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This is the discography of the MPS jazz music record label.[1][2]


Catalog Artist Album Notes
15100 Koller, HansHans Koller Vision
15101 Smith, Willie "The Lion"Willie "The Lion" Smith Music on My Mind
15102 Various Artists Folklore e Bossa Nova do Brasil
15109 von Schlippenbach, AlexanderAlexander von Schlippenbach Globe Unity
15110 Buckner, MiltMilt Buckner Play Chords Also released on Prestige Records
15111 Sadi, FatsFats Sadi Ensadinado
15112 Zoller, AttilaAttila Zoller Katz und Maus
15114 Van Damme, ArtArt Van Damme The Gentle Art of Art
15115 Van Damme, ArtArt Van Damme Ecstasy
15117 Teupen, JohnnyJohnny Teupen Play Harp
15118 Kühn, RolfRolf Kühn & Joachim Kühn Quintet Transfiguration
15119 Seelos, AmbrosAmbros Seelos Orchester Your Favorites
15122 Brom, GustavGustav Brom Swinging the Jazz
15126 Lehn, ErwinErwin Lehn und Sein Südfunk-Tanzorchester Musicals on Parade
15127 Reith, DieterDieter Reith A Happy Afternoon
15132 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz Noon in Tunisia
15133 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz Drums and Folklore: From Sticksland with Love
15136 Boland, FrancyFrancy Boland Flirt and Dream
15137 Boland, FrancyFrancy Boland Out of the Background
15138 Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band, The KennyThe Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band Sax No End
15139 Ponty, Jean-LucJean-Luc Ponty Sunday Walk Also released on Prestige
15142 Schweizer, IreneIrene Schweizer Jazz Meets India
15143 Iturralde, PedroPedro Iturralde Flamenco Jazz
15144 Seelos, AmbrosAmbros Seelos Orchester Beat and Sweet Meet Ambros Seelos
15145 Scott, TonyTony Scott and the Indonesian All Stars Djanger Bali
15146 Various Artists Berlin Festival Guitar Workshop
15147 Smith, StuffStuff Smith Black Violin Also released on Prestige
15148 Shepp, ArchieArchie Shepp Live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival
15149 Hawes, HamptonHampton Hawes Hamp's Piano Also released on Prestige
15150 Powell, BadenBaden Powell Poema on Guitar
15151 Murphy, MarkMark Murphy Midnight Mood
15152 Stricker, ToniToni Stricker Star Ensemble Dancing in the Dark
15153 Robert Patterson Singers Gospel Meeting Tonight
15154 Lehn, ErwinErwin Lehn Beat-Brass Beat Flames
15156 Cicero, EugenEugen Cicero Plays Franz Liszt: Romantic Swing
15158 Bailey, BennyBenny Bailey All Stars Soul Eyes
15159 Webster, BenBen Webster & Don Byas Ben Webster Meets Don Byas Also released on Prestige
15160 Velebny, KarelKarel Velebny Nonet SHQ & Woodwinds
15162 Kiessling, HeinzHeinz Kiessling Orchester Happy Rallye
15163 Montoliu, TeteTete Montoliu Piano for Nuria
15164 Wilen, BarneyBarney Wilen Auto Jazz: Tragic Destiny Of Lorenzo Bandini
15165 Orchester Roland Kovac Trip to the Mars
15166 Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson Trumpet Rhapsody
15169 Novi Quartet Novi in Wonderland
15170 Zoller, AttilaAttila Zoller, Lee Konitz, Albert Mangelsdorff Zo-Ko-Ma
15171 Damme, Art VanArt Van Damme Lullaby in Rhythm
15172 Van Damme, ArtArt Van Damme Art in the Black Forest
15174 Saints & Sinners In Europe: Sugar
15176 Bailey, BennyBenny Bailey and His Orchestra The Balkan in My Soul
15178 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Action Also released on Prestige
15179 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Girl Talk Also released on Prestige
15180 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson The Way I Really Play Also released on Prestige
15181 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson My Favorite Instrument Also released on Prestige
