upsetting for other people (especially Miia) when it accidentally falls off, and she has long pale blue/gray (almost light purple) hair, skin the same color as her hair (in emotionally stressful situations such as embarrassment, her skin turns black),[ch. 38] and yellow eyes with black sclera. She carries a large scythe with a half-circle cutout (the blade is extremely dull as she never sharpens it)[vol. 6: "Secrets of Lala the Dullahan"] and wears gauntlets and a mixture of schoolgirl clothes combined with a long dustcoat of the type used in Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns.

When she first appears, she pretends to be a "shinigami" (the near-equivalent of the Grim Reaper), and the girls actually believe the story (she initially enters the house without her head — it had fallen off and rolled down a hill into a park).[ch. 23] She declares Kimihito to be "[trembling] on the verge of Death"; in the ensuing chaos, the girls' desperate attempts to save him from her prove considerably more dangerous than her threats.

Despite her frightening attitude, her metaphor-filled language and her air of grandeur, Lala is very sociophobic and has trouble interacting with strangers or talking about her true feelings in public.[ch. 38][ch. 39] Kimihito realizes that she is just having a "middle school syndrome" in which she acts as if she has supernatural powers (though she actually does),[ch. 51] and Ms. Smith has to remind Lala that bad things will happen to her if she really manages to hurt somebody, causing Lala to hide behind Kimihito. She then demands to stay at Kimihito's to be able to "watch over him"; Ms. Smith and the other girls agree, and she becomes part of the household.[ch. 24]

It is eventually revealed that she is a genuine Psychopomp,[ch. 30] and so far Kimihito is the only one aware of this fact. However, her presence is not the reason why Kimihito hasn't yet died from his repeated injuries; she tells him that it's his own inner strength and feelings that keeps him alive. This, coupled with his genuine kindness towards the girls, has caused Lala to fall for him as well, though she refuses to fight over him: by her reasoning, as a dullahan she will take possession of his soul once he finally dies, and they will be together then.[ch. 30] Her powers are demonstrated when she consigns the evil spirit of Curie's father (see "Curie Drakulya" below) to the afterlife (but she is careful to quickly disappear before the others see that it was her).[ch. 51]

She generally calls other people Mortal (人間, Ningen) and to date has no nickname for Kimihito.

Kuroko Smith[edit]

Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi (Japanese); Shelley Calene-Black (English)[8][2]

Kuroko Smith (墨須黒子, Sumisu Kuroko) commonly referred to as "Ms. Smith" or just "Smith", is one of the coordinators of the exchange program. She is a caricature of a civil servant—lazy and goofing off whenever possible, pushing her work/responsibilities onto others, making errors she never admits to, neglecting to inform people about important information (like how liminals are affected by a full moon[ch. 6] or how a host family can be reimbursed for food/grocery costs[ch. 25]), considering herself severely overworked and underpaid, drinking vast amounts of coffee (she is especially fond of Kimihito's coffee, even though he tells her it's not homemade), sponging meals, etc.

She is also apparently able to command a small army of "Men In Black" and the "MON" (Monster Ops: Neutralization) liminal SWAT team, and is backed by large financial assets. She also demonstrates a powerful presence when angry, proving capable of getting unruly individuals back in line.

She tends to behave friendly (but rather mockingly) towards Kimihito, but she seems to also have a great deal of respect for him due to his being able to survive day-to-day living with his liminal house-guests. However, that hasn't stopped her from either assigning liminals to live with him or having his parents’ house remodeled several times to accommodate the liminal girls living there, without asking for permission first![ch. 1] She also never hesitates to freeload both herself and the MON girls off him for meals.

Her first name is only revealed in the official merchandise.[citation needed]

She calls Kimihito Darling (だぁりんクン, Dārin-kun), sarcastically mocking Miia's pet term for him.

The MON (Monster Ops: Neutralization) team[edit]

The MON (Monster Ops: Neutralization, in the Japanese version: Monsters of a New Law (モンスターズ・オブ・ア・ニューロゥ)) team is commanded by Ms. Smith.


Voiced by: Rei Mochizuki (Japanese); Kira Vincent-Davis (English)[9][2]

Zombina (ゾンビーナ) is a zombie and the field leader of MON. She is dead, but has become zombified in an undisclosed way.[ch. 11] She acts and moves like a normal person, but cannot feel pain and seems to be indestructible: she has been riddled with bullets, stepped on during Kii's rampage, crushed under Tio, etc., and always appears fine afterward. Now and again, some body part drops off and has to be stitched back on again. At one time she deliberately does it to make Kimihito freak out, but against her will she is impressed by how calmly he takes it (and that he is able to sew it back on, considering that the body part in question was her breast)—and that he just treats her like a normal girl; both these skills/traits, plus his courage and self-sacrifice, not only come in useful but also completely flummox her (as well as expose her own "sensitive side") when she and Kimihito are being pursued by Shiishii (see "Supporting Characters" below).[ch. 39]

She likes horror films, particularly zombie films (especially with Romero-type zombies), has a well-developed (but somewhat morbid and at times inappropriate) sense of humor (which causes her to spring Doppel's pranks prematurely when helping with them)[ch. 40] and a rather shrill and loud laugh.

She refers to Kimihito as Loverboy (彼氏クン, Kareshi-kun).


