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This is a list of association football clubs based in Switzerland, sorted by league and division within the Swiss football league system, as of the 2016–17 season. A total of 78 clubs compete in the top four tiers of the Swiss football pyramid, divided as follows:

  • Super League (top level with 10 clubs, fully professional)
  • Challenge League (second level with 10 clubs, fully professional)
  • Promotion League (third level with 16 clubs, mixed semi-professional and amateur)
  • 1. League (fourth level with 42 clubs, comprising three regional groups with 14 clubs each, mixed semi-professional and amateur)

The Swiss football league system also includes clubs based in Liechtenstein. As of 2016, Liechtenstein has only seven clubs and no domestic league, though a domestic cup is organised annually. All clubs based in Liechtenstein therefore play in the Swiss league pyramid. Of those, only FC Vaduz competes in the fully professional levels of the Swiss league system, presently at the top level.

Super League[edit]

Main article: Swiss Super League
Club City / town
FC Basel Basel
Grasshopper Club Zürich Zürich
FC Lausanne-Sport Lausanne
FC Lugano Lugano
FC Luzern Lucerne
FC Sion Sion
FC St. Gallen St. Gallen
FC Thun Thun
FC Vaduz Liechtenstein Vaduz
BSC Young Boys Bern

Challenge League[edit]

Club City / town
FC Aarau Aarau
FC Chiasso Chiasso
FC Le Mont Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
Neuchâtel Xamax Neuchâtel
Servette FC Geneva
FC Schaffhausen Schaffhausen
FC Wil Wil
FC Winterthur Winterthur
FC Wohlen Wohlen
FC Zürich Zürich

Promotion League[edit]

Main article: 1. Liga Promotion
Club City / town
SC Cham Cham
SC Kriens Kriens
FC Basel II Basel
BSC Old Boys Basel
FC Rapperswil-Jona Rapperswil
FC Stade Nyonnais Nyon
FC Breitenrain Bern
SC Brühl St. Gallen
SC Young Fellows Juventus Zürich
FC Zürich II Zürich
FC Tuggen Tuggen
FC Köniz Köniz
FC Sion II Sion
FC La Chaux-de-Fonds La Chaux-de-Fonds
FC Bavois Bavois
FC United Zürich Zürich

1. Liga[edit]

Main article: 1. Liga Classic

Fourth level, called 1. Liga, consists of three regional groups with 14 clubs each. Group 1 contains teams from western Switzerland, the area called Romandy, which is generally French-speaking. Group 2 contains teams from central Switzerland, which is mostly German-speaking. Group 3 contains teams from eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein which contains German- and Italian-speaking regions.

Group 1[edit]

Club City / town
FC Azzurri 90 LS Lausanne
FC Bavois Bavois
SC Düdingen Düdingen
FC Echallens Echallens
FC Fribourg Fribourg
FC Grand-Lancy Lancy
FC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy Lausanne
Team Vaud M-21 Lausanne
FC Martigny-Sports Martigny
FC Meyrin Meyrin
FC Monthey Monthey
FC Oberwallis Naters Naters
US Terre Sainte Commugny
Yverdon-Sport FC Yverdon-les-Bains

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