Luise von Waldensteyck

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Luise von Waldensteyck
Verbotene Liebe character
Portrayed by Mascha Müller
Duration 2009-2010
First appearance Episode 3313
January 21, 2009
Last appearance Episode 3574
March 12, 2010
Created by Holger Badura
Other names Princess Luise
Occupation Socialite
Former Violin teacher
Former representative of the Waldensteyck family
Residence County of Waldensteyck

Luise Letizia Katharina von Waldensteyck is a fictional character from the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love), portrayed by actress Mascha Müller. She first appeared on January 21, 2009[1] and left the show on March 12, 2010.[2]



The character is first mentioned weeks before Luise appears on-screen. In the end of 2008, the production announced that actress Mascha Müller was cast for the role and will be introduced together with the character of Maria Galdi, played by Simone Ritscher.[3] With the press release it was also announced that actor Hubertus Regout would portray Luise's fiancé Eduard von Tepp and that Mascha Müller and Andreas Jancke, who plays the role of Gregor Mann would become the new main couple.[4] With her arrival it is also mentioned that Luise is a distant relative of the Lahnstein Family.


Luise von Waldensteyck is a young and beautiful woman, who is described as being very popular because of her aristocratic title as princess. She is also described as "very loyal and duteously". A woman that defers her own needs for others. Luise's passion are planes and the flying. Her life as princess is characterized by etiquette and tradition.[5] Mascha Müller said in one of her interview that she rewatched old recordings of Princess Diana to make her role believable and show how a real princess acts in front of the press and in public.


Luise and Gregor[edit]

Luise's arrival and meeting Gregor[edit]

When Luise arrives in Düsseldorf she takes care of her father's business. Her father, Wilhelm von Waldensteyck (Michael Tietz), is mentioned to have serious health issues and Luise doesn't know if he will get any better any time soon. With the worry of her father she tries to stay strong and to not disappoint him. She hides her true feelings and is always smiling in front of the press and the Lahnstein family. Only when she is alone with her private secretary Maria Galdi, she shows parts of her true feelings and about her inner strife. Luise tries to have as much time for herself as she can, but that's difficult in the life of a real princess. When she takes a break from all in a park, she is photographed by some paparazzi when she cries. Luise runs away and finds herself on an unknown place. However, Luise falls and is found by Gregor Mann. He carries her in his arms, when she wakes up and is fascinated by her savior. She welcomes him with a hug and the words "my prince", which she later wished she could refused to have said and is embarrassed by it. Luise is excited when she sees that Gregor's hobby are planes and he is about to repair an old one. She sees it as a chance to maybe run away her traditional life for a few hours and help Gregor with his work. Gregor is skeptical, but agrees when Luise shows him that she knows her stuff and can be helpful to him. Even though Luise seems attracted to Gregor from the beginning, they start a work relationship. Luise introduces herself as "Katharina" to him - saying nothing about her title or what she is doing besides from their time together. Gregor seems fine with it and doesn't see Luise as a woman he could fall in love with. He rather sees her as a buddy that is working with him. They both can laugh a lot together and Gregor gets a little bit astonished sometimes when Luise doesn't know how to deal with the (for him) easiest things, such as making coffee or knowing that a vacuum bag needs emptying, otherwise it will burst.

Currently Luise is married to Gregor Mann and is expecting their twin children to be born soon. It is because Luise went into apparent labour, that the couple were unable to attend Christian and Oliver's wedding.