Voiced by: Momo Asakura (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English)[9]

Manako, a cyclops (called "Monoeye" in the English dubbing of the anime), is a petite and polite woman with straight dark purple hair in a bob cut who suffers from very low self-esteem. She is shy, feels intensely that she is different from "ordinary" people and sees herself as a "monster", and because of this insecurity mischievous characters like Lilith and Doppel are easily able to toy with her. She cannot comprehend that Kimihito treats her as an ordinary girl, and his ability to look her in the eye (literally) without looking away leaves her totally flustered. In Chapter 42, with Kimihito's help, she begins to work on getting over her self-esteem problems (with the result that she may become infatuated with Kimihito too).[ch. 42]

Manako's personality issues stand in sharp contrast to her job: due to her extraordinary high resolution vision, she is a keen observer and the sniper of the MON team. Her abilities enables her to reliably, precisely and accurately hit 5x5cm (2x2 inches) targets at a distance of 2 km in rapid fire during windy conditions,[ch. 11] which makes her one of the world's finest snipers.

To date, Manako does not have a nickname for Kimihito; in the official English translation of the manga, she is currently the only liminal to address him by his actual first name;[ch. 42] in the Japanese version, she refers to Kimihito as Kareshi-san (彼氏さん), which in this case translates as "Mr. Boyfriend".


Voiced by: Yurika Kubo (Japanese); Christina Stroup (English)[9][2]

Tionishia (ティオニシア), or Tio, is an ogre, but contrary to traditional and popular conceptualization of ogres she is rather attractive, with long blonde hair and darkly tanned skin. She is unnaturally tall with an estimated height of about 2.26 meters (7'5"), and has a short, sharp horn with a square cross-section on her forehead.[ch. 11] She is relatively well-proportioned, except for a large bust that makes Centorea's look average, even though she seems to be eating snacks most of the time. While on duty with MON, she wears a suit of heavy-duty ballistic armor, is resourceful and determined, and functions as a living tank in order to protect and liberate hostages. Off work, she's into all sorts of girlish clothing, pop music and cute things.

In spite of her size and strength, Tio manages to be rather cute and non-threatening, capable of easing those around them with her warm embrace and kind demeanor;[ch. 22] this extremely warm, calming and soothing aura she exudes affects anyone, human or liminal, that comes within her embrace.[ch. 41] She is delighted that Kimihito is a skillful tailor and will alter human clothing to fit her (as he does for Miia), as due to her size most of her outfits (especially her lingerie) must be custom-made.

She refers to Kimihito as Snookums (彼氏ちゃん, Kareshi-chan).


Voiced by: Saori Ōnishi (Japanese); Emily Neves (English)[9][2]

Doppel (ドッペル, Dopperu) calls herself a doppelgänger (and "The Faceless One")[vol. 10: Technicolor "Watching the MON Girls Wake Up" Side Story], but is actually a shapeshifter.[vol. 3: "Doppelganger: Doppel's Delights"] Her usual form is that of a 14 to 18-year-old girl with grey-brown skin, clad only in a whirl of her own ankle-long white hair, and her sclera are black (her true appearance is unknown, but is hinted to be very Lovecraftian[ch. 40]). In MON, Doppel usually uses her abilities for infiltration; in one case, where Ms. Smith is not allowed to physically harm a liminal criminal due to the Interspecies Accord, she impersonates Ms. Smith and does the job to perfection (leaving Ms. Smith free as "Doppel" to physically punish the criminal).[ch. 11]

Doppel is mischievous and easily bored, and doesn't mind messing with people just for fun and excitement.[ch. 22][ch. 40] It is later revealed that she was the one who sent a threatening note to Kimihito promising him death if he ever got married (hoping that it would force him to choose one of the girls to marry rather than keep amassing a "harem"),[ch. 22] and when a second threatening letter arrives she is suspected of writing that one too until it is revealed that Lala was the actual sender.

To date, Doppel is the only MON member who doesn't seem to feel any romantic attraction to Kimihito, but she is able to convince (i.e., blackmail) him into helping her with some of her pranks and he is able to get her to wear clothes (much to the shock of the other MON members).[ch. 40]

She refers to Kimihito as Buddy (彼氏ィ, Kareshii).[ch. 40]

Supporting characters[edit]

The Couple[edit]

Man Voiced by: Daiki Hamano
Woman Voiced by: Ayaka Shimizu

A human man and woman who occasionally appear as minor antagonists. They are irresponsible, vulgar and obnoxious, viciously deriding liminals whenever they see them.[ch. 2][ch. 9] The man is even more malevolent than his girlfriend, with him and his gang once attempting to rape Centorea. However, with each encounter they tend to get their comeuppance, usually by Kimihito or Rachnera. The woman is known to be a follower of the ganguro fashion trend.


An average and unnamed police officer who has had quite a few run-ins with Kimihito and the gang. First introduced when arriving late on the scene after Kimihito, Papi, and Miia have rescued a little girl from a tree (a call he was originally supposed to handle).[ch. 2] He doesn't seem to handle frightening situations very well, often inspecting a certain location and wanting to leave because he finds the place too unnerving, or totally freaking out upon seeing Kimihito holding Lala's detached head to the point of actually pointing a gun at him.[ch. 25] He also displays a constant tendency to be late responding to important calls.

