List of terrorist incidents in 1974

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This is a timeline of incidents in 1974 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
January 20 Hijacking, bombings 0 0 Republic of Ireland/United Kingdom Strabane, United Kingdom Two IRA volunteers hijack a helicopter from Donegal in the Republic of Ireland and use it to drop bombs on a British Barracks in Strabane, Northern Ireland. PIRA The Troubles
January 31 Hostage-taking 0 0  Singapore/ Kuwait Laju incident: JRAPFLP attack on a Shell facility in Singapore and the simultaneous seizure of the Japanese embassy in Kuwait. Japanese Red Army
February 4 Bombing 12 39 United Kingdom West Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom Twelve people (nine soldiers and three civilians) are killed by the IRA in the M62 Coach Bombing. PIRA The Troubles
April 10 Shooting 2 Unknown Colombia Caqueta, Colombia About 50 guerrillas assault the population of Puerto Rico (Caqueta). Two policemen die.[1] FARC Colombian Conflict
April 11 Massacre 18 (+3 terrorists) 15 Israel Kiryat Shmona, Israel Kiryat Shmona massacre: at an apartment building by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine members, killing 18 people, nine of whom were children. PFLP Israel-Palestine conflict
May 15 Massacre 31 (+3 terrorists) 70 Israel Ma'alot, Israel Ma'alot massacre: at the Ma'alot High School in Northern Israel by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine members: 26 of the hostages were killed, 66 wounded. PFLP Israel-Palestine conflict
May 17 Car bombings 35 300 Republic of Ireland Dublin and Monaghan, Ireland Ulster Volunteer Force detonate three car bombs in Dublin and one in Monaghan, killing 35 civilians, the deadliest toll of any one day in Ireland's 'Troubles'. It is suspected that the British security forces may have assisted the bombers to plan and carry out the attacks. The UK government have so far refused to release files about the bombings.[2] Ulster Volunteer Force The Troubles
May 28 Bombing 8 102 Italy Brescia, Italy Eight people are killed and at least 90 wounded when a bomb placed in a rubbish bin explodes in the Piazza della Loggia bombing. Ordine Nuovo
June 17 Attack 2 Italy Padua, Italy A group of terrorists from the Red Brigades attack an office of Italian Social Movement in Padua, Italy, killing two people.[3] Red Brigades
June 17 Attempted bombing 0 0 United States Pittsburgh, United States Weather Underground Organization planted a bomb the lobby of Gulf Oil Corporation's Pittsburgh headquarters to protest Gulf Oil's actions in Angola, Vietnam, and elsewhere. Weather Underground
June 17 Bombing 0 11 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom The IRA plant a bomb which explodes at the Houses of Parliament in London, causing extensive damage and injuring eleven people.[4] PIRA The Troubles
June 24–25 Shooting 4 (+3 terrorists) 8 Israel Nahariya, Israel Nahariya attack Fatah Israel-Palestine conflict
July 23 Attempted bombing 0 0 United Kingdom Manchester, United Kingdom The Provisional IRA planted a bomb on a passenger airliner. They called The Irish News to issue a warning that the plane could blow up. The PIRA later said they never intended on blowing up the plane but wanted to prove they could smuggle a bomb onto a passenger plane. PIRA The Troubles
July 24 Torture murder 1 0 United Kingdom Belfast, United Kingdom Ann Ogilby is tortured and murdered by two teenage girls from the Ulster Defence Association in retaliation for Ogilby having an affair with a married UDA commander. Ulster Defence Association The Troubles
July 28 Shooting, Assassination 1 0 Colombia Colombia The ELN kills in an attack to the Inspector General of the Armed Forces. General Ramón Arturo Rincón Quiñónez. ELN Colombian Conflict
August 4 Bombing 12 48 Italy San Benedetto Val di Sambro, Italy Italicus Express train between Roma and Brennero explodes, killing twelve and injuring 44. Attributed to fascist group Ordine nero. Ordine Nero
August 10–11 Shooting, Clash 1(+2) 7 Argentina Villa María, Cordoba, Argentina The episode known as Copamiento de la Fábrica militar de Villa María was an operation carried out by the People's Revolutionary Army in the province of Cordoba (Argentina) on the night of August 10 to 11, 1974, with the objective being to obtain weapons.[5] ERP Dirty War
August 30 Bombing 8 378 Japan Tokyo, Japan Powerful bomb explodes at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries headquarters in Marunouchi, Tokyo. Eight killed, 378 injured. Eight left-wing activists are arrested May 19, 1975, by Japanese authorities. East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front
September 8 Bombing 88 0 United States/Greece Ionian Sea, Greece TWA Flight 841: Bomb kills 88 on jetliner. Attributed to Abu Nidal and his terrorist organization. Abu Nidal Organization Israel-Palestine conflict
September 13 Bombing 13 71 Spain Madrid, Spain Basque group ETA bombs the "Rolando" cafeteria in Madrid and kills twelve people. ETA Basque conflict
September 13 Hostage-taking 0 1 Netherlands The Hague, The Netherlands Three members of the Japanese Red Army take hostages at the French embassy in The Hague. They wound a Dutch policewoman. All hostages are released without harm in exchange for JRA prisoner being released. Japanese Red Army
September 15 Hijacking, bombing 75 0 South Vietnam Phan Rang, South Vietnam Le Duc Tan, a South Vietnamese ranger who had recently had his position in the army demoted hijacked Air Vietnam Flight 706 and demanded to be flown to Hanoi. After the pilots refused to give in to his demands, Tan detonated grenades and caused the plane to crash, killing everyone on board. Le Duc Tan Vietnam War
September 25 Shooting 10 0 Argentina Argentina At least 9 soldiers and a young daughter were shot dead to reprisal for the Massacre of Chapel of the Rosary was an action carried out in Argentina between September and December 1974 by the guerrilla group denominated People's Revolutionary Army (ERP).[6] ERP Dirty War
October 5 Bombings 5 65 United Kingdom Guildford, United Kingdom Guildford pub bombing by the IRA leaves four off-duty soldiers and a civilian dead and 44 injured. PIRA The Troubles
October 22 Bombing 0 3 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom A bomb planted by the Provisional IRA explodes in London, injuring three people.[7] PIRA The Troubles
November 7 Bombing 2 United Kingdom Woolwich, United Kingdom Woolwich, London pub bombing see Wiki -article Kings Arms, Woolwich PIRA The Troubles
November 17 Bombings 1 United Kingdom Northampton, Birmingham and Coventry, United Kingdom Three bombs exploded in three cities, Northampton, Birmingham and Coventry, that caused the death of one person. [1] PIRA The Troubles
November 19 Shooting 4 (+3 terrorists) 20+ Israel Beit She'an, Israel Beit She'an attack DFLP Israel-Palestine conflict
November 21 Bombings 21 182 United Kingdom Birmingham, United Kingdom Birmingham pub bombing by the IRA kills 21 people, injures 182. PIRA The Troubles
December 11 Bombing 0 1 United States New York City, United States A bomb set off by the Puerto Rican nationalist group FALN in East Harlem, New York, permanently disables a police officer. The officer lost an eye as a result of this act. FALN

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