MSP Solai Nadar Memorial Higher Secondary school

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M.S.P.Solai Nadar Memorial Higher Secondary School
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu
Established 7 February 1966
Correspondent P. Murugesan
Staff 300 (approx)
Number of students 4000 (approx)

MSP Solai Nadar Memorial Higher Secondary school is a higher secondary school located in Dindigul in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The school was established in 1966 with 55 students. Within 5 years, it grew to 55 staff members and 1500 students. The school accommodates only boys and in 2013 enrolled 4200 students supported by 120 staff members.

The school is managed by the Dindigul Nadar Uravinmurai association that also manages S.M.B.Mancikam Nadar Packiathammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School located nearby.

The main campus of around 6 acres is located on GTN Salai.


S. M. B. Manickam Nadar was the last Correspondent of the school and one of its founders in 1966. Following his retirement,Mr.S. Rathinapandian became the correspondent for the next 21 years.The school is currently headed by Correspondent P.Murugasen and K.Palpandi the Headmaster.

Curriculum & education[edit]

The school follows Tamil Nadu State board medium of education and curriculum. The school has classes from 6th to 12th standard in both Tamil and English medium with 75% of students in the former and 25% in the latter.

Post Graduate Teachers[edit]

Tamil Mr. P.Rajendran, Mr. K.Rajendran.

English Mr. C.Karunakaran, Ms. E.Catherine Thilagavathi

Physics Mr. R.Rajendran, Mr. S.Pandiarajan, Mr. E.Mugilvannan.

Chemistry Mr. R.Jagadeesan Selvaraj, Mr. N.Arul Raj, Mr. Gopalakrishnan.

Mathematics Mr. K.Palpandi, Mr. S.Arumugam. Mr. Koolpandi,

Biology Mr. P.Manicasundaram (Zoology). Mr. Balamurugan (Botany),

Computer Science Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Rajkumar

Arts and Science Mr. P.Natarajan. Mr. P.Tamilselvan, Mr. R.Raja, Mr. A.Murugan,


The school offers a wide array of sports and games, including football,athletics, basketball, cricket,[1] handball, volleyball, ball badminton, shuttle badminton and field hockey. The annual basketball tournament hosted by MSP is a state-level event.[citation needed] In dindigul, MSP's football team holds the record for reaching the finals of Bharathiar Day sports during 2008/2009.None other team from dindigul has achieved such a feat.Following year they emerged as the bronze medal winners from the same tournament.The basketball team holds a special place in India with the team emerging victorious in almost every tournament they have participated.The handball team has won many state level matches.[2]

Physical Education Staffs Mr. Ganesan, Mr. Murugavel, Mr. Durairaj, Mr. Raja.

Cultural events[edit]

The school holds an annual event in February, with dances, dramas and other cultural events. The flagship event of MSP's Annual day is "Oli Ozhi Uruvak Katchi" ("Light and Sound show" in English). The show is conducted by staging groups of students in the different parts of the school buildings and the lights are entirely switched off. Then one after another each group is lit by flashing lights in that spot alone.

Recent Activities[edit]

The school has celebrating its Old student get to gather on 18 November 2018 please register all old students who can participate

48th Annual Day[edit]

On 25 January 2014 the school has celebrated its 009th Annual Day. Many cultural events were conducted. A short film named "Vetri nichayam" was shown.


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