In the anime, his appearances are a lot more frequent as opposed to the manga. Okayado has revealed on his Twitter that without his hat, the Policeman shows a great resemblance to the Eight Brothers from the original Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou series.[10]

JK Mako-chan[edit]

"Mako-chan" (魔女っ子JK魔子ちゃん, Majokko JK Mako-chan; Magic Girl JK Mako-chan) is the titular character of a fictional magical girl/erotic manga series appearing in Monster Musume. Her likeness is often used by Doppel as a disguise.[ch. 11][ch. 40]

Kasegi aka "The Director"[edit]

Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese); Steven Finley (English)

A human and a con artist who claims to be associated with the exchange project and bullies his way into Kimihito's house on the pretext of making a documentary, while using the alias "Kasegi". Using his ability to manipulate people, he attempts to create an exploitation film about the girls in order to steal Papi's egg and Miia's cast-off skin,[ch. 14] but is ultimately foiled by Suu and Kimihito. It is later revealed that he has kept Rachnee in his house under near-prison conditions for financial gain by selling her silk. After Rachnee has enough of him, she wraps him up with her web and leaves him to be arrested by the police; his current fate and whereabouts are unknown.

In Chapter 55, it is revealed that he is the older but worthless brother of The President of the as-yet-unnamed corporation and that before she kidnapped Kimihito, Rachnera tried to bargain with The President: her safety in return for keeping the brothers' relationship secret.[ch. 55]


Voiced by: Shiina Natsukawa (Japanese); Christina Kelly (English)[11][2]

Polt (ポルト, Poruto) is a kobold. She is the leader of the local gym, the "Sports Club Kobold", and seems to be rather hyperactive.[ch. 17] Sport is her life (any and all sports, including fishing) and she strives to provide the best possible experience for her customers. She is depicted as a fur-clad humanoid with tail and ears like a dog—she even wears a leather collar—but with a more flat, human-like face. She usually wear shorts, T-shirt and track shoes. Polt seems to be trusted to a higher degree than other liminals: she has her own business and is allowed to go out on her own.[ch. 25] When Draco and Lilith (see below) are placed on parole for being out without host family supervision, Polt is placed in charge of them.[ch. 25] She also provides a full-sized stadium (apparently owned either by her or by her people) as the venue for the duel between Cerea and her mother. She appears at the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition running a booth showcasing exercise machines, but her demonstration of one such machine (a specially designed rodeo machine) seems to get the male human viewers a little over-stimulated.[ch. 48]


Voiced by: Asami Seto (Japanese); Tiffany Terrell (English)[7][2]

Kii (キー, ) is a dryad. She is neither human nor plant but a forest spirit, and was kidnapped at a young age by human criminals who were arrested by Ms. Smith after their car crashed while trying to escape. Papi (on one of her illegal non-supervised flights) rescued her from the crash and planted her out in the forest; unfortunately, Papi forgot about her and Kii was poisoned by illegally dumped chemical waste.[ch. 20] After Kii has grown to a gigantic size and become deeply resentful of humans, Papi, Suu and Kimihito manage to detoxify her (removing the toxic nutrients from her body via a very embarrassing method) so she becomes normal again. Later, while still wary of humans, she lets Kimihito and Suu collect edible plants from the forest she protects, as long as they do no harm.[ch. 25] She now regards Papi and Suu as her friends, but barely tolerates others. She originally appeared to have a slight crush on Kimihito (verified by Suu), but currently has an opinion of him as "completely useless".[ch. 41]

Depending on available nutrients, Kii's size can vary a lot. She appears as half human-half tree, with leaves for hair and, as Dryads are mostly naked, her clothes. The discovery and use of a natural hot spring in her forest has caused speculation that Kii comes from a much warmer climate than Japan, with the colder weather causing a state of depression.[ch. 41]


Voiced by: Airi Ootsu (Japanese); Rachel Landon (English)[7][2]

Draco (ドラコ, Dorako) is a Dragonewt, a lizard-like creature with dragon wings (which are not strong enough to allow her to fly) and a powerful tail. Draco dresses in style with elegant pants, shirt and a heavy trench coat. Draco attempts to chat up Miia when Miia and Kimihito (with Mero in tow) visit the local aquarium, but quickly starts bad-mouthing Kimihito (which riles Miia) and actually ends up groping Miia. After Kimihito rescues Miia, it is discovered that "he" is actually female and a lesbian.[ch. 19]

Draco is blind to her own failings—she boasts about herself either out of narcissism or attempting to cover a bad case of self-doubt—and attempts to attack Kimihito, seeing him as an obstacle to Miia's heart (an attack thwarted by Suu, who proves that Draco apparently does share one trait with Miia --- the extreme sensitivity of the end of her tail).[ch. 25] After her first encounter with Miia and Kimihito, she is taken into custody by Ms. Smith and MON for being out without her host family and punished by being made to run a 40-kilometer marathon supervised by Polt; later, she is made to join Polt on a fishing expedition. Later, she transfers her attentions to Liz (see "Liz and Kinu" below), but her brash advances don't work, and her attempts to apologize to Miia for her previous behavior end up in a morass of misunderstanding with both Miia and Liz (thanks to Doppel's manipulation).[ch. 40] She appears at the Inter-species Cultural Exchange Exposition as the tester for a home heating system, but is totally ignored by Miia and almost immediately suffers even more embarrassment when the swimsuit she is supposed to wear (as per her contract, which she didn't read completely) turns out to be for the wrong gender, as her employers didn't realize she was female.[ch. 48]