15183 Dee Dee, Barry & The Movements Soul Hour
15186 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz St. Peter Power
15188 Lipman, BerryBerry Lipman Music for Drivers 1
15189 The Amber-Rock Association Amber Rock
15191 Wilen, BarneyBarney Wilen & His Amazing Free Rock Band Dear Prof. Leary
15192 Konitz, LeeLee Konitz, Pony Poindexter, Phil Woods and Leo Wright Alto Summit Also released on Prestige
15193 Kühn, SteveSteve Kühn Watch What Happens!
15195 Antolini, CharlyCharly Antolini Soul Beat
15196 Dejan's Original Olympia Brass Band New Orleans Street Parade
15199 Buckner, MiltMilt Buckner Locked Hands
15200 Frau Sibylle, Dr. Med. Ossy Knolle & Bert Loska mit Seinem Sternen-Sex-Tett Liebes-Horoskop
15201 Lipman, BerryBerry Lipman Music for Drivers 2
15202 Seelos, AmbrosAmbros Seelos Fire
15204 Cherry, DonDon Cherry Eternal Rhythm
15205 Dauner, WolfgangWolfgang Dauner / Fred Van Hove Psalmus Spei / Requiem for Che Guevara
15207 Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie The Dizzy Gillespie Reunion Big Band
15209 Cicero, EugenEugen Cicero Klavierspielereien
15210 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Albert Mangelsdorff and His Friends
15212 Riddle, NelsonNelson Riddle Changing Colors
15213 Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band, The KennyThe Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band Latin Kaleidoscope Also released on Prestige
15214 Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band, The KennyThe Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band All Smiles
15215 Pike, DaveDave Pike Set Noisy Silence-Gentle Noise
15216 Seelos, AmbrosAmbros Seelos Dance for Everybody
15217 Hammer, JanJan Hammer Maliny Maliny Also released as Make Love
15218 Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band, The KennyThe Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band Faces
15219 Bulgarian Jazz Quartet Jazz Focus '65
15220 Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band, The KennyThe Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band Fellini 712
15221 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Mellow Mood
15222 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Travelin' On
15223 Various Artists Jazz Meets the World
15225 Gulda, FriedrichFriedrich Gulda The Air from Other Planets
15226 Gulda, FriedrichFriedrich Gulda Vienna Revisited
15228 Nicholas, AlbertAlbert Nicholas, Herb Flemming, Nelson Williams, Benny Waters, Joe Turner, Wallace Bishop The Great Traditionalists in Europ
15229 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Wild Goose
15230 Gordon, DexterDexter Gordon A Day in Copenhagen Also released on Prestige
15231 Thompson, LuckyLucky Thompson A Lucky Songbook in Europe
15233 Dixieland Kings Dixieland Sensation
15234 Taylor, BillyBilly Taylor Sleeping Bee Also release on Prestige as Billy Taylor Today
15235 Van Damme, ArtArt Van Damme Quintet On the Road
15236 Van Damme, ArtArt Van Damme Ensemble Art and Four Brothers
15237 Buckner, MiltMilt Buckner More Chords
15239 Kühn, JoachimJoachim Kühn Bold Music
15240 Brom, GustavGustav Brom Missa Jazz
15242 Maxwells, TheThe Maxwells Maxwell Street
15244 Chicago Blues All Stars Loaded with the Blues
15245 Hall, JimJim Hall It's Nice to Be With You
15247 Teupen, JohnnyJohnny Teupen Harpadelic
15248 Dauner, WolfgangWolfgang Dauner The Oimels
15249 Tchicai, JohnJohn Tchicai Afrodisiaca
15250 Fitzgerald, EllaElla Fitzgerald Sunshine of Your Love
15251 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Motions and Emotions
15252 Garner, ErrollErroll Garner Up in Errol's Room
15253 Pike, DaveDave Pike Set Four Reasons
15254 Turner, JoeJoe Turner Smashing Thirds
15255 Newport All Stars Tribute to Duke
15256 Stars of Faith of Black Nativity Swing Low Sweet Chariot
15257 Pike, DaveDave Pike Set Live at the Philharmonie
15259 Various Artists The Down Beat Poll Winners in Europe: Open Space
15260 Körössy, YancyYancy Körössy Identification
15261 Nock, MikeMike Nock Underground Between or Beyond
