List of amateur radio magazines

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This is a list of magazines that focus on topics related to amateur radio. It is not complete by any means.

Magazine Country Language Frequency Published
Amateur Radio  Australia English Bimonthly 1933–present
The Canadian Amateur  Canada English, French Bimonthly
Canadian Int. DX Club "Messenger"  Canada English Monthly 1962-present
Radioamatööri  Finland Finnish Monthly 1950–present
CQ DL  Germany German Monthly 1972–present
Funkamateur  Germany German Monthly 1952–present
CQ ham radio  Japan Japanese Monthly 1946–present
Five Nine  Japan Japanese Monthly
Radio ZS  South Africa English Monthly Unknown
old man  Switzerland German, Italian, French Monthly 1932–2007
HBradio  Switzerland German, Italian, French Monthly 2008–present
Practical Wireless  United Kingdom English Monthly 1932–present
RadCom  United Kingdom English Monthly 1913–present
CQ Amateur Radio  United States English Monthly 1945–present
National Communications Magazine  United States English Bimonthly 1988-present
CQ VHF Magazine  United States English Quarterly 1996–2013
Electronics Illustrated  United States English Monthly 1959–1961
ham radio  United States English Monthly 1968–1990
K9YA Telegraph  United States English Monthly 2004–present
Modern Electrics  United States English Monthly 1908–1913
National Contest Journal  United States English Bimonthly 1973–present
QEX  United States English Bimonthly 1981–present
QST  United States English Monthly 1915–present
Radio News  United States English Monthly 1917–1971
73  United States English Monthly 1960–2003
WorldRadio  United States English Monthly 1971–2008
QRPp  United States English Quarterly 1993-2004
Hambrew  United States English Quarterly 1993-1997
Radio Fun (USA)  United States English Monthly 1990s

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