Voiced by: Atsumi Tanezaki (Japanese); Hilary Haag (English)[7][2]

Lilith (リリス, Ririsu) is a Lesser Devil. Although actually an adult, she is petite, the size of a child, and usually uses a hoodie to hide her horns, bat wings and tail. A generally unpleasant person, she derives great joy from provoking people and sowing discord, and is not above using her appearance to make people believe she is merely an innocent child. She easily blindsides both Manako and Centorea, but is caught in the act by Rachnera; after Lilith makes the mistake of mocking Rachnera's insecurity about her spider body Rachnee abducts and turns Lilith into her personal "toy", which she enjoys, revealing that she's a masochist.[ch. 21]

After her encounter with Kimihito and Centorea (and her following "punishment" by Rachnee), she is taken into custody for being out without her host family and punished by being made to run a 40-kilometer marathon supervised by Polt. On another occasion, she tries her hypnotic tricks on Kimihito, but her hypnosis doesn't work on him (at least not in the way she hoped) and she tries to physically molest him and use the evidence to blackmail him into making Rachnera leave his house and be with her, but is caught and "punished" Rachnera-style by Doppel disguised as Rachnera.[ch. 40]

The Orcs[edit]

Orcs are humanoid, talking pigs.[ch. 11] They have a keen sense of smell—they can detect things up to a kilometer away. Apart from that, there is very little improvement over their four-legged family, especially when it comes to intelligence. The only seen Orcs were part of a small terrorist group demanding an increase of Orc content in mainstream erotic manga until they were apprehended by MON.[ch. 11] The head orc returns illegally and tries to molest both Draco and Lilith (both Doppel in disguise and the real one), but is apprehended by Doppel with some help from Kimihito.[ch. 40]

Ren Kunanzuki[edit]

Voiced by: Akane Fujita (Japanese); Juliet Simmons (English)

Ren Kunanzuki (九菜月 レン, Kunanzuki Ren) is the daughter of Rachnera's first host family, who "sold" Rachnera to Kasegi because she accidentally slashed Ren with her claws when Ren startled her. Ren wants to convince Rachnera to come back to her house, that she and her parents are truly sorry for what happened and that things will be different (statements Rachnera does not believe for a minute). She spends an entire day with the girls, believing their behavior is a series of tests to see if she's capable of handling Rachnee;[ch. 26] among the many things she ends up doing include: trying to eat Miia's cooking (only to faint from the smell), allowing herself to be molested by Suu and wearing one of Mero's Gothic Lolita outfits.

Ren is so determined to prove that she can overcome any trial or challenge that she does not hesitate to trash-talk each of the girls (perhaps without even realizing that she is insulting them). Kimihito hears her out, but, to both Ren and Rachnera's amazement (and Rachnera's delight), denies her request because he thinks she only sees Rachnera's living with her and her family as a challenge rather than accepting Rachnee as a family member. While she accepts his reasoning, it seems she still believes it is some sort of test; she leaves vowing to return when she has "turned over a new leaf" and proven "that [she] can overcome this trial too!".

Miia's Mother[edit]

Like Miia, she is a Lamia, and she appears to be, on the surface, rather young, but her actual age is unknown. She is extremely forward, with her intentions to find a 'Tribal Husband', going so far as poisoning all the girls of the Kurusu household with a paralytic toxin, so that she can force Kimihito and Miia into a shotgun wedding. While she does put the needs of the Tribe before herself, she does care about Miia deeply and eventually consents to leaving Kimihito to Miia alone, after seeing his determination and his kind nature. This does not stop her from trying to sleep with him in competition with Miia, only for both of them to be captured and stopped by Rachnera. Her name is not currently known.

Papi's Mother[edit]

Like Miia's mother, she is very young, but she is visually identical to Papi, save for her having long, bleached hair and tanned skin. She sent a letter to Papi, but accidentally enclosed a picture of herself with her husband to Papi with the letter, resulting in a mix-up in which Kimihito and the others assumed that Papi was the harpy in the picture and in which Papi assumed that her mother had come to take her home, as Harpies, as a rule, do not stay in one place for too long due to their free nature as a species.

She eventually cleared up the entire situation by revealing the truth of the photo: it had been taken before Papi was born, and she had only changed her appearance later to match her husband's taste. With Papi and Kimihito confused by the fact that Papi's mother was still staying with her husband, she revealed that harpies don't follow any rules and so there isn't any problem for Papi to stay with Kurusu.

Centorea's Mother[edit]

She came to see Centorea under the pretext of meeting her daughter's 'teaser': an attractive human male used to "warm up" a female centaur so that the more-rugged male centaur could then mate. When Centorea revealed that Kimihito was not a "teaser" and her intention to disobey this custom and serve Kimihito as her master, her mother refused to accept this, which resulted in a duel between the two of them. When the duel ended in a draw, Centorea's mother accepted Cerea's choice and then revealed her true intention: to prove Centorea's strength as one of half-human descent, at the same time revealing Cerea as a centaur-human cross-breed. She raised Cerea with strict ideas of Knighthood and the necessities of being a knight and serving one's master, which often manifest in Cerea's personality and ideals.


