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An advertisement showing the layout plans for Aladdin City, Florida, from the Homestead Leader
The power plant in Brewster, Florida, 1920
The visitor's center for Flamingo, Florida
Fort Jefferson, Florida is a massive but unfinished coastal fortress. It is the largest masonry structure in the Americas,[1][2] and is composed of over 16 million bricks. The fort is located on Garden Key in the lower Florida Keys within the Dry Tortugas National Park, about 70 miles (110 km) west of the island of Key West.
The intersection of SR 674/CR 39 at Fort Lonesome, Florida
Indian Key, Florida, now uninhabited
Site of the old Hampton Springs Hotel at Hampton Springs, Florida[3]
The former post office at Kerr City, Florida

This is an incomplete List of ghost towns in Florida sortable by name, county, or coordinates. Note that the county names are modern (as of 2018); in several cases, the ghost town, when inhabited, was in a different county than the modern one.

Town Other names County Latitude/Longitude Established Abandoned Status Remarks
Acron Lake 29°0.1'N 81°31.2'W
Acton Polk 28°3.2'N 81°56.0'W
Agricola Polk 27°47.3'N 81°53.3'W
Aladdin City Miami-Dade 25°34.6'N 80°27.2'W
Allenhurst Brevard 28°44.1'N 80°45.4'W
Andytown Broward 26°8.7'N 80°26.6'W
Angola Manatee 27°29'N 82°35'W
Anona Pinellas 27°53.6'N 82°49.9'W
Apix Palm Beach 26°56.6'N 80°20.6'W
Apoxsee Osceola 27°48.0'N 80°56.4'W
Arlington Citrus 28°52.2' 82°21.7'W
Atsena Otie Key Levy 29°7.3'N 83°1.6'W
Aurytown Glades 26°50.0'N 81°17.8'W
Aurytown Pinellas 28°4.8'N 82°49.9'W
Balm Hillsborough 27°44.5'N 82°12.2'W Inhabited
Bareah Polk 27°39.6'N 81°37.5'W
Barrsville Columbia 30°0'N 82°35'W
Basinger Okeechobee 27°23.3'N 81°2.0'W
Bay Harbor Bay 30°8.7'N 85°37.3'W Industrial
Bayview Lake 28°32.7'N 82°38.6'W
Bayview Pinellas 27°27.5'N 82°42.5'W Inhabited
Bean City Palm Beach 26°40.9'N 80°45.7'W
Bermont Charlotte 26°56.8'N 81°45.7'W
Bethany Manatee 27°28.4'N 82°16.2'W
Birdon Collier 25°54±'N 81°18.6'W
Boyette Hillsborough 27°49.1'N 82°13.4'W
Brewster Polk 27°45.1'N 81°58.4'W
Bryant Palm Beach 26°50.9'N 80°36.8'W
Buchanan Hardee 27°24.7'N 81°47.7'W
Bullowville Flagler 21°25'N 81°09'N
Bunce Village Pinellas 27°38.7'N 82°44.3'W
Bunkerhill Manatee 27°35.7'N 82°12.4'W
Castor Town Hillsborough 27°35±'N 82°45.7'W
Centralia Hernando 28°36.9'N 82°32.7'W
Campville Alachua 29°39.9'N 82°7.1'W
Chetwynd Lake 28°52.6'N 81°55.0'W
Chevelier Monroe 25°43'13.4"N 81°12'59.3"W
Chicora Polk 27°43.8'N 81°59'W
Chokoloskee Collier 25°48.8'N 81°21.6'W Inhabited
Chosen Palm Beach 26°42'N 80°46.8'W
Citrus Center Glades 26°48.8'N 81°14.9'W
Clifton Brevard 28°45.0'N 80°46.2'W
College Hill Hardee 27°37.7'N 81°52.3'W
Columbus Suwannee 30°23.1'N 83°10.4'W
Conant Lake 28°56.3'N 81°55.7'W
Cornwell Highlands 27°23.7'N 81°9.4'W
