List of submissions to the 46th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film

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The following 20 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 46th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film which took place in 1974. The bolded titles were the five nominated films, which came from France, West Germany, Israel, the Netherlands and Switzerland. France won the Oscar for the second year in a row for Day for Night.[1]

East Germany and Finland made their debuts in the competition.


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Language(s) Original title Director(s) Result
 Brazil John, the Knife and the River Portuguese A Faca E o Rio George Sluizer Not Nominated
 Czechoslovakia Days of Betrayal Czech Dny zrady Otakar Vávra Not Nominated
 Egypt Empire M Arabic إمبراطورية ميم Hussein Kamal Not Nominated
 Finland The Earth Is a Sinful Song Finnish Maa on syntinen laulu Rauni Mollberg Not Nominated
 France Day for Night French La Nuit américaine François Truffaut Won Academy Award
 East Germany The Third German Der Dritte Egon Günther Not Nominated
 West Germany The Pedestrian German Der Fußgänger Maximilian Schell Nominated
 Hungary Photography Hungarian Fotográfia Pál Zolnay Not Nominated
 India Saudagar Hindi सौदागर Sudhendu Roy Not Nominated
 Israel The House on Chelouche Street Hebrew בית ברחוב שלוש Moshé Mizrahi Nominated
 Japan Coup d'État Japanese 戒厳令 Yoshishige Yoshida Not Nominated
 South Korea Mute Samyong Korean 비련의 벙어리 삼용 Byun Jang-ho Not Nominated
 Mexico Reed: Insurgent Mexico Spanish Reed, México insurgente Paul Leduc Not Nominated
 Netherlands Turkish Delight Dutch Turks fruit Paul Verhoeven Nominated
 Poland Copernicus Polish Kopernik Ewa Petelska and Czesław Petelski Not Nominated
 Romania Veronica Romanian Veronica Elisabeta Bostan Not Nominated
 Spain Habla, mudita Spanish Habla, mudita Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón Not Nominated
  Switzerland L'Invitation French L'Invitation Claude Goretta Nominated
 Soviet Union Liberation Russian Освобождение Yuri Ozerov Not Nominated
 Yugoslavia The Battle of Sutjeska Serbo-Croatian Sutjeska Stipe Delić Not Nominated


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