15262 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Hello Herbie
15263 Third Wave, TheThe Third Wave Here and Now
15264 Basie, CountCount Basie and His Orchestra Basic Basie
15266 Davis, RichardRichard Davis Muses for Richard Davis
15267 Hubbard, FreddieFreddie Hubbard The Hub of Hubbard
15268 Pauer, FritzFritz Pauer Live at the Berlin Jazz Galerie
15269 Baden-Baden Free Jazz Orchestra conducted by Lester Bowie Gittin' to Know Y'All
15270 Dauner, WolfgangWolfgang Dauner Trio Music Zounds
15271 Gulda, FriedrichFriedrich Gulda It's All One
15272 Gulda, FriedrichFriedrich Gulda As You Like It
15273 Jankowski, HorstHorst Jankowski Jankowskinetik
15274 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Never Let It End
15275 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Tristeza on Piano
15276 New Jazz Trio Page One
15277 Van Damme, ArtArt Van Damme Blue World
15278 Van Damme, ArtArt Van Damme Keep Going
15279 Pass, JoeJoe Pass Intercontinental
15280 Pike, DaveDave Pike Set Infra-Red
15281 Tate, BuddyBuddy Tate Celebrity Club Orchestra Unbroken
15282 Farmer, ArtArt Farmer From Vienna with Art
15283 Davis, Eddie "Lockjaw"Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis-Johnny Griffin Tough Tenors Again 'n' Again
15284 Kiesewetter, KnutKnut Kiesewetter Stop! Watch! and Listen!
15285 Basie, CountCount Basie and His Orchestra High Voltage
15286 Buckner, MiltMilt Buckner Birthday Party for H.G.B.S.
15287 Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band, The KennyThe Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band More Smiles
15288 Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band, The KennyThe Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band All Blues
15289 Sun Ra It's After the End of the World
15290 Hines, EarlEarl Hines Fatha and His Flock – On Tour
15291 O'Day, AnitaAnita O'Day Anita O'Day in Berlin
15292 Louiss, EddieEddie Louiss Our Kind of Sabi
15293 Gismonti, EgbertoEgberto Gismonti Orfeo Novo
15294 Garner, ErrollErroll Garner Feeling is Believing
15295 Cicero, EugenEugen Cicero Balkan Rhapsodie
15296 Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Don "Sugarcane" Harris Keep On Driving
15297 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Walking the Line
15298 Thompson, EddieEddie Thompson Piano Mood
15299 Thompson, EddieEddie Thompson No Greater Love
15300 Powell, BadenBaden Powell Canto on Guitar
15301 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel Spectrum
15302 Hanna, RolandRoland Hanna Child of Gemini
15303 Grappelli, StephaneStephane Grappelli Afternoon in Paris
15304 Naura, MichaelMichael Naura Call
15305 Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Don "Sugarcane" Harris Fiddler on the Rock
15306 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Tracks
15307 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Another Day
15308 Jankowski, HorstHorst Jankowski Jankowskeyboard
15309 Pike, DaveDave Pike Set Album
15311 Whigham, JiggsJiggs Whigham Values
15312 Venuti, JoeJoe Venuti The Daddy of the Violin
15313 Gulda, FriedrichFriedrich Gulda Fata Morgana
15314 El Babaku Live at the Jazz Galerie
15315 Koller, HansHans Koller Free Sound Phoenix
15316 Taylor, JohnJohn Taylor Trio Decipher
15317 Hampel, GunterGunter Hampel Out of New York
15318 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Trio & The Singers Unlimited In Tune
15319 Kriss, IraIra Kriss Jazzanova
15320 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson-Milt Jackson Quartet Reunion Blues
15321 Garland, RedRed Garland The Quota
15322 Garland, RedRed Garland Auf Wiedersehn
15323 Duke, GeorgeGeorge Duke The Inner Source
15324 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander Here Comes the Sun
15325 Various Artists Trombone Workshop
15326 Various Artists Zurich Jazz Festival
15327 Tremble Kids The Tremble Kids Are Back
15328 Powell, BadenBaden Powell Images on Guitar
15329 German All Stars Live at the Domicile
15330 Nance, RayRay Nance Huffin'n'Puffin'
15331 Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Great Connection