Cosme Hillsborough 28°06.5'N 82°34.4'W Inhabited
Craig Monroe 24.8379°N 80.7595°W [4]
Crewsville Hardee 27°25.3'N 81°35.0'W
Cromanton (Tyndall Air Force Base) Bay 30°7.0'N 85°37.6'W
Croom Hernando 28°35.4'N 82°13.7'W Inhabited
Cutler Miami-Dade 25°36.9'N 80°18.6'W
Deep Lake Collier 26°02.5'N 81°20.6'W
Deer Park Osceola 28°5.5'N 80°53.9'W Inhabited
East Goose Creek Wakulla 30°6.3'N 84°15.7'W
Eden Saint Lucie 27°16.5'N 80°14.6'W Inhabited
Edgeville Manatee 27°18.9'N 82°6.5'W
Eldora Volusia 28°54.6'N 80°49.2'W
Electra Marion 29°7.7'N 81°53.3'W
Ellaville Madison 30°23.2'N 83°10.4'W
Englewood Orange 28°23.7'N 81°30.2'W
Espanola Flagler 29°30.4 81°18.5'W Inhabited
Ethel Lake 28°50.1'N 81°26.6'W
Fairmount Citrus 28°52'47.4"N 82°32'05.2"W [5]
Fivay Pasco 28°19.9'N 82°38.4±'W
Flamingo Monroe 25°8.5'N 81°0'W
Fontaine Brevard 28°45.4'N 80°54.4'W
Fort Basinger Highlands 27°21.7'N 81°3.2'W
Fort Chokonikla Hardee 27°37.2'N 81°48.5'W
Fort Dade Hillsborough 27°35.8'N 82°45.7'W
Fort Dallas Miami Dade 25°46.6'N 80°12.1'W
Fort Denaud Hendry 26°44.7'N 81°27.9'W Inhabited
Fort DeSoto Pinellas 27°38.2'N 82°44.2'W
Fort Drum Okeechobee 27°37.6'N 80°48.4'W
Fort Jefferson Monroe 24°37.7'N 82°52.4'W
Fort King Marion 29°11.2'N 82°5.0'W
Fort Kissimmee Polk/Highlands 27°35.5'N 81°9.4'W
Fort Lonesome Hillsborough 27°42.3'N 81°8.3'W
Fort Mosé St. Johns 29°55.8'N 81°19.3'W
Fort Pickens Escambia 30°19.5'N 87°16.8'W
Freeman Hernando 28°34'N 82°33'N
Fruitcrest Palm Beach 26°37.8'N 80°44.9'W
Gaiter Marion 29°0.5'N 82°20.6'W
Gamble Plantation Manatee 27°32'N 82°32'W
Gardena Palm Beach 26°37.0'N 80°50.7'W
Gardner Hardee 27°21.1'N 81°48.1'W
Garfield Volusia 28°52.1'N 81°13.5'W
Geerworth Palm Beach 26°40.7'N 80°32.3'W
Gillette Manatee 27°36.1'N 82°31.7'W
Gladecrest Palm Beach 26°37.8'N 80°34.1'W
Goodno Glades 26°46.1'N 81°18.7'W
Green Pond Polk 28°18.6'N 81°53.9'W
Greenbay Polk 27°50.2'N 81°55.5'W
Gulf City Hillsborough 27°42.3'N 82°27.8'W Inhabited
Hague Alachua 29°46.2'N 82°25.3'W Inhabited
Haile Alachua 37°41.4'N 82°34.4'W
Hall City Glades 26°52.7'N 81°19.6'W
Hampton Springs Taylor 30°05.0'N 83°39.1'W
Hardaway Gadsden 30°37.9'N 84°44.2'W
Harker Collier 26°20.6′ N 81°20.6′W
Hawkinsville Lake 29°2.2'N 81°25.2'W
Heidtville Marion 29°3.6'N 82°20.6'W
Helen Leon 30°18.5'N 84°24.0'W
Hicoria Highlands 27°9.1'N 81°21.2'W
Hilolo Okeechobee 27°26.9'N 80°46.3'W
Holopaw Osceola 28°8.2'N 81°4.6'W Inhabited
Hopewell Hillsborough 27°55.7'N 82°07.5'W
Hopkins Brevard 28°4.2'N 80°35.9'W
Illahaw Osceola 28°1.1'N 81°1.9'W
Indian Key Monroe 24°53'N 80°41'W
Indiantown Martin 27°1.8'N 80°29.0' Inhabited
Island Grove Alachua 29°27.2'N 82°6.4'W
Jane Jay Polk 27°40.3'N 81°49.2'W
Jerome Collier 25°59.9'N 81°20.8'W Inhabited
Jessamine Pasco 28°24.8'N 82°16.2'W
Juliette Marion 29°6.2'N 82°26.4'W
Juno Palm Beach 26°50.6'N 80°3.6'W Inhabited
Kenansville Osceola 80°59.3'N 27°52.6'W
