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The Los Angeles Women's Music Festival was a 2007 Los Angeles based summer music festival that featured exclusively female solo artists and female-led bands.


In 2007, Los Angeles based female musicians Gayle Day, Miria (singer), Gilli Moon and Toni Koch, in partnership with Warrior Girl Music, SheJay, and Adventure Art Entertainment, produced the first women's music festival in Los Angeles. Inspired by Lilith Fair and held at Woodley Park (CA), home of WorldFest (LA), Los Angeles' largest Earth Day festival, the Los Angeles Women's Music Festival was an eco-music-fest featuring over 65 bands on 5 solar-powered stages, offering vegan, vegetarian and organic refreshments, and featuring pet adoptions, and was attended by over 2500 people. The Los Angeles Women's Music Festival also donated a percentage of proceeds to Los Angeles animal rescue groups. The festival was started in 2007 as an annual festival but is on hiatus during 2008 and is scheduled to return in 2009.[1][2][3]

Females on Fire[edit]

The official theme of the 2007 Los Angeles Women's Music Festival was Females on Fire after Warrior Girl Music's compilation albums by the same name. The Females on Fire CD compilations also feature female solo artists and female-led bands.[4]



Although many performers were Los Angeles based female singer-songwriters, artists spanned a variety of genres and came from several countries. Performances were presented on five stages.

Main Stage (Gaia Global) artists[edit]

Les Femmes Stage artists[edit]

  • Mali Woods
  • Christine White
  • Marina's Daughter
  • Tami Gosnell
  • Neuromance
  • Alex Davis
  • Bardo
  • Leigh Silver
  • Parade
  • Salon K
  • Hayley Taylor
  • Ashley Lennon Thomas
  • Danielle Lo Presti and the Masses
  • Melissa Mullins
  • Sassafrass

Moulin Rouge Stage artists[edit]

  • Miria (singer)
  • Heather Lauren
  • Deena Russo
  • Amy Raasch
  • Alissa Moreno
  • Maesyn
  • Aire RedTree
  • Two Loons For Tea
  • Nikki Kat
  • The Pin-Up Girls
  • AM Pacific
  • Sam Stollenwerck
  • Zera Vaughan
  • Irina Bjorklund & Peter Fox
  • Julia Othmer
  • Renee Wilson

Females on Fire Stage artists[edit]

  • Kristy Hanson
  • Carla Fleming
  • Riddle the Sphinx
  • Michael Ann
  • Trysette
  • Joan Enguita
  • Holly Light
  • Little Sista
  • Kris Miller
  • Laura Bradley
  • Corday (singer)
  • Lauren Adams (singer)
  • Maeve Hughes
  • Jamie Green (singer)
  • Debra Knox Power Trio
  • Penelope Torribio
  • Kym Trippsmith and Feisty Females

SheJay Stage artists[edit]

  • DJ Lillyanne
  • DJ Syrena
  • Raistalla
  • DJ-duo MiAMOR & SyReHN
  • Holly Adams
  • DJ Diosa
  • Sirsa (DJ)

Additional artists and performers[edit]

Additional performers included REMO drum circles, hula-hooping by Hoopaliscious, belly-dancing by L.A. Tribal and by Inanna, a gong bath by Yaelle Shaphir, bagpiping by Lorne Cousin, and additional performances by Brad Stubbs, Jumbo Shrimp, Spirit Soul Band, Hollywood the Clown, Alice Jones, author Ina Hillebrandt, and musicians Joy Krauthammer, and Miri Hunter.

Dates and venues[edit]


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