15332 Petrovic, BoscoBosco Petrovic's Nonconvertible All Stars Swinging East
15333 Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Don "Sugarcane" Harris Sugar Cane's Got the Blues
15334 Zoller, AttilaAttila Zoller & Masahiko Satoh A Path Through Haze
15335 Various Artists New Violin Summit
15336 McPartland, MarianMarian McPartland Interplay
15337 Kühn, JoachimJoachim Kühn Solo
15338 Moody, JamesJames Moody and Al Cohn Too Heavy for Words
15339 Smoke Everything
15340 Rokovic, BoraBora Rokovic Ultra Native
15341 Various Artists USA Jazz Live: Moten Swing
15343 Ponty, Jean-LucJean-Luc Ponty Open Strings
15344 Kühn, JoachimJoachim Kühn Interchange
15345 Association P.C. Sun Rotation
15346 Kühn, JoachimJoachim Kühn Piano
15347 Keynotes, TheThe Keynotes Get On That Gospel Train
15348 Various Artists USA Jazz Live: Oleo
15349 Duke, GeorgeGeorge Duke The Inner Source
15350 Various Artists USA Jazz Live: The Hymn
15352 MPS Rhythm Combination & Brass, TheThe MPS Rhythm Combination & Brass My Kind of Sunshine
15354 Antolini, CharlyCharly Antolini In the Groove
15355 New Jazz Trio Page Two
15356 Dauner, WolfgangWolfgang Dauner Knirsch
15359 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Trombirds
15360 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Birds of Underground
15362 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel Inside: Missing Link
15366 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz Concert Jazz Band The Band: The Alpine Power Plant
15367 Pauer, FritzFritz Pauer Power by Pauer
15368 Various Artists Nova Bossa Nova
15369 Various Artists From Europe with Jazz
15370 Pike, DaveDave Pike & Grupo Baiafro in Bahia Salamao
15371 Gutesha Rockin' Bach Dimension
15372 Van Damme, ArtArt Van Damme Squeezing Art and Tender Flutes
15373 Garner, ErrollErroll Garner Gemini
15374 Various Artists Heidelberger Jazztage '72
15375 Various Artists We'll Remember Komeda
15376 Hines, EarlEarl Hines and Jaki Byard Duet!
15377 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander We've Only Just Begun
15378 Kühn, RolfRolf Kühn The Day After
15379 Kühn, RolfRolf Kühn Connection '74
15380 Association P.C. Erna Morena
15381 Powell, BadenBaden Powell Estudos
15382 Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington with the Ron Collier Orchestra Collages Reissue of North of the Border in Canada
15383 Tapajós, SebastiãoSebastião Tapajós Bienvenido Tapajos
15384 Gulda, FriedrichFriedrich Gulda Musician of Our Time: Midlife Harvest
15385 Raney, JimmyJimmy Raney Momentum
15386 Harris, BarryBarry Harris Vicissitudes
15387 Herbolzheimer, PeterPeter Herbolzheimer Waitaminute
15388 Kühn, JoachimJoachim Kühn Trio This Way Out
15389 Kühn, JoachimJoachim Kühn Quartett This Way Out
15390 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel Lift!
15391 Herbolzheimer, PeterPeter Herbolzheimer Wide Open
15392 Kühn, RolfRolf Kühn Total Space
15394/5 Dauner, WolfgangWolfgang Dauner Et Cetera – Live
15396 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff The Wide Point
15397 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Tromboneliness
15399 Association P.C. Rock Around the Cock
15400 Ellis, DonDon Ellis Soaring
15401 Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Don "Sugarcane" Harris Cup Full of Dreams
15402 Evans, BillBill Evans Symbiosis
15403 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel Mild Maniac
15404 Tremble Kids Midnight Session
15405 Klein, MiriamMiriam Klein Lady Like
15407 Hinze, ChrisChris Hinze Mission Suite
15408 Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Don "Sugarcane" Harris I'm On Your Case
15409 Various Artists Heidelberger Jazztage '73
15410 Association P.C. with Jeremy Steig Mama Kuku
15411 Singers Unlimited, TheThe Singers Unlimited with Art Van Damme Invitation
15412 Van Damme, ArtArt Van Damme Art Van Damme with Strings
15413 Lehn, ErwinErwin Lehn Color in Jazz
15414 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander Perception
15415 Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy Turk Murphy's Frisco Jazz Band Live!