Kerr City Marion 29°22.5'N 81°46.9'W
Kicco Osceola
Kismet Lake 29°2.5'N 81°37.5'W
Koreshan Lee 26°26.0'N 81°49.0'W Inhabited
Kreamer Island Palm Beach 26°45.4'N 80°44.0'W
Lake Fern Hillsborough 28°8.9'N 82°34.8'W Inhabited
Lake Jackson Mounds Leon 30°30.0'N 84°18.5'W
Lawtey Bradford 30°2.6'N 82°4.3'W Inhabited
Leno Columbia 30°2.6'N 82°4.3'W
Limona Hillsborough 27°57.1'N 82°18.6'W Inhabited
Linden Sumter 28°33.7'N 82°2.0'W
Liverpool DeSoto 27°2.7'N 81°58.2'W
Locosee Osceola 27°45.3'N 80°54.7'W
Lulu Columbia 30°6.4'N 82°29.5'W Inhabited
Mabel Sumter 28°34.7'N 81°58.4'W
Magnolia Wakulla 30°13.2'N 84°10.5'W
Manasota Charlotte 27°0.8'N 82°24.2'W
Manhattan Manatee 27°23.1'N 82°19.2'W
Mannfield Citrus 28°47.0'N 82°26.6'W
Markham Seminole
Midland Polk 27°44.3'N 81°37.3'W
Minton's Corner Brevard 28°4.7'N 80°40.3'W
Modello Broward 26°3.0'N 80°8.8'W Dania Beach
Moffit Hardee 27°27.3'N 81°47.8'W
Montague Marion 29°9.0'N 82°4.4'W
Montbrook Levy 29°19.6'N 82°27.0'W
Muscogee Escambia 30°36.4'N 87°24.8'W
Naranja Miami-Dade 25°31.0'N 80°25.3'W Inhabited
Narcoossee Osceola 28°17.9'N 81°14.3'W Inhabited
Negro Fort Franklin 29°56.4'N 85°0.7'W
Neilson Polk 27°40.7'N 81°30.1'W
Newhall Glades 26°51.1'N 81°7.4'W
New Troy Lafayette 30°0.4'N 83°0.8'W
Newnansville Alachua 29°48.5'N 82°28.6'W
Newport Wakulla 30°12.0'N 84°10.8'W
Nittaw Osceola 27°57.2'N 81°0.0'W
Oakgrove Hernando
Okeelanta Palm Beach 26°36.6'N 80°42.7'W
Old Bethel Okaloosa 30°47.5'N 86°36.2'W
Old Providence Union 30°0.9'N 82°33.6'W
Old Town Lake 29°2.2'N 81°25.2'W
Old Venus Highlands 27°4.0'N 81°21.5'W
Olympia Martin 27°3.2'N 80°7.9'W
Ona Hardee 27°28.9'N 81°55.2'W
Orange Center Orange 28°23.7'N 81°30.2'W
Orleans Citrus 25°47.5'N 82°22.5'W
Orsino Brevard 28°31.6'N 80°39.8'W
Ortona Glades 26°48.7'N 81°18.9'W
Osceola Seminole 28°47.6'N 81°3.5'W
Oslo Indian River 27°35.2'N 80°22.8'W
Osowaw Junction Okeechobee 27°34.8'N 80°50.1'W
Old Venus Highlands
Palma Sola Manatee 27°30.7'N 82°37.9'W Inhabited
Parmalee Manatee 27°22.3'N 82°13.2'W
Parramore Jackson 30°52.3'N 84°59.9'W
Pembroke Polk 27°47.2'N 81°48.3'W Industrial
Pennsuco Miami-Dade 25°53.7'N 80°22.7'W
Perky Monroe 24°38.9'N 81°34.3'W
Peru Hillsborough 27°52.7'N 82°19.1'W
Peters Miami-Dade 25°35.9'N 80°21.2'W
Poinciana Monroe 25°36'41.7"N 81°08'00.2"W
Picnic Hillsborough 27°45.7'N 82°8.8'W
Picture City Martin 27°4.6'N 80°8.5'W Inhabited
Pierce Polk 27°50.1'N 81°58.3'W
Pigeon Key Monroe 24°42.2'N 81°9.3'E
Pinecrest Monroe 25°39.7'N 80°18.5'W Inhabited
Pine Level DeSoto 27°15.9'N 81°59.5'W
Pittman Lake 28°59.8'N 81°38.6'W
Pittsburg Polk 27°39.2'N 81°30.1'W
Popash Hardee 27°30.8'N 81°41.8'W
Port Inglis Levy 28°59'39.9"N 82°45'39.4"W
Port Leon Wakulla 30°7.9'N 84°11.7'W
Port Tampa Hillsborough 27°51.8'N 82°31.7'W Inhabited
Prairie Ridge Okeechobee
Providence Union 30°0.2'N 82°32.9'W
