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This is a list of protected natural areas of New Brunswick. For other areas see List of historic places in New Brunswick.

Provincial statute[edit]

Provincial parks are managed provincially by Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture or the Department of Natural Resources. Under the New Brunswick Parks Act, provincial parks are protected from environmental encroachment, and mining, quarries and logging activities are prohibited, per amendments to the Act approved in June, 2014.[1] The wording of the Act, at the time it was enacted, included the following:

All provincial parks are dedicated to residents of the Province, visitors and future generations to:

(a) permanently protect ecosystems, biodiversity and the elements of natural and cultural heritage,
(b) provide opportunities for recreational and outdoor educational activities to promote a healthy lifestyle,
(c) provide opportunities to increase knowledge and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Province, and
(d) offer a tourism product that enhances the Province’s image as a quality vacation destination."[2]

Protected areas[edit]

Official Name Closest Municipality County Type Year designated Size km² # Camp sites Notes
Fundy National Park Alma Albert National Park 1948 206
Kouchibouguac National Park Kouchibouguac Kent National Park 1969 239
Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area Cape Jourmain Westmorland National Wildlife Area 1980 6.21
Portage Island National Wildlife Area Neguac Northumberland National Wildlife Area 1979 4.51
Portobello Creek National Wildlife Area Sheffield Sunbury National Wildlife Area 1995 19.90
Shepody National Wildlife Area Riverside-Albert Albert National Wildlife Area 1980 9.89
Tintamarre National Wildlife Area Sackville Westmorland National Wildlife Area 1977 19.90
De la République Provincial Park Edmundston Madawaska Provincial Park
Herring Cove Provincial Park Campobello Island Charlotte Provincial Park
Hopewell Rocks Hopewell Cape Albert Provincial Park
Mactaquac Provincial Park Mactaquac York Provincial Park 1965 5.25
Mount Carleton Provincial Park Saint-Quentin Restigouche Provincial Park 1970 174
Murray Beach Provincial Park Murray Corner Westmorland Provincial Park
New River Beach Provincial Park New River Beach Charlotte Provincial Park
Parlee Beach Provincial Park Shediac Westmorland Provincial Park 6.4
Saint Croix Provincial Park Beaconsfield Charlotte Provincial Park
Sugarloaf Provincial Park Campbellton Restigouche Provincial Park
Anchorage Provincial Park Grand Manan Island Charlotte Provincial Park 1970 1.39
Val Comeau Provincial Park Val-Comeau Gloucester Provincial Park
Oak Bay Provincial Park Oak Bay Charlotte Provincial Park
Beechwood Provincial Park Beechwood Carleton Provincial Park
Escuminac Provincial Park Escuminac Northumberland Provincial Park
Glenwood Provincial Park Glenwood Restigouche Provincial Park
Grand Lake Provincial Park Grand Lake Queens Provincial Park closed since 2003
Lake George Provincial Park Lake George York Provincial Park
Lakeside Provincial Park Waterborough Queens Provincial Park
Little Lake Provincial Park Oromocto Sunbury Provincial Park
McGraw Brook Provincial Park McGraw Brook Northumberland Provincial Park
Middle Island Provincial Park Miramichi Northumberland Provincial Park
Muniac Provincial Park Muniac Victoria Provincial Park
Hay Island Provincial Park Neguac Northumberland Provincial Park
Oak Point Provincial Park Oak Point Kings Provincial Park
l'aboiteau Provincial Park Cap-Pele Westmorland Provincial Park
Pokeshaw Provincial Park Pokeshaw Gloucester Provincial Park
Sandy Point Provincial Park Saint John Saint John Provincial Park
Sunbury Oromocto Provincial Park Oromocto Sunbury Provincial Park
Shippagan Provincial Park Shippagan Gloucester Provincial Park
Tetagouche Falls Provincial Park Bathurst Gloucester Provincial Park Closed
The Enclosure Provincial Park Miramichi Northumberland Provincial Park
Woolastook Provincial Park Kingsclear York Provincial Park
Youghall Beach Provincial Park Bathurst Gloucester Provincial Park
Roosevelt Campobello International Park Campobello Island Charlotte International Park 1964 11
Grand Manan Bird Sanctuary Grand Manan Charlotte Bird Sanctuary 1931 2.5
Machias Seal Bird Sanctuary Machias Seal Charlotte Bird Sanctuary 1944 0.1