A Yuki-onna or "Snow-Woman" who works as the proprietor of a mixed-gender onsen or hot springs resort catering to both liminals and humans; however, her cold and rather intimidating demeanor drove the human customers away. She is a tall, elegant woman with pale blue skin and no pupils, with the power to control ice, but she can lose control if her emotions are too intense. In order to withstand heat in certain areas of the resort, she uses a special environment suit. She told Kimihito how she chose to work as proprietor after her home stay when she fell in love with the young owner of the resort and now she trains herself to withstand the heat better. Thanks to Cerea's advice, in order to attract customers she now organizes dating events at the mixed baths between both humans and liminals. She also eventually learns how to smile, and it is at her resort that an embarrassing fact about Kimihito is learned.[ch. 31]

Ils Nineta[edit]

Ils Nineta (ルズ・ナインティ, Ruzu Nainti) is a Nine-tailed fox (九尾の狐, Kyūbi no Kitsune) who's having her home stay at a shrine in the same area as Yukio's resort. In her default form, she looks like a girl with fur, fox's ears, nose and teeth, and nine fox tails. Like Doppel, she can transform into nearly anything, but that only applies to herself, not her clothes. Since her shrine is having some money issues, Kimihito, Miia and Rachnee help her make a Magical Girl show in order to attract visitors. She transforms into an older version of herself while Rachnera weaves clothes for her during the act. The show is successful and a group of guys ask to work with her in future shows (although Miia and Rachnera believe she plays the villain better than as the Magical Girl). The shrine priest eventually finds out, and she's punished by being denied her favorite Inari sushi;[ch. 32] however, this does not stop her from trying to start the show up again.[ch. 43]


A Minotaur that is having her home stay at a dairy farm alongside Merino, Ton, and Cott. She's a very tall and muscular woman, with a statuesque height of 2.31 meters,[vol. 8: "The Secrets of Cathyl, Merino, Ton & Cott"] with bull horns, a long black and white ponytail, hoofed feet and a cow-tail and ears. As a "milk minotaur", Cathyl also possesses massive breasts (Q-cup) that need to be milked frequently and ends up insisting that Kimihito do it (since she was too embarrassed to ask Merino). However, despite the fact that milk minotaurs as a whole tend to be calm and reserved, Cathyl is unusually emotional,[vol. 8: "The Secrets of Cathyl, Merino, Ton & Cott"] and due to her short temper her relationship with the ranch's owner was in trouble when she thought he was having affairs with other women. It turns out he was just talking about the ranch's livestock, and they make up after Cathyl realizes her mistake.[ch. 33] She appears at the Inter-species Cultural Exchange Exposition with Merino running a Milking Experience booth (milking cows and sheep, to Kimihito's relief).[ch. 48] When Kimihito starts working at the Black Lily Innovations dairy farm she is helping run for the President (see below), despite her tough attitude she seems to have pleasant memories of Kimihito's previous interaction with her[ch. 43] and asks him to help relieve her backed-up milk problem (she hates using milking machines).[ch. 56] When the other Minotaur girls find out that Kimihito is helping her "express" by hand, they all start demanding "personal service" which for some personal reason makes her even more bad-tempered.[ch. 57]


A Pan who is having her home stay at a dairy farm alongside Cathyl, Ton, and Cott. She's a young woman with ram-like horns and rectangular pupils, whose body is covered in wool that needs to be sheared on occasion.[vol. 8: "The Secrets of Cathyl, Merino, Ton & Cott"] She asks Kimihito to shear her (since coincidentally she was also too embarrassed to ask Cathyl) and after the ranch's owner brings in new helpers, she no longer has to worry about getting sheared.[ch. 33] She appears at the Inter-species Cultural Exchange Exposition with Cathyl running a Milking Experience booth (milking cows and sheep, to Kimihito's relief).[ch. 48] She is next seen helping to run the Black Lily Innovations dairy farm with Cathyl.[ch. 56] She tries to protect Kimihito when the Satyr girls start coming onto him (under the guise of getting him to teach them how to do housework and especially how to milk) by offering herself as a "test subject" to teach proper milking techniques.[ch. 58]

Cott & Ton[edit]

A pair of Vegetable Lamb of Tartary twins who are having their home stay at a dairy farm alongside Cathyl and Merino. They're twins with tanned skin, small goat horns and rather mischievous dispositions. Similar to Merino, they have fleece-like cotton on their bodies that also needs to be sheared on occasion and after the ranch's owner brings in new helpers, they no longer have to worry about the problem.[ch. 33]

Liz and Kinu[edit]

A pair of rather dim-witted agents from a private security company in charge of protecting V.I.P. liminals. Liz is a Lizard and, like Draco, has scales and a lizard tail, while Kinu is an Oni: tall with reddish skin and two short horns. While Liz chides Kinu for being foolish, she's no better herself since she's a terrible driver. They were hired to guard someone classified as "X.O." and believed that person was Suu, so they carried her around throughout the day. When they believed they were being followed by Lala, they hid with Kimihito inside a locker and later confronted Draco and Lilith, only to be stopped by Ms. Smith. It turns out that the person they were actually hired to protect was Mero (メロ), and she motivates them into not giving up in their jobs.[ch. 34] They also enjoy playing role-playing games.[ch. 40]

Sebasstian and Flounnder[edit]

Sebasstian (サバスチャン, Sabasuchan) and Flounnder (ポチョムキンメ, Pochomukinme) are a pair of Fishfolk and butlers sent to bring Mero home under orders from Mero's Mother, the Mermaid Queen. Both look like humanoid fishes with arms and legs, and with webbing between their fingers. Fishfolk are capable of breathing air and, ironically enough, are more capable on land than the far more humanoid Mermaids thanks to their functioning legs.[ch. 35] They are totally terrified of being blamed for anything, and when Mero went missing they simply stayed back while Kimihito and the girls did all the work, since they didn't wanted to lose their jobs for trying to bargain with Octo on a previous occasion.[ch. 36] Their names are based on the secondary characters from Disney'sThe Little Mermaid franchise.


