Luxembourgish identity card

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Luxembourgish identity card
Issued by  Luxembourg
Valid in  Europe (except Belarus, Russia and Ukraine)
France French overseas territories
 Jordan (organized tours through Aqaba airport)
 Tunisia (organized tours)
Type of document Identity card

The Luxembourgish identity card is issued to Luxembourgish citizens. It serves as proof of identity and nationality and can also be used for travel within the European Union and a number of other European countries.


All Luxembourgish citizens habitually resident in Luxembourg and aged 15 or over are required to apply for a Luxembourgish identity card, whilst it is optional for those under 15. Luxembourgish identity cards issued to those aged 15 or over are valid for 10 years.


To obtain a Luxembourgish identity card, the applicant has to visit the local administrative office.[4]

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