15416 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing Light, Airy and Swinging
15417 Rava, EnricoEnrico Rava Katcharpari Rava
15418 Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Don "Sugarcane" Harris Keyzop
15419 Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Don "Sugarcane" Harris Flashin' Time
15420 Ellis, DonDon Ellis Haiku
15421 Duke, GeorgeGeorge Duke Faces in Reflection
15422 Koller, HansHans Koller-Wolfgang Dauner Kunstkopfindianer
15423 Kühn, JoachimJoachim Kühn Cinemascope
15424 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Trilogue – Live!
15425 Herbolzheimer, PeterPeter Herbolzheimer Scenes
15426 Garner, ErrollErroll Garner Magician
15427 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz Monster Sticksland Meeting Two: Monster Jazz
15428 Hof, Jasper van 'tJasper van 't Hof Transitory
15429 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander Rass!
15430 Klein, OscarOscar Klein & Fatty George Chicagoan All Stars
15431 Deseo, CsabaCsaba Deseo Four String Tschaba
15432 Hampton, SlideSlide Hampton-Joe Haider Give Me a Double
15433 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing My Ship
15434 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing The Way We Are
15435 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing Continental Experience
15436 Singers Unlimited, TheThe Singers Unlimited Sentimental Journey
15437 Busch, SigiSigi Busch The Age of Miracles
15438 Duke, GeorgeGeorge Duke Feel
15439 Tremble Kids Hats Off to Eddie Condon
15440 Ranglin, ErnestErnest Ranglin Ranglypso
15441 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander Love and Sunshine
15442 Various Artists From Europe with Jazz Vol. 2
15443 Powell, BadenBaden Powell Apaixonado
15444 Hannibal and the Sunrise Orchestra Hannibal
15445 Grappelli, StephaneStephane Grappelli & The Diz Disley Trio Violinspiration
15446 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing The Many Facets of George Shearing
15447 Solal, MartialMartial Solal Nothing But Piano
15448 Duke, GeorgeGeorge Duke The Aura Will Prevail
15449 Rosolino, FrankFrank Rosolino-Conte Candoli Conversation
15450 Kühn, RolfRolf Kühn Orchestra Symphonic Swampfire
15451 Kühn, RolfRolf Kühn Cucu Ear
15452 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander Unlimited Love
15453 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander Fly Right
15454 Terry, ClarkClark Terry Wham!
15455 Handy, JohnJohn Handy and Ali Akbar Khan Karuna Supreme
15456 Reith, DieterDieter Reith Knock Out
15457 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Solo Now
15458 Yamashita, YōsukeYōsuke Yamashita Trio Chiasma
15459 Duke, GeorgeGeorge Duke I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry
15460 Tremble Kids The Other Way Around
15461 Koller, HansHans Koller-Wolfgang Dauner Free Sound & Super Brass
15462 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz Piano Conclave Palais Anthology
15463 Boland, FrancyFrancy Boland The Orchestra 1. Blue Flame
15464 Boland, FrancyFrancy Boland The Orchestra 2. Red Hot
15465 Boland, FrancyFrancy Boland The Orchestra 3. White Heat
15466 Kühn, JoachimJoachim Kühn featuring Alphonse Mouzon Hip Elegy
15467 Rosolino, FrankFrank Rosolino-Conte Candoli Just Friends
15468 Rosolino, FrankFrank Rosolino-Conte Candoli Westcoasting
15469 Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton with Milt Buckner Alive and Jumping