Baillie Settlement Baillie Charlotte Natural Protected Area
Bay du Vin Island Bay Du Vin Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Berry Brook Kedgwick Restigouche Natural Protected Area
Big Bald Mountain Northesk Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Big Rocky Brook Hayesville York Natural Protected Area
Black River Saint Margarets Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Blue Mountain Two Brooks Victoria Natural Protected Area
Bull Pasture Bog Maugerville Sunbury Natural Protected Area
Cains River Howard York Natural Protected Area
Caledonia Gorge Riverside-Albert Albert Natural Protected Area
Canaan Bog Canaan Station Westmorland Natural Protected Area
Canoose Flowage Andersonville Charlotte Natural Protected Area
Clarke Brook Lakeville Carleton Natural Protected Area
Cranberry Lake Canaan Forks Queens Natural Protected Area
Dionne Brook Kedgwick Restigouche Natural Protected Area
Dowdall Lake Fundy National Park Saint John Natural Protected Area
Dungarvon Whooper Spring Woodlot Blackville Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Eel River Eel River Lake York Natural Protected Area
Foley Island Connors Madawaska Natural Protected Area
Freeze Lakes North Esk Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Glazier Lake Connors Madawaska Natural Protected Area
Goodfellow Brook Nowlanville Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Goose Lake Black Rock Gloucester Natural Protected Area
Gooseberry Cove South Musquash Saint John Natural Protected Area
Goulette Brook Macabee Restigouche Natural Protected Area
Gover Mountain Plaster Rock Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Grand Lake Minto Queens Natural Protected Area
Hovey Hill Irish Settlement Kings Natural Protected Area
Howard Brook Howard Brook Carleton Natural Protected Area
Jacquet River Gorge Jacquet River Restigouche Natural Protected Area
Kennedy Lakes Renous Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Little Salmon River Hammondvale Saint John Natural Protected Area
Little Tomoowa Lake Welsford Charlotte Natural Protected Area
Loch Alva Grand Bay–Westfield Saint John Natural Protected Area
MacFarlane Brook Kedgwick Restigouche Natural Protected Area
McCoy Brook Edmundston Madawaska Natural Protected Area
McDougalls Brook Balmoral Restigouche Natural Protected Area
McManus Hill Mechanic Settlement Kings Natural Protected Area
Miscou Grande Plaine Miscou Island Gloucester Natural Protected Area
Mount Elizabeth North Esk Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Musquash River South Musquash Saint John Natural Protected Area
Nepisiguit Mount Carleton Northumberland Natural Protected Area
New River New River Beach Charlotte Natural Protected Area
Oak Mountain Limestone Carleton Natural Protected Area
Patchell Brook Plaster Rock Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Phillipstown Phillipstown Queens Natural Protected Area
Picadilly Mountain Picadilly Kings Natural Protected Area
Point Wolfe River Gorge Mitchells Corner Albert Natural Protected Area
Pollard Brook Kedgwick Restigouche Natural Protected Area
St. Croix River Islands Beaconsfield Charlotte Natural Protected Area
Shinnickburn Shinnickburn Northumberland Natural Protected Area
South Kedgwick River Kedgwick Restigouche Natural Protected Area
Spednic Lake Saint Croix York Natural Protected Area
Tabusintac Tabusintac Northumberland Natural Protected Area
Tay River Stanley York Natural Protected Area
Two Mile Brook Fen Lakeville Carleton Natural Protected Area
Upper Thorn Point Brook Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-Restigouche Restigouche Natural Protected Area
Upsalquitch Forks Popelogan Depot Restigouche Natural Protected Area
Whitehorse Island Deer Island Charlotte Natural Protected Area
Williamstown Lake Deerville Carleton Natural Protected Area
Wilson Brook Albert Mines Albert Natural Protected Area
Bantalor Bantalor York Provincial Wildlife Area
Becaguimec Maplewood York Provincial Wildlife Area
Big Tracadie River Allardville Gloucester Provincial Wildlife Area
Burpee Island View York Provincial Wildlife Area
Canaan River Canaan Station Westmorland Provincial Wildlife Area
Kedgwick Kedgwick Restigouche Provincial Wildlife Area
Lepreau River Lepreau Charlotte Provincial Wildlife Area

Provincial Wildlife Management Areas.[3][edit]

National Wildlife Management Areas[edit]

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