Lydia Brandner

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Lydia Brandner
Theresa Underberg as Lydia Brandner
Verbotene Liebe character
Portrayed by Theresa Underberg
Duration 2008–2011
First appearance Episode 3085
16 January 2008
Last appearance Episode 3809
29 March 2011
Created by Tom Chroust
Jens Schleicher
Occupation Writer for the magazine of the Lahnstein Holding
Former Waitress at the coffee lounge No Limits
Former employee at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth
Residence Auckland, New Zealand

Lydia Brandner (divorced von Lahnstein) is a fictional character from the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The role was originated by actress Theresa Underberg on 16 January 2008.[1] Theresa announced on 21 December 2010 that she will leave the show in early 2011.[2] She made her last appearance on 29 March 2011.[3]


Secret relationship[edit]

Short after Lydia arrives in Düsseldorf, she has a destined encounter with Sebastian von Lahnstein. They meet at the coffee lounge "NoLimits" and Sebastian immediately begins to fall for the young beautiful blond. Meanwhile, Lydia begins to work for the Department of Children's and Young People's Affairs. Her first case is about the custody battle over Hannes von Lahnstein, who was recently kidnapped by his mother Tanja von Anstetten and now lives with his father Ansgar von Lahnstein at Castle Königsbrunn. When Sebastian wants to go out with Lydia again and she finds out who she's really dealing with, Lydia realizes that Sebastian is Ansgar's cousin. Fearing to lose her first case because of a conflict of interest, Lydia wants Sebastian to stay away from her. Because she has no intention of ruining her young career. But Lydia and Sebastian can't stay away from each other and Sebastian plans to win her over by a romantic dinner.

Lydia isn't sure if she should go to her date with Sebastian. In the end, she decides to follow her heart, when she is attacked by a stranger and rescued by no other than Hannes' mother Tanja. Lydia is very thankful to her and the two even fearing to share some friendly bound, when Sebastian warns her about Tanja. He thinks that she could be behind the attack to win her over in Hannes' case. Lydia decides to ask her great-cousin Arno Brandner, who has known Tanja for a very long time and is agreeing that she's a very dangerous woman and goes over dead bodies to get what she wants. While in shock of what comes to light, Sebastian plans another romantic date, which ends with a magical dance for the lovebirds. Lydia gives in to the relationship with Sebastian, but makes it clear to him that it has to be a secret until she finishes Hannes' case. Sebastian tries to understand, but Lydia has to take her job several times over her love for Sebastian, which leads to tension between them.

When Ansgar finds out about their relationship, he takes matters into his own hands and makes it his agenda to break Lydia and Sebastian up. He uses Sebastian's computer to send a mail to Lydia's boss, which proves the relationship between them. Lydia, thinking about the fights she had with Sebastian over her job, thinks he's guilty and ends things with him. Sebastian tries to prove that he was set up, but Lydia is filled with anger and disappointment and tells Sebastian that's over between them.

Infamous one-night-stand[edit]

In the end, Lydia sees that Tanja and Ansgar cost them their relationship and she takes Sebastian back. But then Lydia found out that Sebastian slept with her mother Katja and that he might be the father of her sister Christina. Lydia left Sebastian. Then her mother died shortly after giving birth to Christina. After that tragic event Lydia and Sebastian find to each other again, unsure if he or Mattias is the father of little Christina. After Matthias and Sebastian pretend to have a paternity test, which proves that Matthias is the father, Sebastian and Lydia get engaged. Matthias hates lying to his daughter and wants to tell her that the test was faked days before the wedding. But his future-son-in-law can talk him out of it and Sebastian marries Lydia, without letting her know the truth. Later it is revealed that Sebastian is the father of little Christina because she's in danger and needs a blood transfusion. Lydia is shocked to hear that she is married to the man who's the father of her little sister. She forgives him and they give their marriage another chance.

Adulterous Affair with Ansgar[edit]

After a while Lydia begins to feel bored in her marriage with Sebastian. His interest is more of the working and he begins to ignore Lydia. She feels drawn to Ansgar and they kiss but she's trying to focus on her marriage. But in the end Lydia and Ansgar sleep together and they begin a secret affair. Lydia tells Sebastian that she had an affair with Ansgar but that her heart belongs to Sebastian. He can't forgive her and wants the divorce. Ansgar finally tells Lydia that he loves her and that he wants to be with her. But she tells him that she has to think about her feelings. She then begins a relationship with Ansgar but has a one-night stand with her estranged husband Sebastian. As Lydia gets word that she's expecting a child, she isn't sure who the father is. Tanja of all people finds out about Lydia's situation and tries to blackmail her into an abortion. But Lydia shows Tanja that she isn't afraid of her; even though she's keeping the secret about the father paternity. When Sebastian finds out that Lydia could be pregnant with his child, he's thrilled about the possibility to finally be a father. Sebastian also wonders if this could be a new beginning for them. But Lydia is in love with Ansgar and destroys Sebastian's thoughts about a reconciliation. After Sebastian knows the truth, Lydia can't hide it from Ansgar any longer and believes that he will love her either way. Ansgar is mad at Lydia at first for not telling him sooner, but eventually declares his love to her. A paternity test then shows that Ansgar is the father and later they find out that they are expecting a little boy. After the paternity of the child is cleared, Sebastian and Lydia get finally divorced as Ansgar proposes to Lydia. But with time, Lydia has it difficult dealing with Ansgar's schemes. When he uses the death of his mother Maria di Balbi to make a public challenge to his uncle Ludwig, Lydia gets her wake-up call and breaks things off with Ansgar. He's hurt and tries to hold on to Lydia, even threatening her that she won't leave with his unborn son. But Lydia has a farewell letter of Maria, proving that Ansgar drove his mother to committing suicide and with that saves her freedom. She leaves Königsbrunn and decides to go to Auckland to live with her father and Nathalie. Lydia leaves a letter to Sebastian, leaving an open door for them to maybe see each other again.

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