15470 Sys, Hans van derHans van der Sys It's Rag Time
15471 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel Tropical Harvest
15472 Various Artists Chicago Jazz Giants Live!
15473 Brown, LesLes Brown & His Band of Renown Today
15474 Duke, GeorgeGeorge Duke Liberated Fantasies
15475 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz Concert Jazz Band The Band Recorded Live
15476 Solal, MartialMartial Solal Movability
15477 Garner, ErrollErroll Garner Erroll Garner Plays Gershwin & Kern
15478 Koller, HansHans Koller Freesound for Marcel Duchamp
15479 Various Artists The Historic Donaueschingen Jazz Conzert 1957
15480 Fischer, ClareClare Fischer Clare Declares
15481 Hof, Jasper van 'tJasper van 't Hof's Pork Pie The Door is Open
15482 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing Trio & Stephane Grappelli The Reunion
15483 Mariano, CharlieCharlie Mariano Helen 12 Trees
15484 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander The Way It Is
15487 Breuker, WillemWillem Breuker Kollektief Live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival: The European Scene
15488 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing Windows
15489 Seifert, ZbigniewZbigniew Seifert Man of the Light
15490 Hof, Jasper van 'tJasper van 't Hof The Selfkicker
15491 Supersax Chasin' the Bird
15492 Supersax Dynamite
15493 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander Montreux Alexander Live!
15494 Duke, GeorgeGeorge Duke The Dream
15495 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel & Mild Maniac Orchestra Octember Variations
15496 Hannibal Hannibal in Berlin
15497 Solal, MartialMartial Solal Suite for Trio
15498 Mouzon, AlphonseAlphonse Mouzon Virtue
15499 Urbaniak, MichałMichał Urbaniak's Fusion Smiles Ahead
15500 Fischer, ClareClare Fischer Alone Together
15501 Mumps A Matter of Taste
15502 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander Estade
15503 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz For Flying Out Proud
15504 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing 500 Miles High
15505 Taylor, CecilCecil Taylor Live in the Black Forest
15506 Jones, HankHank Jones Have You Met This Jones?
15507 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing Feeling Happy
15508 Francis, RimonaRimona Francis Rimona Francis
15509 Williams, PatrickPatrick Williams Come On and Shine
15510 Grappelli, StephaneStephane Grappelli Young Django
15511 Bertoncini, GeneGene Bertoncini with Michael Moore Bridges
15512 Urbaniak, MichałMichał Urbaniak's Fusion Heritage
15513 Hof, Jasper van 'tJasper van 't Hof However
15514 Hof, Jasper van 'tJasper van 't Hof Flowers Allover
15515 Koller, HansHans Koller – The Big Band New York City
15516 Terry, ClarkClark Terry Clark After Dark
15517 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel & Mild Maniac Orchestra Elastic Menu
15518 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander featuring Ernest Ranglin Cobilimbo
15519 Goldberg, StuStu Goldberg Solos-Duos-Trios
15520 Mouzon, AlphonseAlphonse Mouzon In Search of a Dream
15521 Fatty George Chicago Jazz Band Fatty '78
15522 Pauer, FritzFritz Pauer Blues Inside Out
15523 Jones, ElvinElvin Jones Jazz Machine Remembrance
15524 Kawasaki, RyoRyo Kawasaki Group Nature's Revenge
15525 Solal, MartialMartial Solal The Solosolal
15526 Brackeen, JoAnneJoAnne Brackeen Mythical Magic
15527 Grauer, JoanneJoanne Grauer Joanne Grauer Introducing Lorraine Feather
15528 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff A Jazz Tune I Hope
15529 Wilson, EdgarEdgar Wilson Goin' Straight
15531 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz Concert Jazz Band GG-CJB
15532 Mouzon, AlphonseAlphonse Mouzon Baby Come Back
15533 Solal, MartialMartial Solal, Lee Konitz, John Scofield & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Four Keys