A Scylla that apparently kidnapped Mero. She looks like a young woman with octopus tentacles instead of legs, octopus pupils, and tentacles for hair. After Miia and Cerea were incapacitated by the giant anemones that guard her cave and she tried to seduce Kimihito, she and Rachnera ended in a standoff. The standoff was broken by Suu, who proceeded to molest both of them. Once everyone calms down, she and Rachnera develop a mutual respect for each other and their techniques. It turns out that she hadn't kidnapped Mero, she simply wanted her help in dealing with a bothering situation: Octo has no magic abilities whatsoever, but people seeking magical solutions to their problems keep on bothering her, so she wanted Mero to use her authority as a princess to clear the misunderstanding; her reputed "evil magical powers" are also being blamed for the rise in merpeople elopement with humans. Unfortunately, Mero has no real authority, but Kimihito's idea about clearing up the misunderstandings about Octo (which delights Octo immensely, to Miia and Cerea's annoyance) causes Mero to suggest that they address the problem to her mother, the Mermaid Queen.[ch. 36]

The Mermaid Queen (aka: Mero's Mother)[edit]

Mero's mother and ruler of the Mermaid Kingdom, whose husband the King (a human) eloped with a mermaid. She orders Mero to end her home-stay with Kimihito and has been deceiving her people into believing that human-merfolk relations are collapsing because of elopements between them and that Octo is both responsible for this and trying to harm Mero.[ch. 36] It turns out that she is even more of a "tragedy freak" than her daughter, that she is secretly involved with a human male and that she has done all this in order to create a gigantic tragedy.

She tries to kill Kimihito to make Mero remember "how sweet Tragic Romance can taste!",[ch. 37] but she ends up putting Mero and herself in peril as well when her trap devices go haywire. Mero's willingness, even though being injured through the Queen's actions, to sacrifice herself to save Kimihito makes the Queen change her mind, and she informs her people about her human lover (without revealing her deception) and that relationships between merfolk and humans are allowed. She continues to make her presence felt in her daughter's life by adding certain innovations to Kimihito's house (without his approval or even his knowledge)[ch. 45] and buying her daughter a completely new (and motorized) wheelchair.[ch. 51]

Yuuhi Hajime[edit]

Yuuhi Hajime (一 夕日, Hajime Yūhi)[vol. 10: "The Secrets of Shiishii"] is a young, terminally-ill girl that Lala befriends while visiting Kimihito in the hospital. In order to save Yuuhi's life without breaking the rules she as a "guide of lost souls" must follow, Lala turns a willing Yuuhi into a Zombie using one of Zombina's teeth (which she stole from Zombina),[ch. 38] an action for which it is later learned her parents are extremely grateful, although the MON girls have to be suspended from duty (a move to appease the press; it actually amounts to less than a slap on the wrist).[ch. 39]


A Jiangshi from Taiwan and an old acquaintance of Zombina (since they're both undead) who is apparently desperate to get herself a Japanese marriage partner in order to attend fujoshi/yaoi events more easily; hence she would frequently smuggle herself into Japan despite strict supervision by the Cultural Exchange Bureau. She is a regular practitioner of Tai Chi, which helps her in overcoming her rigor mortis, and thus makes her unusually agile for her kind, who generally move about in short hops due to the aforementioned rigor mortis. Very skilled with throwing weapons, she managed to dismember Zombina but, thanks to Kimihito's assistance, was defeated with special rock salt bullets used by Zombina. After admitting defeat, she becomes curious about the relationship between Kimihito and Zombina. She and Zombina end up dragging Kimihito to a doujinshi event as their "date".[ch. 39]

Killa the Killer Bee[edit]

A insect-type liminal derived from the killer bee, she is described by Ms. Smith as one of three dangerous illegal or "rogue" liminals who have entered Japan. She has two compound eyes and three "simple" or "Non-compound eyes", two antennae on her head, teeth powerful enough to bite through Rachnera's thread, four insectoid wings (two fore wings and two hind wings [for more information see "Insect wing"]), four black-striped arms ending in three-fingered claws, a striped abdomen protruding from the middle of her back ending in a venom-bearing stinger and two black-striped humanoid legs ending in elongated two-toed feet.[vol. 11: "The Buzz on Killa the Killer Bee"] She also has the ability to control bees and hornets.

