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This is a list of air bases of the Pakistan Air Force. There are a total of 17 air bases, which are classified into two categories: flying bases and non-flying bases. Flying bases are operational bases from which aircraft operate during peacetime and wartime; whereas non-flying bases conduct either training, administration, maintenance, or mission support.[1]

Air Base[1] Location Command Wing Squadron Aircraft
PAF Base Masroor Karachi Southern Air Command No. 32 (Tactical Attack) Wing No. 2 MR
No. 4 EW
No. 7 TA
No. 8 TA
No. 84 SAR
JF-17 Thunder
ZDK-03 AEW&C Karakoram Eagle
Mirage-IIIEA ROSE-I, Mirage 5PA2/3
Mirage IIIDE,5EF
Alouette III
PAF Base Shahbaz Jacobabad Southern Air Command No. 39 (Tactical) Wing No. 5
No. 11 MR
No. 88 SAR
F-16 C/D Block 52+
F-16 A/B
Leonardo AW139
PAF Base Samungli Quetta Southern Air Command No. 31 (Air Superiority) Wing No. 23 AS
No. 28 MR
No. 85 SAR
JF-17 Thunder
Alouette III
PAF Base Bholari Thatta Southern Air Command - No. 19 OCU F-16 A/B Block 15ADF
PAF Base Faisal Karachi Southern Air Command No. 40 (Air Mobility) Wing No. 21 ATS C-130
PAF Base Mushaf Sargodha Central Air Command No. 38 (Tactical) Wing No. 9 MR
No. 24 EW
CCS F-16
CCS Mirage
No. 82 SAR
F-16 A/B
Falcon 20 F/G
F-16 A/B
Mirage 5PA
JF-17 Thunder
Alouette III
PAF Base Rafiqui Shorkot Central Air Command No. 34 (Tactical Attack) Wing No. 15 TA
No. 22 OCU
No. 25 TA
No. 27 TA
No. 83 SAR
Mirage III
Mirage 5 ROSE-II
Alouette III
PAF Base Peshawar Peshawar Northern Air Command No. 36 (Tactical Attack) Wing No. 26 MR
No. 17 AS
No. 81 SAR
JF-17 Thunder
Alouette III
PAF Base M.M. Alam Mianwali Northern Air Command No. 37 (Combat Training) Wing No. 1 FCU
No. 18 OCU
No. 20 OCU
No. 86 SAR
F-7P, FT-7P
F-7PG, FT-7P
Alouette III
PAF Base Minhas Kamra, Attock Northern Air Command No. 33 (Tactical) Wing No. 14 AS
No. 16 OCU
No. 3 EW
No. 87 SAR
JF-17 Thunder
JF-17 Thunder
Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C
Alouette III, Mi-171Sh
PAF Base Nur Khan Rawalpindi Northern Air Command No. 35 (Composite Air Transport) Wing No. 6 ATS
No. 10
No. 12 VIP
No. 41

Gulf Stream IV
Embraer Phenom 100, Cessna, Beech, Y-12 and various other
PAF AcademyAsghar Khan, Risalpur Risalpur Northern Air Command (Flying Training) Wing PFT

Non-flying bases[edit]

Air Base[1] Location Command
PAF Base Korangi Creek Karachi Southern Air Command
PAF Base Malir Karachi Southern Air Command
PAF Base Lahore Lahore Central Air Command
PAF Base Sakesar Sakesar Central Air Command
PAF Base Kohat Kohat Northern Air Command
PAF Base Kalabagh Nathia Gali Northern Air Command
PAF Base Kallar Kahar Kallar Kahar Northern Air Command


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