15534 Solal, MartialMartial Solal Piano Solo
15535 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel House Boat
15536 Hof, Jasper van 'tJasper van 't Hof-George Gruntz Fairy Tale
15537 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing Getting in the Swing of Things
15539 Fischer, ClareClare Fischer Salsa Picante
15540 Various Artists Vibes Summit
15541 Henderson, JoeJoe Henderson Mirror Mirror
15542 Baumgart, WernerWerner Baumgart's Big Band Baden-Baden Jazz Rock & Sweet
15543 Rabold, FredericFrederic Rabold Crew Funky Tango
15544 Mouzon, AlphonseAlphonse Mouzon By All Means
15545 Harper, BillyBilly Harper Quintet Trying to Make Heaven My Home
15546 Lockwood, DidierDidier Lockwood New World
15547 Hof, Jasper van 'tJasper van 't Hof Live in Montreux
15548 Gypsy Jazz Violin Summit, TheThe Gypsy Jazz Violin Summit The Gypsy Jazz Violin Summit
15549 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel & Mild Maniac Orchestra Long Distance
15550 Berger, KarlKarl Berger Woodstock Workshop Orchestra Live at the Donaueschingen Festival
15551 Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing On Target
15552 McConnell, RobRob McConnell & The Boss Brass Present Perfect
15553 Beck, GordonGordon Beck Seven Steps to Evans
15554 Fischer, ClareClare Fischer Machaca
15555 Fischer, ClareClare Fischer Clare Fischer and Ex-42
15556 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Solo
15557 Clarinet Summit You Better Fly Away
15558 Goldberg, StuStu Goldberg Piano Solo: Piru
15559 Einhorn, MauricioMauricio Einhorn Me
15560 Malach, BobBob Malach Some People
15562 Davis, AnthonyAnthony Davis & Jay Hoggard Under the Double Moon
15563 String Summit, TheThe String Summit One World in Eight
15564 Antonlini, CharlyCharly Antonlini Special Delivery
15565 Winding, KaiKai Winding, Albert Mangelsdorff, Bill Watrous & Jiggs Whigham Trombone Summit
15566 Reinhardt, ZipfloZipflo Reinhardt Group Light of the Future
15568 Lockwood, DidierDidier Lockwood Group Live in Montreux
15569 Kriegel, VolkerVolker Kriegel & Mild Maniac Orchestra Live in Bayern
15570 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander and Ernest Ranglin Monty Alexander-Ernest Ranglin
15571 Lewis, MelMel Lewis & The Jazz Orchestra Live in Montreux
15572 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Albert Live in Montreux
15573 Foreign Exchange The First Album
15574 McConnell, RobRob McConnell & The Boss Brass Tribute
15575 Taylor, CecilCecil Taylor Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!
15576 Handy, JohnJohn Handy, Ali Akbar Khan and Dr. L. Subramaniam Rainbow
15577 Konitz, LeeLee Konitz & Martial Solal Duo: Live at Berlin Jazz Days '80
15578 Ward, JohnJohn Ward Talkin' to Each Other
15579 Tedesco, TommyTommy Tedesco When Do We Start
15580 Tedesco, TommyTommy Tedesco Autumn
15581 Togashi, MasahikoMasahiko Togashi Minamoto
15582 Lockwood, DidierDidier Lockwood Fasten Seat Belts
15583 Hubbard, FreddieFreddie Hubbard Rollin'
15584 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff Triple Entente
15585 Goldberg, StuStu Goldberg Eye of the Beholder
15586 Schlüter, WolfgangWolfgang Schlüter-Christoph Spendel Dualism
15587 Loef, FrankFrank Loef-Gerd Wilden Just Fun
15588 Lockwood, DidierDidier Lockwood The Kid
15589 Goldberg, StuStu Goldberg Stu Goldberg – Live
15590 Hof, Jasper van 'tJasper van 't Hof-Joachim Kühn Balloons
15591 Goal, DieterDieter Goal featuring the Monty Alexander Trio Goal
15592 Spendel, ChristophChristoph Spendel & Wolfgang Schlüter Group September Memories
15593 Alexander, MontyMonty Alexander The Duke Ellington Songbook
15594 Jones, HankHank Jones + Tommy Flanagan I'm All Smiles
15595 Mangelsdorff, AlbertAlbert Mangelsdorff-Lee Konitz Art of the Duo


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