While Kimihito and Centorea (with Rachnera lurking close by) are camping in Kii's forest, Killa attacks Kimihito but is temporarily driven off by Centorea.[ch. 44] Kimihito and Centorea trick Killa into pursuing them and trap her inside a sauna built by Polt, where she is overcome by the heat. After she recovers, Killa reveals that she was not after Kimihito but rather Rachnera, as the Arachne was indirectly responsible for Killa's original deportation (and directly responsible for Killa's humiliation while they were both waiting for one-on-one study-abroad eligibility interviews).[vol. 11: "Origin Story"] After apologizing to Kimihito for trying to use him as a proxy, Killa warns him that the other two illegal liminals that entered alongside her are truly dangerous.[ch. 45]


A young Matango, she is described by Ms. Smith as one of three "rogue" liminals who have entered Japan illegally. She has two arms and legs, a large mushroom cap on her head, dreadlock-type head tentacles which look like hair, volva-like toe-less feet, frills on her body which might be mistaken for clothing but which in fact are part of her own body and a rather shy personality. Her four-fingered hands are large compared to her body and she has cross-shaped pupils.[vol. 11: "Mysteries of Kino the Matango"]

As a fungus-like creature, Kino constantly releases a certain amount of highly hallucinogenic spores; if she gets nervous, scared or flustered, she unconsciously starts releasing a far greater amount of these spores. Because of this, her entire species was classified as "dangerous" and prohibited from ever entering Japan. Despite this and because she wanted to make friends, Kino contacted an underworld broker (later revealed to be the President of Black Lily Innovations [see below]) who illegally smuggled her into the country alongside Killa and a third liminal. However, much to Kino's confusion, instead of accepting money as payment the broker demanded that she wander around the Kurusu house, which she did until she was found by Papi and brought into the house. After her spores are neutralized (thanks to some unexpected and unasked-for modifications to Kimihito's house courtesy of Mero's mother), Kino apologizes for the troubles she caused and warns Kimihito that the last illegal liminal scares even her.[ch. 46]

Curie Drakulya[edit]

A vampire and the third of the three "rogue" liminals who have entered Japan illegally. She is of medium height, with long straight silver-colored hair and pointed ears, and wears a floor-length caped robe with a blue-and-gold ornate collar (which hides both her bat-like wings and her A-cup breasts),[vol. 12: "Secrets of Curie the Vampire"] a headband with the same design as her robe's collar and thick-soled boots that conceal her four-toed talon-like feet. Like Papi, her wings include a talon-like thumb, but over that thumb she wears artificial hands specially designed for winged liminal species, which makes her appear more human.[ch. 50] Her most treasured possession is a locket with an upside-down crucifix on its surface containing a photograph of her and her deceased father Wladislaus. She appears to have a rather retiring personality, but assumes a very menacing personality after sundown (this menacing personality is actually the spirit of her father residing inside her locket and forcing her to commit evil acts; this evil spirit is ultimately banished by Lala before Curie can attack Papi and the locket crushed [albeit accidentally] by Cerea).[ch. 51] Curie seems to be the most UN-vampiric vampire ever: she's terrified of dark enclosed spaces (such as coffins), flying and bats, and even the sight of blood made her nauseous (although she was able to drink artificial blood while in her menacing persona).[ch. 50] It's revealed that she is actually one of the few surviving vampires left, as much of her kind have died off, since they have a very weak constitution and have been unable to turn others into vampires over the past centuries, as there is a low chance of the vampire virus taking effect. Because of this, her species is on the verge of extinction.

She is introduced at the end of Chapter 46 when she attacks Zombina, but fails because Zombina has no blood to drink - only a formaldehyde-based fluid. Curie retreats to the Inter-species Cultural Exchange Exposition, where she is found in a specially darkened room for nocturnal liminals by Papi (who falls asleep in her lap).[ch. 48] While Papi befriends Curie (all the time calling her "Kyuuri", which is Japanese for "cucumber"),[ch. 49] Ms. Smith uses Kimihito (or rather his blood) as bait to draw Curie out (causing other blood-drinking liminals to "taste" him), but things go horribly wrong when Curie attacks and kidnaps Kimihito while Ms. Smith is otherwise "occupied" (i.e., drinking and having a good time).[ch. 49] Because Kimihito is covered in bite marks (caused by the other blood-drinking liminals) and looked to be dying from blood loss, Curie assumed that she had turned him into a vampire slave; however, he turns out to be unharmed and makes an iron-rich lunch for her "since [she] was so pale [he] thought she looked anemic".[ch. 51]

In Chapter 59.5, it is learned that she had been given a house with a pool to live in by Black Lily Innovations, but found it too big to live in by herself; fortunately, Leechi, Moskii and Yatsume (see below) who hadn't been able to find a host family at the Matching Party at the Interspecies Expo and who been trying to find a place to share, overheard her and immediately proposed themselves as housemates (not really giving her a chance to say "no"). She has her own room, but sleeps in a closet hanging upside-down from the clothing bar. Thanks to her housemates' encouragement, she is now able to drink blood and has become more energetic in her personality at night.[ch. 59.5]

The President[edit]

Simply and currently known as "Mr. President", he is formally introduced in the manga in Chapter 53 as the head of Black Lily Innovations, a corporation which he calls "a perfectly legal Extra-species immigration intermediary" (although he admits others might call it "an illegal immigration broker's front" and that he is "skirting the law").[ch. 53]. However, unlike the official government Interspecies Cultural Exchange, Black Lily Innovations charges liminals a huge fee for bringing them into the country, and to cover that fee the liminals work for him "providing" (i.e. making) products that only liminals can produce, such as killer bee venom, matango spores and lamia skin shella. He is revealed as the person responsible for bringing Killa, Kino and Curie into the country and apparently at one time tried unsuccessfully to get Rachnera to sell him her silk (it is also revealed that Rachnera had seriously considered calling The President for help when she was about to be arrested for assaulting Kasegi (see above), but Kimihito's winning her over prevented that).

