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Lougheed Town Centre
Translinkexpo.svg Translinkmillennium.svg
SkyTrain station
Location 9755 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby
Coordinates 49°14′54″N 122°53′49″W / 49.24846°N 122.89702°W / 49.24846; -122.89702Coordinates: 49°14′54″N 122°53′49″W / 49.24846°N 122.89702°W / 49.24846; -122.89702
Owned by BC Ministry of Transportation, TransLink
Platforms Centre platform
Side platform
Tracks 3
Structure type Elevated
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code LH
Fare zone 2
Opened August 31, 2002
Passengers (2011[1]) 28,726
Preceding station   TransLink   Following station
Expo Line
toward Waterfront via Columbia
toward VCC–Clark
Millennium Line

Lougheed Town Centre (sometimes abbreviated as Lougheed) is a station on the SkyTrain rapid transit system in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and was constructed as part of the Millennium Line. A reorganization of SkyTrain service patterns in 2016 brought a branch of the Expo Line over the existing tracks to also serve the station and—from October 22, 2016, until the opening of the Evergreen Extension on December 2 of that same year—the station served as the interim terminus of the new Millennium Line service.

It is currently one of three stations where transfer between the Expo Line and the Millennium Line is possible. The other two points of transfer are Commercial–Broadway and Production Way–University.


The station is located on Lougheed Highway in an elevated structure across Austin Road in Burnaby, and is directly adjacent to Lougheed Town Centre, a mid-size shopping mall, from where it takes its name. A large Korean neighbourhood, referred to colloquially as Korea Town, exists in the area surrounding North Road south of Lougheed Highway.


The station is served by a bus loop, and was the terminus for the 97 B-Line, which connected to Coquitlam Central. Other bus connections to Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, and Coquitlam areas make Lougheed station a major transportation hub for the area and one of the busiest stations on the Millennium Line.

On October 22, 2016, Expo Line service commenced at the station, with trains to travelling between Waterfront and Production Way–University.[2]

Evergreen Extension[edit]

Main article: Evergreen Extension

An unfinished third platform had been roughed in on the east side of the station during its construction, in anticipation of a future connection for a SkyTrain extension to the Coquitlam. The provincial government postponed the extension in the early 2000s, and in the interim TransLink decided to use light rail technology for the alignment instead of Bombardier's Advanced Rapid Transit technology (as used on SkyTrain's Expo and Millennium lines), rendering the roughed-in platform and the adjacent switches obsolete. However, the provincial government announced new plans for the line in 2008, including the use of SkyTrain or similar technology, so this third platform will now be used when the line opens. This will allow Millennium Line trains to run seamlessly between VCC–Clark and Lafarge Lake–Douglas station.

Construction began in mid-2012, and on December 2, 2016, the Evergreen Extension opened.[3] In preparation for the Evergreen Extension, on October 22, 2016, the Millennium Line route no longer interlined with the Expo Line between Columbia and Waterfront, nor served Braid or Sapperton. Instead, the Expo Line now branches at Columbia toward Sapperton, then Braid, and interlines with the Millennium Line between this station and Production Way–University, while Millennium Line (which caused the 97 B-Line to close on December 19, 2016) connects VCC–Clark and Lafarge Lake–Douglas in Coquitlam.

Station information[edit]

Platform 3 for Evergreen Extension

Station layout[edit]

S Street
Austin Avenue entrance
Ticket vending machines, fare gates
C Concourse Austin Avenue entrance only;
Walkway access to mall
T Trains  
Side platform, Doors will open on the left
Platform 3  Millennium Line towards Lafarge Lake–Douglas (Burquitlam)
Platform 2  Millennium Line towards VCC–Clark (Production Way–University),
 Expo Line towards Production Way–University (Terminus)
Island platform, Doors will open on the left
Platform 1  Expo Line towards Waterfront via Columbia (Braid)
S Street
Bus Loop entrance
Ticket vending machines, ATM, convenience store, fare gates

Station entrances and connections[edit]

Gatineau Place/Bus Loop Entrance Handicapped/disabled access is located on the east end of the station, connecting the platform with bus loop at street level with elevators and both up and down escalators. Retail shops are available at this entrance. Bus and HandyDart drop-off areas are located on Gatineau Place, in front of the station plaza. See Lougheed Town Centre Station#Transit exchange for a list of other bus connections.

Austin Avenue Entrance Handicapped/disabled access is located on the west end of the station platform. An elevator linking the street, concourse, and platform levels; however, there is no escalator between street and concourse level. Pepsi vending machines are available at concourse level.

  • Transit connection is available westbound on Lougheed Highway, near the station entrance:
136 Brentwood Station
N9 Downtown Night Bus

Austin Avenue Mall Access Handicapped/disabled access connects the Lougheed Town Centre mall to the concouse level of Austin Avenue entrance with a long walkway through mall parking lot. The walkway is mostly weather protected, with the exception of few pedestrian crossings.

Transit exchange[edit]

Lougheed Town Centre station provides an off-street transit exchange in between Gatineau Place and Lougheed Highway. The station is close to the boundary of Burnaby (fare zone 2) and Coquitlam (fare zone 3). Bus bay assignments are as follows:[citation needed]

Bay Routes
1 Unloading
2 152 Coquitlam Central Station (via Austin)
152 Coquitlam Central Station (via Chilko) (peak only)
3 110 Metrotown Station
4 101 22nd Street Station
5 157 Burquitlam Station
6 180 Moody Centre Station
7 136 Brentwood Station
8 555 Carvolth Exchange (Express via Highway 1 Off-ramp at 156 Street, eastbound)
9 156 Braid Station (via Coquitlam Recreation Centre)
10 C9 New Westminster Station
N9 Downtown Night Bus
N9 Coquitlam Central Station Night Bus


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