Punta Rassa Lee 26°30.7'N 81°59.9'W
Quay Indian River 27°43.1'N 80°24.8'W
Rattlesnake Hillsborough 27°53.8 82°31.4'W Tampa
Renfro Springs Marion 29°3.4'N 82°28.4'W
Ridgewood Putnam 27°53.4'N 81°54.8'W
Ringgold Hernando 28°39.1'N 82°26.8'W Inhabited
Rital Hernando 28°31.3'N 82°13.0'W part of Ridge Manor
Ritta Island Palm Beach 26°43.3'N 80°48.3'W
Rochelle Alachua 29°35.8'N 82°13.1'W
Rollestown Putnam 29.63 N 81.59 W
Romeo Marion 29°12.4'N 82°26.2'W
Rosewood Levy 29°14.4'N 82°55.9'W
Runnymede Osceola 28°15.9'N 81°14.7'W
Rye Manatee 27°30.8'N 82°22.1'W
Saint Annes Shrine Polk 27°52′38.19″N 81°29′20.84″W
Saint Catherine Sumter 28°36.7'N 82°8.3'W
Sampson City Bradford 29°55.0'N 82°12.3'W
Sand Cut Palm Beach 26°57.1'N, 80°36.6'W
Sandy Manatee 27°16′25″N 82°06′56″W
Sardis Manatee 27°17.0'N 82°12.0'W
Sears Hendry 26°38.8'N 81°22.6'W
Sherman Okeechobee 27°12.6'N 80°45.2'W
Silver Palm Miami-Dade 25°33.1'N 80°26.7'W Inhabited
Sisco Putnam 29°31.14'N 81°37.31'W
Slavia Seminole 28°38.8'N 81°13.9'W
Slighville Lake
Shiloh Brevard 28°46.0'N 80°46.6'W
Sparkman Charlotte
Spray Madison
Spruce Bluff Saint Lucie 27°15.0'N 80°19.85'W
St. Francis Lake 29°2.2'N 81°25.2'W
St. Joseph Gulf
Stage Pond Citrus 28°41.9'N 82°24.4'W
Stanton Marion
Sumica Polk 27°51.4'N 81°22.6'W
Sun City Hillsborough 27°40.7'N 82°28.7'W Inhabited
Sweetwater Hardee 27°24.6'N 81°42.2'W
Tantie Okeechobee
Tarrytown Sumter 28°33.3'N 82°0.1'W
Tasmania Glades or Highlands
Tiger Bay Polk 27°45.6'N 81°50.9'W
Tillman Brevard 28°2.0'N 80°35.0'W Palm Bay
Tohopkee Osceola 28°13.5'N 81°4.6'W
Torrey Hardee 27°36.6'N 81°49.5'W Inhabited
Traxler Alachua 29°52.2'N 82°32.3'W
Troy Lafayette 30°0.2'N 82°59.9'W
Utopia Okeechobee 27°1.9'N 80°41.8'W
Vandolah Hardee 27°30.9'N 81°55.6'W
Velda Mound Leon 30°30.4'N 84°13.19'W
Venus Highlands 27°4.0'N 81°21.5'W
Venus Palm Beach 26°52.6'N 80°3.35'W
Verna Manatee 27°23.2'N 82°16.1'W
Viana Citrus 28°54'N 82°27'W
Vicksburg Bay 30°19.5'N 85°39.9'W
Viking Saint Lucie 27°32.5'N 80°21.7'W
Villa City Lake 28°37.1'N 81°51.1'W
Vineland Orange 28°23.7'N 81°30.2'W Inhabited
Vogt Springs Marion 29°3.4'N 82°28.4'W
Waterbury Manatee 27°26.7'N 82°18.2'W
Waveland Martin 27°16.1'N 80°12.4'W
Weedon Island Pinellas 27°50.5'N 82°36.2'W
Welchton Marion 29°5.0'N 81°59.5'W Inhabited
Welcome Hillsborough 27°51.9'N 82°5.2'W Industrial
West Tocoi Clay 29°51.0'N 81°37.4'W
Willow Manatee 27°38.6'N 82°20.8'W
Wilson Brevard 28°38.6'N 80°41.8'W Kennedy S. C.
Wiscon Hernando 28°32.0'N 82°27.6'W Inhabited
Yamato Colony Palm Beach 26°24.6'N 80°5.4'W
Yukon Duval 30°14.1'N 81°41.9'W
Zana Martin 27°7.2'N 80°37.1'W
Zion Palm Beach 26°27.7'N 80°3.5'W Inhabited
  • Note: some 19th-Century Florida maps show longitude west of Washington (WW), which is approximately 77°2.8' west of Greenwich (WG).

Notes and references[edit]

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