It is rather hard to define his personality, as he alternates between seeming to genuinely care about the liminals who work for his corporation and seemingly being more concerned with the profits that the liminal products bring, He comes across as rather "smarmy" and doesn't really fool anyone who really knows him; in fact, Rachnera states that he likes "to pose like everything is 'for someone else's benefit'" when he and/or his company will really be the ones to gain[ch. 56]; when he tries to convince Kimihito's girls to work for him, Ms. Smith firmly intervenes[ch. 53] and Rachnera firmly refuses his offer of a major position in Black Lily Innovations.[ch. 56] However, he is more than able to hold his own against Ms. Smith in an argument over liminals and the ethics involved between how the Interspecies Cultural Exchange program supposedly helps liminals and how his business supposedly helps them, and he is very skillful at exploiting loopholes in the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act, such as a dairy farm owned by his company run by female Minotaurs and Pans which secretly and illegally sells Minotaur and Pan milk.[ch. 55]

Employees of Black Lily Innovations kidnap Suu in an effort to lure back a giant-sized slime liminal, which Suu had allowed to escape while it was being transported to the Research Laboratory building, but the method he uses to capture the giant slime goes hugely wrong, causing the giant slime to assume the form of a giant-sized version of Suu, and both he and Ms. Smith end up needing to be rescued by Kimihito and the girls.[ch. 54]

In Chapter 55, it is revealed that he is the younger brother of Kasegi aka "The Director" (see above) and that before she kidnapped Kimihito, Rachnera tried to bargain with The President: her safety in return for keeping the brothers' relationship secret.[ch. 55] When Rachnera finds out that he has "convinced" (i.e. blackmailed) Kimihito to work at his company's dairy farm (see above) in order to pay off the other girls' debts, she agree to temporarily work for him to help pay off the debt (although she does vent her rage on him in her own inimitable style).[ch. 57]

The Dairy Farm Minotaur Girls[edit]

These are some of the more prominent Minotaur girls at Black Lily Innovations' (see "The President" above) dairy farm:

  • Mil runs the farm. Described by Kimihito himself as a "big sister"-type figure to everybody who works at the farm.[ch. 57] Although Mil admits she carries the burden of the farm on her shoulders, she greatly appreciates Kimihito's help and support and claims he is what's truly holding the farm together. Making it clear she's smitten by him, Mil asks him to stay with her at the farm.[ch. 57] She refers to Kimihito as Farmboy.
  • Chizu is very forward and out-spoken, not hesitating to say exactly what's on her mind (even if it totally embarrasses Kimihito).[ch. 57]
  • Cara is a darker-skinned Minotaur, described by Kimihito as "the strongest girl on the farm after Cathyl".[ch. 57] She is not very talkative and quite emotionally sensitive, although her always appearing upset makes the other girls afraid of her. However, Kimihito has been able to see past her outward show, and she is very helpful with some of Kimihito's minor chores (although her preference of being milked face-to-face makes the other girls think that she is flirting with him).
  • Urt is very shy and timid and has the largest chest of all the Minotaur girls. She seems to be the only one who prefers being milked by Kimihito in the tradition milking position, feeling "too embarrassed [when milked] from the front and too spooked [when milked] from behind" (a feeling she keeps secret from all the other girls); this causes her "sessions" with Kimihito to be more private than the others. She has confessed to him her belief that he is the only male she can trust.[ch. 57]
  • Cream is described as "the shortest Minotaur on the farm" and prefers to order Kimihito about. Because of her physical size (190 centimeters tall) is self-conscious about her breast size (J-cup). To try and augment her chest size, she insists on a chest massage after every bath (and after being milked).[ch. 57]

The Satyrs[edit]

The Satyrs are the third group of liminal girls working at the Black Lily dairy farm. Far more erotically inclined than the Minotaurs or the Pans, they originally go after Kimihito (as he's the only male there), but after learning and mastering his special "milking by hand" technique, they turn their attentions to the other girls (in their own words, they "don't have any sexual hang-ups") and practically take over the dairy farm, allowing Kimihito to go home.[ch. 59]

The Bloodsucker Girls[edit]

These three liminal girls were introduced in Chapter 49 at the Matching Party at the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Expo and now share a house with Curie. The main thing all four girls have in common is that they all drink/like blood (they all agree that Kimihito, whom they knew only as "Number 99" at the party, had the tastiest blood):

  • Leechi is a leech-type liminal. Although appearing entirely female, she is hermaphroditic, keeping her male "member" in what she calls "storage mode". Since she is entirely invertebrate, she has to wear a special exoskeletal body suit, resembling a leather catsuit (and a special exoskeletal swimsuit for swimming);[ch. 59.5] in her normal form, below the chest she resembles a multi-tentacled blob (which really freaks out her housemates). She has a very brash, outgoing personality, somewhat like Zombina's.
  • Moskii is a mosquito-type liminal. Her saliva contains a special anesthetic so that being stung by her proboscis will cause no pain.[ch. 49] Physically, she is extremely slender, noting that "if [she] got any fatter, [she] wouldn't be able to fly".[ch. 59.5]
  • Yatsume is a lamprey-type mermaid liminal, with an eel-like tail rather than a mermaid's traditional fish-tail, making her resemble a lamia. Her personality seems to be more gentle and caring.

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